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Water Based Moisturizers for Oily Skin

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Water Based Moisturizers For Healthy And Hydrated Skin.

If you are struggling with oily skin and your skin losses natural glow and sheen. now you want the radiant skin back as soon as possible. We recommend you to use best water-based moisturizers.

Yes, A moisturizer for oily skin. If you think moisturizers are only for dry skin than you are completely wrong. Moisturizers are for all skin types. oil based are for dry skin and water based are for oily skin. if you have oily skin it is best to use water based moisturizer.

The difference between oil based and water based is the presence of the main ingredient. In water based water is the first and main element to deal with oily skin. A moisturizer is a protective barrier which acts as a protective shield between your skin and environmental pollution and sun rays.

Anyone can use these moisturizers, these are for all skin types. It is a good idea to use water based skin moisturizer in summer. Summer is the time when your body produces more oil than other seasons.Remember to use the quality skincare products only. Cheap products always put a negative effect on skin as they are loaded with tones of low-quality ingredients. So stay away from the cheap brand and choose best for your skin.

Always make sure your skin never gets dehydrated from inside and outside. For outside you can use moisturizers or moisturizing lotions. To stay hydrated from inside drink plenty of water daily and eat fruits. Hydration keeps your skin active and healthy. Dehydrated skin looks dull and lifeless.

To get the young and healthy skin with a nice glow, always use moisturizers to hydrate the skin cells.

Following Are The Best Water Based Moisturizers

Neutrogena Hydro Boost Water based Moisturizerwater based moisturizer cream

The Neutrogena hydro boost gel cream is a quick absorbing, quick action formula. It hydrated the deep skin cells without giving greasy effect. It has water as a first ingredient. This is a natural formula to keep skin healthy and radiant. This moisturizer is for everyone, suitable for all skin types. If you have dry skin then use it once you will be surprised by the results.

We all know that Neutrogena is a well trusted brand all over the world. Hydro boost is another product specially designed to give oil free moisturization. This is a clever get technology which delivers 100% of its benefits to every skin type. use it twice a day for better results. keep in mind that hydrating skin is a healthy and young skin.

It also contains olive oil extracts, which have nutrient-rich qualities. This is similar to the skin’s natural oil. It also protects your skin from losing excessive of tie natural oil or moisture.

Price $14.98                                       
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Philosophy Renewed Hope In a jar

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Philosophy skincare brings the new revolutionary water based face moisturizers. This skin renewal technology is specifically developed for normal to dry skin. It gives a longer lasting glow and hydration. The unique ingredient list contains water as a top ingredient. It deeply acts on the inner skin cells, nourish them with its excellent hydrating properties.

Philosophy skin care moisturizer acts as a hydrating shield to protect your skin. This product locks the moisturizing content into the skin cells. The water based moisturizer cream prevents the loss of moisture from skin due to the high temperatures, cold weathers. A very suitable product for summer season as well as winters.

Users say they experience nice changes in the skin texture after the regular use of it. They use it twice a day for at least 12 days to see noticeable results.

Price $31.55                                        
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LA-Poche Possay Face Moisturizer For Sensitive Skin ( Water-based)

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LA-Poche Posay is a famous for its safe and effective products. The motive of the brand is to provide safest and latest skin care range at a reasonable cost. This water based moisturizers face cream is formulated for dry to sensitive skin.

Thermal spring water is the main ingredient in their list to rejuvenate skin cells. The cream has a smooth and creamy texture with multiple benefits. Only a little amount is required to cover the entire face. You can also apply it to the neck area to get rid of neck wrinkles. It also acts as a neck firming cream with more than 24 hours moisturizing effect.

The process is very simple, clean your face with mild soap and use La-poche posay face cream. Shea butter is another main element in it. shea butter is very hydrating in nature and is an excellent moisturizing agent for dry skin in all weather conditions.

Price $21.74                                        
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H2O Plus Oasis Hydrating Moisture For Dry Skin


H2O plus oasis is an ultra-hydrating cream designed to fight dryness and give nourishment to skin tissue from deep inside. It keeps skin moisturized for more than 25 hours. A lightweight water based moisturizers by the brand H2O gives instant relief from the dry and itchy skin. It has the abilities to heal the dull and damaged skin.

Massage the cream onto the face and neck with the fingertips in circular motions. Water lily extracts are used in the formula to soothe the very dry and itchy skin. Reduces the redness, nongreasy moisturizing effects. This moisturizing cream is clinically proven to prevent dryness and meet all skin moisturizing needs.

Users say they recommend this product to others, suffering from the dull and damaged skin. This cream heals their sunburn and reduces the uneven skin tone appearance.

Price $27.88                                        
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