Solar Nails

Solar Nails

What are the Solar nails?

Every professional salon recommends Solar nails over another type of nails. Every body is talking about them weather it is YouTube, Pinterest, Reddit, etc. If you want to know what are they and how they are different from other types and what are the benefits of wearing them then read on.

The shocking truth is there is no big difference in Solar and Acrylic nails. Solar ones are advanced types of acrylic nails. Both the nails are made with the same material. But there is little difference in the manufacturing process which makes one better than other. They are made by the well-know manufacturer Creative Nail Design.

Read till the end to know the benefits of them over gel nails.

Why you should use Solar nails and what are the benefits?

These are better than acrylic artificial nails. They come in two colors pink and white. You can wear them on any occasion like weddings, birthday parties, casual dates.

Better Product

Whereas nails like acrylic are extensions that you use to extend the nail size, solars are not extensions. The downside of extensions types is they can damage your nails only if you wear them for a long time. On the other hand, solar nails are embedded in your nails.

The manicurist first cleans your nails remove the build-up and make them ready for embedding the new advanced nails. Covering the entire nail with the white nail is the second step, then the pick nail is fixed on the nail bed.

Later on, we will explain the procedure.

No Replacement

Acrylic nails need to be replaced after every 2 weeks, if your nail growth is slow then they can last for 3 weeks. After that, you need to go to the salon and replace them with the new pair of fake nails.

If you choose solar nails then you do not need to replace them. But they need to be refilled after every 3 weeks means you have to go to the salon after 3 weeks weather you wear solar or acrylic.
Just refill the solar types and they get good for more 3 weeks. Their initial cost is more than the acrylic nails (not huge difference) but the maintenance is extremely low cost and simple.

High UV rays Tolerance

Fake nails like acrylic or gel cannot tolerate the UV rays. When they are exposed to ultra violet rays for a long time they lose their luster and became yellow. This is because they are made of plastic and when the plastic is exposed to sunlight for a long time it changes its color.

On the other hand, this new advanced aftificial nails have high tolerance power they can handle the exposure to UV rays. You can enjoy the sunbath in the open air without worrying about your artificial nails. They are also able to face the UV radiation in tanning beds.

Natural nails never turn into yellow color but if you have yellow color nails then you might have a health issue that causes your nails to look yellow.

Nail Strength

Where other fake nails break easily with little pressure, these are strong enough and do not break under pressure. This is so because the material used in manufacturing process is high strength material than other artificial nails.

Differences between Solar and Gel type fashion nails?

Fashion nails are designed to wear on natural nails. They keep your natural nails safe and prevent them from breakage. Below are the main differences between both of them

Solar nails are made of high-class material whereas gel nails are made by using polymer resins.

With gel type manicure you have to go through a UV light treatment where the manicurist uses UV rays to dry the gel and make your nails hard. But in case of solar nails, no UV lights are needed, air dry is enough like you dry your normal polish. This makes it easy to apply them at home.

They are easy to be fixed at home with little knowledge you can easily fix them if they get break accidentally.
You need to change your gel nails after every 2 weeks but solar nails can go long for 3 weeks with just single fill.
Solar nails look artificial, gel nails look more natural.

How to apply them?

You will be surprised to know that these nails are easy to apply at home. In fact, no training is required to apply them follow the below written simple steps.

First of all, clean your natural nail

Glue them to the end of your nails (cover your natural nails)

The third step is applying the solar powder on the top and blend them

To remove them simply pry them off, this will not harm your nails or pain. If you can wait then wait for 3 weeks and the nails will fall off on their own.

Health Risks with artificial nails

If artificial nails are fitted properly, they will not cause any health issues. When a nail salon poorly fitted them on your natural nails or you use them for a long time, it can damage your nail bed and prevent the natural nail growth.

The most common problem with all types of fake nails or nail extensions is, user gets infected with fungus. Those who wear them for a long time can see the appearance of fungus between artificial and natural nail.

Moreover, the material which companies used to make them is not good for health and is flammable means can easily catch fire. This is the reason women wearing fake nails are advised to stay away for hot irons, blow dryers.

Most of the hospitals and food restaurants do not allow their employees to use nail extension. Longer nails (fake or real) are not good for a hygienic point of view. Long nails have many microbes under them.

NOTE: If you want to wear them, go to a professional salon and tell them you want perfect work. Do not use them for more than 2 weeks.

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