Get Clean and Clear Face in a week

Having dark spots on face, neck, hands and on other parts of the body are common. Most of them are harmless and can be removed at home or by the dermatologists. We advise you to consult a dermatologist if the number of moles or freckles are increasing.

If you too have dark spots, moles on face and want to remove them safely and permanently without spending hundreds of dollars than read this post till the end we have the solution.

2 months ago, one of our team members decides to remove the dark spots from her face permanently. Her dermatologist friend suggests her to use spot eraser pro to remove all dark spots at home. Next day she ordered it online and it takes 5 days to deliver at her door.

This device transforms her looks completely now she has clear, spotless glowing face. Spot eraser pro is a professional device based on German technology which gives 100% guaranteed results if used as per the instructions.

100% safe to use

Do you really need a Spot Eraser pro device for personal use?

The answer varies from person to person. Those who are very conscious about their looks are always in search of better products. Which improves their first impression as well as overall beauty and personality.

Those who do not care about their skin care routine do not need anything. Just an ordinary soap or face wash is sufficient from them.

we know for some people looks are everything for them and this post is for those people. Almost everybody wants a beautiful face like film stars but do not have that much money to afford cosmetic surgery, or facelifts. But this does not mean you cannot get a film star like skin.

Act smart and use appropriate products to enhance your beauty. The very first step is to remove all dark spots or ages spots from your face, neck, and hands. You do not get the desired results from any facial cream or treatment until you don’t remove moles and other aging spots.

Order this amazing dark spot removal device and get the clear face free from darkness and dullness.

What are the side effects of using these types of skin care devices?

We do not know about the other skin care devices but the devices we mentioned in this post and on our website are safe to use. Most of them are tried by our Fashion experts on them or on our other regular clients.

We speak from our experience and if we found any type of side effect for any product we write it under the product in BOLD LETTERS. If a product has many side effects we never recommend them and you will never find them on our website.

For any question regarding any product, detail contacts us anytime. You will get the correct answer based on reality.

For this device, do not use it directly on the face, use it on the other parts of the body like hands and legs so that you get familiar with the device and know the exact way of use.

Always read the given instructions and act according to them to operate it safely. If you want more information write to us we will help you or consult with your dermatologists.


You will be surprised to know that it is quite affordable and has a very long-life cycle. It costs you only a few dollars which are not hard to spend for a quality product.

When it comes to your looks choose the best quality products and devices to enhance your inner beauty.

All listed products are affordable but have a slight difference in their price this is due to the brand, quality of material used, number of features, etc. But all of them use the same technology so do not worry about the results if you choose the least expensive.

Why I am having moles or freckles (dark spots)?

There is not a single reason for having dark spots on the face but it is 100% true that everybody wants a clean and clear face. Some people have few dark spots by birth and scientist do not know the reason how and why dark spots are developed before birth.

Other dark spots are careless dark spots, yes, you heard right we called them careless spots because they develop due to the lack of skincare routine. Sun rays are the most common reason for having dark spots on the skin over time. But this is not the only reason many other factors in our environment are also responsible like dirt, dust, pollution, and higher level of carbon dioxide.

The Third reason is working conditions, those who work in hot environments are more likely to develop moles, freckles and age spots. Their skin looks aged and dull before time. Our skin has its own protection and healing system when it detects that the outer environment is harsh for it. It automatically starts protecting itself by thinking on the exposed parts like face and arms. This is the reason why the color combination of the face does not match the color of other body parts.

The fourth reason is the excessive use of electronic devices. Specifically, computers and mobiles. They emit blue light which put the negative effect on the skin as well as on eyes. They are equally harmful to our internal organs. Prolonged sitting in front of the computer screen or TV means you are more exposing your skin to the harmful light which results in wrinkles and age spots.

Unbalance diet plan is the fifth reason. Our body needs vitamins, minerals, and other essential nutrients to function properly. Lack of these minerals in diet put a negative effect on our system and face is the first place where the body shows the signs of an unbalanced diet. Remember diet lack of vitamins and minerals lead to premature aging and in some cases is irreversible.

Hormonal disturbance, high-stress levels, over thinking, use of alcohol or other drugs also the cause of dark spots, age spots, moles, etc.


Many mole removal devices are available in the market. They can be used to remove dark spots, moles, freckles, warts, age spots, etc but we do not know about their efficiency and results.

Whereas Spot eraser pro is the latest spot removal pen which you can use at home by yourself. It is safe to remove moles and freckle at home by using sport erase pro and is proved by thousands of users. It is a pen like a device (you can see in the picture below) and also called mole removal pen.

Spot Eraser Pro – Beauty Yeah

spot eraser pro

This device is quite easy to use at home to remove a mole. Follow the given instructions, insert the needle into the place and push the on the button, hold the pen near the targeted area.

Try to remove the mole with the help of needle do not try to insert the needle into the skin. Click on the given video to know the exact procedure of use.

Use it to remove skin tags, freckles and dark spots from the face. For the very first use selects the low power level so that you know the power of the device if this setting does not give results then move to the next power settings.

This dark spot removal kit is FDA approved for personal use. It has no side effects like burning skin, bleeding, and pain. You will see the instant results if use it properly with care. This is not a toy it is a device that promises to remove all spots from your face.

The device comes with 20 different needles to remove different types of spots form the body. Use according to the problem and get rid of it permanently.

If you are not sure which needle is best to remove dark spots from your face and neck than see the instruction manual it has everything explained in it clearly in simple words.

The 8 power modes give strong control over the entire process. Choose the power level according to your issues. It is based on the latest technology which uses the high frequency at low temperature.

Remove moles, freckles, small tattoos, etc from any part of the body instantly. This gives instant results which is the big advantage of this device (no need to wait for the results).


Easy to use at any time at any location. Choose the strength according to your skin issue and use this device on the targeted area to remove those spots which you do not like.

FDA approved, this means no pain, no bleeding, no skin damages. It is safe to use on all skin types.

German technology makes it best for everyone. No shock sensations, burning.


Different power settings

Instant results

Affordable cost

Easily available online

Remove small and large skin tags

Effective in this price range



Professional mole removal pen – AleoBeauty

mole removal pen

Now, this manufacturer gives 100% money back guarantee because they know the quality of their product. They also know that people will love the results and nobody will return it at any cost.

If someone does not like it and want to return they can do so and the full amount will be transferred to them.

Get rid of unwanted imperfections in an instant and get the clean and fair skin with a natural glow. It is safe and comfortable to use. No need to learn anything before using it just do some practice to understand the device.

No need to use it every day this will damage the skin use it when it is in need. Otherwise store it in a safe place, away from children reach.

To check whether you are using it on high speed or low you need to look on the LCD screen. It is there to display the speed level and level of remaining battery power.

It is simple to use we already explain the method of use to understand better click on the video.


LCD Screen, Different power levels, Long life battery power, Easy grip.


Full money back guarantee

LCD display

Remove moles and tags

Total 9 settings

Stainless steel is used


Some people find it a little expensive.

USB Rechargeable Spot Removal Device by Velvetpen

dark spot removal pen

Velvetpen upgrades their mole removal pen and now launch this product. The old pen is discontinued due to many quality problems. They use high-end plastic quality which is tough enough to handle any pressure. Use it freely because now the outer body is chemical resistant.

There was a big problem with these charging pens and that was overcharging. This manufacturer uses in-built overcharging protection circuit.

If you forget to remove it from charging socket no need to worry the internal circuit will cut off the power to the battery when charging is complete. Extraordinary feature at this price range.

The mechanism is the same and mole removal tool is simple to use, check the user manual for more information on it.

It has 9 adjustable levels to choose from. Start with the lower settings and increase the power step by step only if required.

The interesting feature of this tool is LED spotlight which is missing on many other branded dark spot removal pens. This spotlight gives a clear vision of the area and able you to work only on the affected part.

There is the separate switch for the spotlight when you press and hold the power button to operate the device light will turn on automatically. If you do not find it useful just double click the power button to turn it off.

Use it today and wipe all the skin tags and flat moles completely from the skin.


LED Spot Light, 9 settings, high plastic quality, overcharging protection, chemical resistant body, painless procedure, 3 Coarse needles, 20 fine needles.


Easy to operate

High-quality plastic

Quality circuit board

Give instant results

Remove small and large mole, skin tags

Suitable for sensitive skin


Sometimes causes mild pain.

Dark spot remover with Ultraviolet Light 

mole removal tool

The technology is the same there is no difference in the results. Actually, all of the pens use the same technology the difference is in between their quality of the material.

Some use cheap quality material to cut down the cost while others do not compromise with the quality and use of the high-end material.

This product is made the high-quality material which gives it extra benefits over others. The internal components are made with highly durable material so that you can use it for a long time with any problem.

Users said they are happy with the results and recommend it to others. You do not feel any electric shock sensation while using on face and on other body parts.

If you talk about the level of pain then it is mild. While removing big moles you will feel mild pain this is due to their size because the small thing can be removed easily.

While on dealing with large size moles and freckles you need to tap the area more so it causes mild pain. Which will go away in just 2 minutes

It is safe to use on all types of skin. If you have any skin disorder we advise you to consult with your doctor or before using it.  


Instant results

Good material

Latest design

The high number of happy customers

In-built LED light

High battery power


No, any negative point reported by users

Wart removal pen kit – divine derma

wart removal pen

 The device comes with easy to grip technology which makes it comfortable to hold in hand for long use. It does not feel heavy and big when holding in hand. Remove warts, skin tags, and freckles with no time.

See instant results, get clear skin with the just single use of it. All you need to do is press and hold the power button to operate it and tap is on the target area you will see the results in just 30 seconds. All your moles and freckles will be gone away in a few seconds.

It is advised by the manufacturer to practice with strength level 1 before using it directly on face or on other important areas.

This device helps to improve your personality and enhance your natural beauty. Due to irregular skin care, routine people often put their skin in trouble.

Having moles or freckles, dark spots are trouble for skin because your skin tries to heal them and also protect itself from the outer environment but unfortunately it fails to do so. With the little help from you to your skin can help it to prevent all these conditions from occurring.

Do not take your looks lightly if you do not do the best for your skin looks old before time. Take a decision right now and make a skin care routine that you will follow every day no matter wherever you are.

It is safe to use this wart removal pen it is based on the plasma discharge technology. the pen did not inject any plasma from itself it actually encourages your skin to secrete plasma on the treated area to remove those ugly spots.

The manufacturer also gives 100% money back guarantee. They are so confident about their product because they know they made the best dark spot removal pen.


3 large needle and 20 fine needles to remove any size of the spot.

20 cotton swabs

2 ice gel packs

USB cable charge and user instruction booklet.


Quick results

Plasma discharge technology

No bleeding

Easy to use Kit

Includes everything you need to start


Battery life 2- 4 hours when fully charged