Ultrax Labs Hair Surge

Ultrax Labs Hair Surge

Ultrax Labs Hair Surge is an Ultimate Hair Fall Solution For Men and Women.

Today’s review is about the world-famous Ultrax Lab Hair Surge Caffeine Shampoo. This product is very popular over the web that is why to choose this to check whether it deserves the popularity or it has fake reviews. Our regular visitors also demand us to give a fully detailed review of this product which explains every single thing.

Read the given information carefully, every single word is based on the lab results and I will also share a personal experience with the product.

The manufacturer claims that this shampoo prevents hair loss and helps to re-grow the lost hair in men and women in a few days of regular use. But how shampoo can prevent a hair loss and re-grow them back? To know the answer let’s start our detailed review.

First of all, we want to tell you that shampoos can control your hair fall and helps to re-grow them back (not in each case).

The research behind the formula decides whether it will be an effective shampoo or not.

Does this shampoo work on your hair?

No one can give you the one-word answer to this question because we all have a different type of hair and body response. So, you need to try it by yourself to see how it works on your scalp. If it works for me it does not me it will work like the same for everyone in the world.

The best part is to know about its ingredients because there are certain ingredients in the world that are proven to help in hair loss condition. Mostly the best-formulated products work for everyone and this shampoo is one of that kind.

The manufacturer did not disclose the full formula because it said the formula is patented. They give us the information about the active ingredients that are proven to stop hair fall and regrow them as fast as possible.

what is ultrax hair surge caffeine shampoo and which ingredients it has that are proven to solve hair fall problem?

ultrax hair surge caffeine shampoo

Ultrax lab Hair surge caffeine shampoo is all in one shampoo which treated the hair loss problem and it is proven in Lab results. Caffeine, saw palmetto and ketoconazole are the main active ingredients in the shampoo which are proven to prevent hair fall and re-grow hair.

The formula also contains essential oils and ingredients that are supported by the years of scientific research.

 The German scientists were trying to find the hair fall solution from many years they do an experiment in which they use coffee to stimulate the hair follicles. They were surprised by the results because the coffee actually stimulates the hair follicles and encourage the skin cells to produce more hair.

How does the first ingredient in the list of Caffeine help in hair fall condition?

Studies conducted by a different research organization in 1990,1997, 2007, 2013 and so on proved that caffeine helps to stimulate hair growth by increasing the life cycle of a hair follicle.

More healthy hair follicle means more healthy, long and strong hair. The hair density is also depending upon the number of healthy and active hair follicles.

Caffeine in Ultrax hair surge shampoo promotes the hair health and make thin hair thick. It is not magic that you applied today and get fabulous results in an evening. Skin takes time to absorb ingredients and transfer them to the place where there is a problem.

Do not start over consuming the coffee here we are talking about the topical application of caffeine. The best way to apply caffeine on the scalp is through caffeine-rich hair mask or shampoos. Both these contain a good and safe amount of caffeine which is only give good results without any side effect.

Yes, you can consume coffee to add more caffeine to your system but here we want to war you because the caffeine is addictive. So, it is best to stick your regular amount of coffee per day and apply tropical caffeine-rich solutions

[ Do not use any caffeine contained product in any form on children below 14 years of age]

Studies also reveal that caffeine is the most powerful element when applied directly on the scalp. It regulates the growth cycle of hair follicles and put new life in dead follicles. While using this hair growth shampoo make sure your hair roots get proper blood supply through which they absorb nutrients.

Ultrax labs hair surge shampoo contains the right percentage of caffeine which stops hair fall and encourage the new hair cells to grow strong.


This is an anti-inflammatory and antifungal ingredient named Ketoconazole.

It is always there in anti-dandruff shampoos. Despite treating fungal infections it also makes thin hair thick without any side effect.

It also uses to treat many scalp conditions.

In 1980s ketoconazole is used to treat various fungal infections and was only available in solid or powdered form. Today’s technology makes it possible to have ketoconazole in liquid form so that pharmaceutical companies can add it in hair loss shampoos.

This is the only lab tested, proven and safe to use for long time ingredient which every other company uses in their anti-hair loss formulas.

Ultrax Labs Hair Surge anti-hair fall shampoo also contains it in 0.2 % which fights all types of fungal infection on the skin (scalp).

Mostly the reason for, hair loss in women is some inflammation which can be treated effectively with the ketoconazole. Up to 1 % of ketoconazole shampoos are good to use without any prescription and has no side effects.

If itchiness, irritation, scalp tiredness and inflammation are the symptoms that you have with hair loss than the hair loss is due to scalp conditions. In this condition, DHT is not responsible for hair loss.


SAW PALMETTO is the third active compound in the list.

Saw palmetto is plant grown up to 10 feet of height if grown in suitable climate conditions. The berries of it have all-natural healing properties that are used to prevent many diseases especially skin types.

Native Americans use this delicious berry to make food tasty and most importantly extremely healthy.

When the researchers know about its popularity, they decide to do some studies on them. So the first official study is conducted in 2002 in which 10 men with male pattern baldness are given this saw palmetto treatment in different ways 70% of them shows good improvements.

In 2004 again, the study is conducted to understand more about its effects and this time 62 participants have registered in which 34 male and 28 of them are female (all from different age groups).

69% of them shows a significant reduction in excess scalp oil which results in dandruff. 45% of them experienced increased hair density.

In a recent study which has been done in 2017 to know more about its effect if given with the finasteride. The result was surprising, researchers have found that its power gets double when given with finasteride. Participants show fast hair growth with more hair density and almost zero hair fall.

Ultrax labs use this ingredient to make their formula more powerful and also to fight with all possible hair fall reasons.

Saw palmetto does not like DHT yes, you heard right they are the big enemy of DHT. Actually, they block the formation of alpha 5 reductase enzyme which is responsible to convert testosterone into the DHT.


This oil is also present in the formula and you will fell the cooling effect on your scalp due to this ingredient. It has been proven in many studies that peppermint oil is very useful in treating dandruff and other small scalp infections.

In a recent study, it was found that this oil is more beneficial than minoxidil. Actually, it cleans the hair follicle extremely well and also give them nourishment and relax. Once the hair follicles get nourished and the inflammation went away, they start producing more hair (thicker hair).

How to use it?

The best way of use it printed on the bottle used as per the instructions are given by the manufacturer for extraordinary results.

 The makers of shampoo said to use it only 5 times each week. Although it is safe to use every day it has ketoconazole which can make your hair day if use daily so they advise not to exceed 5 days.

Do not use any other shampoo with this one otherwise, you will not get results. Using this shampoo by mixing with other shampoo is like adding your own ingredients in the formal which is imbalance the potency of ultrax labs hair fall solution formula.

Apply it on wet scalp and hair, take out the desired amount of shampoo on your palm, and then massage it over the scalp for 1 minute and leave for 2 minutes.

Rinse thoroughly.


The is safe to use on all skin types for each type of hair. But still, we all have different body responses to a certain thing even the organic and natural ones.

The different herbs and essential oil may give some side effects in a very rare condition which are irritation and redness in the area where it is applied.

If you experience itching, irritation, and redness after the application stop using it the right way. This is the sign of highly sensitive skin or you may have other skin issues which need to treat first.


Ultrax labs hair surge shampoo has a good reputation everywhere (on websites, Amazon, Walmart, in retail shops or in hair fall online groups).

Even doctors also recommend this amazing anti-hair fall shampoo for the patients who are suffering from hair loss and want to grow them back.

As it is not possible to make everybody 100% happy. Some customers are not satisfied with the results. They complain about the dryness of hair that they experienced after every hair wash. In this condition use it 3 times per week and start oil massaging to prevent further dryness. Oil massage will lubricate the hair roots and encourage them to grow faster.

Some find it costly, they said they will get other caffeine shampoos at way cheaper price. But our experience says you have to pay for the quality products.



Can caffeine shampoo regrow hair?

Yes, it is found in many studies that people who use caffeine contained products in hair fall condition get satisfactory results. Caffeine stops hair fall and regrows the lost hair in men and women.

You can grow that tiny small hair on the front hairline long and thicker with the help of caffeine contained shampoos.


Is coffee good for hair loss?

Yes, it is proved time to time in different case studies on it. Millions of people are using it to treat hair fall all over the world.

Does caffeine stimulate hair growth?

Yes, we already explained above.

Does putting coffee in your hair make it grow faster?

Yes, it does.

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