Tattoo Numbing Cream

Tattoo Numbing Cream

There are many tattoo numbing creams available in the market and all they are effective. The question is which one is best for your skin Type. To know this answer read this post and choose according to your skin type not just recommended by the manufacturer.

Remember all tattoo numbing products weather cream, gel or spray give different results in different people. The results are depending upon several factors.

Every company claims that their product work for everyone but, in reality, it is not true. We all have different genes and different skin types some people have sensitive skin while others have oily and hard skin.

so, if one formula fits one person it does not mean it will give the same results for others.

In this article, we review some of the best tattoo numbing creams. You can choose according to your need after reading this review.

What is tattoo numbing cream and how it works?

Numbing cream is a topical anesthetic which is used to nub the skin of any body part. Tattoo artists use this cream in those people who have a low pain threshold.

They use this cream to numb their skin and artist can work on the part of the body easily.

After using the numbing cream, you will not feel any discomfort and pain due to the needles that they used while inking the skin.

Do not miss use the numbing cream, use it always under the supervision of an expert otherwise result will be dangerous and you will need emergency medical help from professional.

Read the label carefully before using any numbing product.

Your tattoo artist knows how to apply it, do not use your own. Ask him/her how much of the crema is enough for your session.

Over-the-counter tattoo numbing creams are not dangerous but any miss use or aggressive use can harm the skin in the long term.

Before getting a tattoo in the sensitive area always use best tattoo numbing cream.

A topical anesthetic is available in three different forms.

  1. Tattoo numbing cream
  2. Tattoo numbing gel
  3. Tattoo numbing spray

Working process: The working of numbing cream is depending upon its active ingredients. There is mainly three types of numbing cream and gels are available without a prescription.

These three categories are as under

  1. NERVE BLOCKER: As the name suggests this kind of numbing cream will block the never under the skin, not in reality.

Tetracaine and Benzocaine are the main active ingredients which do not block the nerve form registering the pain but they block this pain signal from transferring to the brain.

If the pain signal is no delivered to the brain you will not feel in any pain.

  1. NERVE DEADENERS: These are advanced numbing creams which can be used only under professional guidelines and also according to the skin type and purpose of use.

Lidocaine is the main ingredient which deadens the nerve under the skin for 30 to 60 minutes maximum.

The effect of cream does not go deep inside the skin it acts on the upper layer of skin.

Once the Nevers gets deaden, they do not register the pain.

These are more effective than nerve blockers.

If are going to have a deep tattoo in the future then do not think about this cream it will not work best.

For deep tattoos, you will need some extra powerful numbing agent which have also have other benefits.

  1. VASOCONSTRICTORS: Now this is the most powerful numbing agent in the market as per today.

Epinephrine is the ingredient which reduces the flow of blood to the area. This results in no pain and also other benefit is reducing the loss of blood while inking the skin.

Do not go for the cheap numbing cream to save some money they will not give results. If you are using something on your skin always use the best available.

We know it is not easy to choose from hundreds of creams when every manufacturer is saying I have the best for you.

Below are the top rated and widely used numbing creams by the tattoo artists.

HUSH Tattoo Numbing Gel

best tattoo numbing cream

This is the most powerful tattoo numbing gel used by the most reputed tattoo artists. Even it does not have side effects. This is a product which is used by the professionals.

Things which make it better from others is its formula. This formula of topical anesthetic gives you 2 hours of pain-free time. This time is enough to have a beautiful tattoo on the body.

The good news is it does not contain EPINEPHRINE and not affect the color and healing time of skin. some creams affect the appearance of color and disturb the normal healing time of skin. do not use those cheap cream and gels.

The most important benefits of this numbing gel are you can use it before and during the tattooing. It is always best to use the gel when you start feeling pain during the tattoo session.

This is safe for all type skin but still, do some test before using on a large area of the body.

It is a water-based gel means non-oily and the Aloe Vera does not make your skin dry and reduces the redness and swelling after the process ends. In fact, it speeds up the healing process of skin by nourishing it with it botanicals.

Paraben-free best tattoo numbing gel to be used on all body parts. Suitable for highly sensitive skin areas.

Before use check the list of ingredients to know you are allergic or not allergic to its active ingredients. Do not use on cracked or chapped skin this will give redness or swelling.

Little skin irritation is normal and redness or itching is a part of the healing process but these symptoms stay longer than 6 days than you really need to consult with your doctor.

We already mentioned the way to use numbing creams. It is your duty to read the instructions carefully.

Hush is the best brand to use for numbing the skin while tattooing or waxing.  If in any case, it goes into eyes call the emergency services right way.

LMX5 Lidocaine Pain Relief Cream for Tattooing

tattoo numbing cream

This has 5% of Lidocaine which is the highest allowed amount of it in over the counter products. Many other creams are available which contain this ingredient but this one is totally based on it.

The main and only effective ingredient in this cream is Lidocaine. It is clinically proven to give excellent results in tattooing, piercing, tattoo removing etc. It deadens the nerve endings and brain did not receive the pain signals.

Developed by the dermatologists and used by the many dermatologists in the USA. Professionals in Baylor college of medicine use this amazing numbing cream.  It is developed to give instant relief from pain due to hemorrhoids, burning, cuts or other skin irritations.

The manufacturer advises do not use near mouth, eye, nose or ears.

LMX5 is the best numbing cream to use for any purpose. It gives temporary relief from pain. Users say they use this cream for their tattooing and also recommended to others to numb the skin.

Doctors recommend this cream to use on any part of the body. Actually, it contains only a single ingredient means it is effective as the ingredient is. Do not overuse it is already high-power numbing cream.

Easy to use and quick action formula makes it best to use to get instant relief from pain. It only acts on the upper layer of skin and doe not go deep inside the skin. so, if you are planning to have deep tattoos use it with other creams.

Use for waxing and laser hair removals. A multipurpose numbing cream at an affordable price. Also effective in the minor surgical procedure (used by physicians)


If you use it as per the directions are given on the product than you will not see any side effects but some kind of redness is common which is a sign that cream is working.

On the other hand, if you go your own and use more quantity than recommended than you will have side effects because the ingredients are all chemicals. It is not good to apply chemicals to the skin for a long time.

People who have sensitive skin are more prone to side effects. If you have sensitive skin or you do not kano how your skin will react to the numbing agent then talk to your doctor before using any product.

The most common side effects are:

Skin irritation (minor)

Redness (the sign of working)

Swelling (in this condition do not use tattoo needle talk to the doctor first)

Itchiness (most common and normal to have)

Burning or tingling sensation on the area of application.

Will these creams work for everyone on the earth?

Yes, or No, actually we all have different types of skin, thickness, and sensitivity so the results are varying according to that.

These are topical anesthetics and are mild to use at home before waxing or inking the skin.  thick skin people need a strong active numbing agent and required more quantity than normal skin people.

The numbing time depends upon the way of use and thickness of the skin.

Reputed and proven numbing creams always give the best results. Choose from the above-listed creams and enjoy painless tattoo.

Which is the best water based or glycerine-based tattoo numbing cream?

Tattoo artists do not like glycerine-based products because they make the skin slippery and this makes difficult for them to make a beautiful tattoo in your skin.


It is advised to use numbing cream carefully to prevent any long-term effects or make it numb the area.

  1. Wash the area with Luke warm water, to remove oiliness use mild soap of any type.
  2. Use a good amount of cream and apply to the area, remember to wear gloves before using numbing gel or cream. Now gently massage the cream over the skin.
  3. Use a thick layer of gel or cream if you not sure ask your tattoo artist or just buy the numbing spray which is very easy to use.
  4. Now cover the area where you have applied a cream with the cling wrap for approximately 40 to 50 minutes before you begin tattoo.
  5. Now it the turn of your tattoo artist to remove the cream with wet cloth or wipes before starting the process.

NOTE: Do not leave numbing cream for more than 60 minutes over the skin.


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