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Tingler Lotion For Your Skin Type With DHA and Natural oils

tingler lotion

Tingler Lotion For Your Skin Type

tingler lotion

There are so many tanning lotions available in the market but mostly people talked about tingler lotion or tinglers. These are very popular tanning lotions and there is a reason behind it and that is  the effectiveness of the product . Tinglers are mostly used by the professionals or by those persons who want to go beyond the ordinary tan. Tingler increases the blood circulation and oxygen supply to skin which react to the skin’s melanin and gives the tan color with the tingling sensation some folks called it burning sensation.

Benzyl Nicotinate or Methyl Nicotinate are the two main base ingredients of tinglers. These tinglers  are totally different from other tanning lotions these are the first choice of tan lovers. When you try everything on your body and never get proper tanning then this is sign that now its time give chance to tingler lotion.

Following are the best ever made tingler lotion in the market choose one for yourself if you want real tan skin and ready to tolerate tingle sensation.


Designer Skin BombShell, 100XXBronzer, Tingler Lotion

tingler lotion

This product has ultra extreme sizzle. Users say when they use it they observe that their tan goes darker and lasts long for more time then before. It has nice smell with white tea extracts and soy which protects the skin by acting as a protective layer for the skin. Bomb Shell is the trusted name in the tanning lotion industry. High tingle sensation but doesn’t burn the human skin. Not for sensitive areas , Store in cool and dry place not suitable for children.

Price $32.95                                       
tingler lotion



Best Insanely Black Hot Tingle Tanning Bed Lotion w/ Bronzer by the brand name Millennium

tingler lotion

millennium tanning products made insanely black hot tingler lotion based on 60x Mega tingle formula for better darker results. It gives ultra dark bronzing effects which everyone dreams off but only few of us get those results. Costumers says they feel very hot on thier skin when they apply this lotion and this is very quick acting formula with awesome smell. Good for long lasting results without giving any harmful effect.

Price $19.99                                       
tingler lotion




Designer Skin Body Bronzer for hot color
tingler lotion

Designer skin makes hot bronzer for all skin types with cooling effects. User say when they apply this lotion it is like they are applying hot gel on sunburn. It has a feeling like you are rubbing vicks vaporub on your skin . It speed up the tanning process and you get the desired in very short time. Even tone results no wrinkles no lines. Best tingle lotion for men and women

Affordable price , easily available for both men and women. 

Price $39.95                                       
tingler lotion



Ed Hardy Obnoxious Extreme Bronzer Tingle Lotion, for both men and women

tingler lotion

Ed hardy make really hot lotions for both men and women. It has natural hemp seed oil which is a good moisturizer for human skin. It also contains antioxidants which delay the aging process. Vitamin C and E to hydrate the skin and prevent it from drying and also repair the dry and damaged skin. ED hardy is Excellent brand in the tanning world. Users are very happy with this and say they will buy it again. 

Price $15.00                                       
tingler lotion



Jwoww, Mad Hot Tingle Bronzer, Tanning Lotion For Best Tan

hot tingler lotion

This tingle lotion contains the vitamin E and Shea butter to make your skin soft after the application. It darken your skin color like no any other can do. Extreme tingle keep away from children. Has magnificent results as the name suggests hot tingle means it can give some redness but that is temporary redness will go with in 1 hour of application. Clean the skin area first where you want to use the tingler 

Price $37.85                                       
tingler lotion



GLAMOUR GODDESS 300x TINGLE New Tingler Lotion

best tingler lotion

Those who like strong tingler lotion Glamour Goddess is the right choice with tropical smell. Manufacturer claims it is a very hot tingle but users say they don’t find it as hot as other tingler lotions are. It has natural essential oil to nourish the skin after the tanning completes because it dehydrates the skin so you strongly need a tingle with moisturizing properties.

Price $59.95                                       
tingler lotion



 Trinity XS Mega Extreme XXX Sizzling Tingle lotion


black tingler lotion

This amazing product is made for professionals only it has very good smell of citrus. Loaded with black bronzing silicone emulsion which gives extra softness to the area that is treated. Dark DHA which we all know is natural bronzing agent as it is derived form plant sugar or from organic sugar. Strong tingling agents increase the micro circulation in the skin surface which reacts with the amino acids and give dark brown color. Also contains skin firming and anti-aging ingredients which we found rarely in bronzing agents. Happy customers with healthy and dark skin for long periods of time.

Price $24.20                                       
tingler lotion



Devoted Creations Present IGNITE NOIR Hot Tingle Bronzer For Fast Results


This hot tingle action lotion is excellent product with tattoo color protect technology. It has lots of DHA in it which speed up the tan. Moisturizing agents that it contains are natural essential oils. USERS say they like this product , impressive results , no harmful chemicals it has tingle sensation but that can be tolerate easily. Higher concentration of DHA  make it more valuable product as compare to the others in the market. This natural sugar gives dark tan color and this is for all skin types but people having sensitive skin should do the check test before applying on the whole body. Take a small amount of it apply in a small patch on the leg wait and see the results.

Price $42.52                                       
tingler lotion

CONCLUSION: When you are done with base tan then it time to use tingler lotion because it accelerate the tanning and give you the best tanning experience. Mostly people use tingle lotion to have dark and log lasting results. Visit us again to read more latest reviews on beauty products.


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