Are you looking for a safe alternative to chemical-based hair colors?

Use Vegetable hair dye

Cover your gray hair or color your hair in different shades with all natural hair dye. Multiple color options are available, easy to use.

In this post, we will show you the best vegetable based hair dyes that you can use to color your hair naturally.

Let’s get started:

Why you should use vegetable-based hair dyes?

Today the market is filled with chemical contained hair colors that give great results but also cause extreme damage to your hair. This is the reason you should consider vegan hair dyes. They are safe to use on all type of hair, contains no ammonia, no other chemicals that are not good for your hair health.

Vegetable dye for hair is best for those who are allergic to chemical contained products. Many hair dyes are nothing but 100% chemicals. Remember one thing if you want healthy, strong and shining hair than stop using products that not natural. Moreover Use Best coconut hair oil to nourish your hair roots.

Reasons to switch to vegan hair color

  1. Regular use of chemical hair dyes causes many health problems like skin burn, allergy, dandruff, hair loss, scalp infection, and other scalp problems, swelling of the face, breathing difficulty.
  2. Synthetic hair dyes also lead to bladder cancer, skin cancer.
  3. When you apply dye on your hair it also touches the scalp (does not matter how carefully you apply it). It goes into the blood through the skin and makes hormonal changes.
  4. Weaken the immune system.
  5. Chemical hair dyes also contain many skin irritants and toxins.

Whereas vegetable-based hair colors contain all-natural ingredients (no toxins).

Surya Brasil Henna Cream Vegetable Hair Color


Cover your stubborn gray hair in just 2 hours with all natural ingredients.

If you are allergic to hair dyes than use it once you will be going to love it. Because it has no side effects, no harsh chemicals, no odd smell only pure ingredients mixed with henna.

It is ready to use henna cream hair color, just take out the desired amount of product in a bowl and start applying it by using a color brush. Most people wet their hair before applying it but if you have more gray roots than applying it on dry hair. This way you can see which part of the hair roots need more color.

Moreover, wet or damp hair allows the product to touch the scalp this is a wastage of product. If it touches your scalp do not worry it will not cause any skin reaction.

Some people get migraines and flu-like conditions when using natural formulas. In this case, you can use it freely on your hair it will not cause any disturbance to your senses it has no smell no toxic elements.

People with mild psoriasis can also use it to color their hair. Your hair will look naturally shiner and healthy than ever before.

You will have color bleeding in the first wash but the color will not fade at all. It will start fading after 8 washes. If you wash your hair 2 to 3 times a week the color will last good up to 3 weeks.

The Best Part:

Surya Brasil Henna Cream color does not contain Ammonia, PPD, Parabens, Synthetic color, artificial fragrance, heavy metals, mineral oils, GMO and other toxins.

Natural: 10/10

Color Stay: 9/10

Vegan: Yes

Light Mountain Natural’s Botanical Hair Color – Certified Organic

Light Mountain Natural’s Botanical Hair Color – Certified Organic

If you never tried henna hair colors before then this is the product you should try. It is having 100% pure botanical substances in the formula. It has henna, indigo, Amala Fruit (Indian gooseberry) in it all these elements are 100% natural and safe to use.

No need to use complicated hair color where you need to mix so many chemicals and tubes to form a mixture.

Here you need mi the henna color powder with water and make yogurt-like consistency and apply it on gray hair. Leave it for at least 2 hours for better results. Also, step by step instruction guide, hair cap and gloves are included in the kit itself.

Light mountain hair dye comes in 8 beautiful shades al are henna-based hair dyes.

The Best Part:

All their products are free of chemicals like peroxide, metallic salts, ammonia, PPD, color additives, etc.

Certified Organic Hair dye

DO not mix the color with tap water use distilled water and glass bowl. Henna may react with the metallic bowl (metal can change the color balance in the formula).

Natural: 10/10

Color Stay: 8/10

Vegan: Yes

Toxin Ingredients: No

Vegetable based hair color

vegetable based hair color

The manufacturing process of this unisex henna hair color makes it different from others. The manufacturer grows their crops organically means they do not spray any chemical on them. They harvest the healthy leaves and stored them in a suitable environment until they get ready to go through a manufacturing process.

The triple shift technique is used to ensure the highest quality. The manufacturer said they lose 20% of the product in the filtering process. But they do not compromise with the quality because the henna guys are a trusted brand in the market and they want to maintain that status.

This is all natural products with Pure Henna & Indigo along with other natural elements like Amla and Neem powder.

Make the paste as per the instruction book (which is included in the kit along with shower cap and gloves) apply it with brush and leave it for about 4 hours for excellent results. This is an organic product it will not harm your hair or scalp if left on the head for a long time.

Once it gets completely dry wash it with normal water, blow dry your hair you will be surprised with the results (correct color, thick and shining hair).

The Best Part:

All natural ingredients no unnecessary stuff. High star ratings, trusted by thousands of users worldwide.

Natural: 10/10

Color Stay: 9/10

Vegan: 100%

Henna Maiden Envious Black Hair Color – Chemical Free

vegetable hair dye

The best thing about this particular vegetable hair dye is, once you use it the color will last 4 to 8 weeks before beginning to fade. The color stays depend upon how often you wash your head. If you wash your head 2 to 3 times a week vegetable hair dye will stay for 5 weeks. For 3 to 5 washes per week color will stay for 3 weeks and then start fading.

Safe & natural, cruelty-free formula made with organic ingredients. Just take out the desired quantity in a glass or plastic bowl, add some water, stir to make a thick paste and apply on your hair.

It will not lighten the dark hair because the hair color formula does not contain peroxide or other bleaching agents. To lighten the dark hair, you need to go for traditional hair dyes.

To know more about the effectiveness and popularity of the product go to Amazon and read customer reviews.

Users give 4.5 stars out of 5 and make it one of the best natural hair colors on the market.

The product is available in 12 different and amazing colors

Natural: 10/10

Color Stay: 10/10

Vegan: Yes

Color me pure organic hair color powder

vegetable hair dye

This is another certified organic hair color after Light Mountain Natural hair dye. It has all organic proven ingredients like Henna, Hibiscus, Methi, Indigo, etc. It can cover your gray up to 98 % which is a great result.

It gentle make your thick by nourishing them with all-natural things. It makes your hair more manageable, bouncing, healthy and shining.

So, if you have sensitive scalp go for this one you will like the results. This is not a popular product because the company does not pay for the advertisement. This way they save money and keep this amazing product affordable.

It works best if you leave it on your hair for 90 minutes. It smells like green tea but the smell goes away when you wash your hair after it gets dry.

The Best Part:

Organic certified vegetable hair dye for men and women

Affordable price

Takes lesser time to color hair

Natural: 10/10

Color stay: 8/10

Vegan: yes

Nisha Quick Hair color- Natural black

henna vased natural hair color

First of all, we want to tell you that this color is not permanent. The color will stay only for 2 weeks. If you want a permanent color that will last for about 30 days or more you need to go for traditional hair dyes.

It has hair protecting elements like Aloe Vera, Hibiscus, Indian gooseberry, and many more organic elements.

This hair will cover your gray 100% but the color will last only for a maximum of 14 to 18 days. The reason is it does not contain coloring chemicals.

The Best Part:

Men and women both can use this color to dye their hair. This is a natural black color but has other colors also. You can choose according to your needs.

Natural: 10/10

Color Stay: 8/10

Vegan: yes

What are the benefits of using natural vegetable-based hair dye?

It has all benefits no harmful effects or side effects. A few of them are listed below.

No Hair Damage: This is the most important benefit of vegetable hair color. It does not damage your hair follicles and scalp like traditional hair colors that we normally see in salons.

Nourishes Hair: As the vegetable dye is made from using plant-based ingredients you can expect good nourishment. The ingredients make your hair naturally healthy, strong and shining.

No Structural Damage: Chemical-based hair color damage the structure of hair and make them dry and lifeless. They reduce the moisture level in your scalp and hair roots. in some cases when people use these colors more frequently they damage the hair roots permanently. This results in dry hair and starts hair fall.

On the other hand natural hair color that uses all organic ingredients to repair the damage and is safe to use for using the whole life.

Temporary Colored Hair: Some people just want to color their hair for fun. They use hair color more often than those who are having gray or white hair. We have good news for them, vegetable dyes are temporary hair dyes, It colors your hair for a short time.

You just need to wash your hair 10 to 15 times with shampoo to completely washed it out.

Vegetable-based hair dyes do not last long because they do not contain any chemical that goes to the inner layer of the hair. Natural ingredients always have mild effects on human skin and hair.

Everybody can Use: Whereas synthetic hair color products are made for specific gender and hair quality. Vegan dyes are made for all hair types and all age groups, in short, they are made for everybody

Vegetable Hair Dye Types

Natural hair dyes are of few types, mainly they are made of fruit and flower, stem, root, leaves, mineral, and bark. Normally you can easily find all dyes except mineral based dye (derived from mineral salts and iron). Dyes that are made from plant leaves are the most common type like Henna hair dye.

Now you know many types of hair dye are available and it is hard to choose the right product. Your choice should depend on the two factors

  1. Which type of color do you want?
  2. How long you want the color to stay?