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Best Winter care tips

winter care tips

Skincare In Cold Weathers

Cold weather or low temperatures put many effects on skin and body. They make our skin dry and flaky some time damage the skin cells if do not care properly.We asked some top dermatologists about the best winter care tips. They share their knowledge with us which we write in this article. So as to know more on winter care tips read till the end.

 Keep the moisture level in the air:

Our skin is a barrier between the outer environment and water inside our body. When going out in cold weather the dry air evaporates the water from our skin surface. Which gives dry and itchy skin. To prevent this situation dermatologists recommend to use air humidifiers. Also, drink one extra glass of water to keep body hydration level up. Humidifiers are the excellent way to add moisture back into your home. There are many different options available, choose any affordable one.

Choose gentle cosmetic products

They also advise using gentle products in the winter season to keep body and skin healthy and fresh. Gentle cosmetic products have less side effect as compare to others. A good example of best body wash in cold weather is dove foaming body wash. It does not wipe off natural oil from the body, in fact, add moisture to it.

For face use Cetaphil face cleanser. This is more gentle than others and gives nice clean face.

Avoid hot showers

You might don’t like this but it is true. Not applying any moisturizing cream after the hot shower gives flaky skin which normally called cracked skin. Apply moisture right after the hot baths to make skin hydrated. If not cared properly these cracks in skin develop in eczema.

Use lukewarm water instead of using hot water. Hot showers give dehydrated skin and in some cases skin burns or redness. They make your skin sensitive to cold weathers.

Use the best moisturizer

Moisturizer is the best part of winter skincare routine. In winters you should use moisturizer more often than any other season. Use natural moisturizer. There are many types of moisturizers available. For every skin type, there is a moisturizing cream or lotion on the market. Even for the oily skin, people use water-based moisturizers. It gives nice silky hydrated body. It also nourishes the skin tissues with essential vitamins and oils.

Use can use coconut oil instead of moisturizer or can buy the coconut based body and face moisturizer. Vitamin E, Olive oil, jojoba oil all are hydrating agents and are good winter care tips.

Never go out with damp skin

Stay inside with damp skin as it has moisture content on the outer skin layer. When it comes to the contact with dry air, you develop a flaky skin. So make sure to dry your after every time you take shower before going out.

Exfoliate Less

If you really have very dry skin then you should avoid exfoliation. This gives tiny cracks on the skin which leads to many skin infections. For normal skin, people use a mild scrub and use fingertips in a circular motion for better results. Apply moisturizer after the scrub to avoid dry skin. To speed up the skin regeneration do scrub only once in a week. Eat fresh fruits and vegetables to keep hydration levels to maximum.



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