Potatoes for your skin

Potatoes are not only grown to make tasty french fires only. They also have many skin benefits. If you are unaware of them, read this page you will learn surprising beauty benefits of potatoes.

Today we are sharing top 5 beauty benefits of using potatoes on human skin. They have the power to solve many skin problems. As they are natural food they do not have any side effects. Also very suitable for sensitive skin. My advice is to try these tips at least for 10 days an see visible results.

Skin benefits of potatoes

All these amazing benefits are not written in order. My grandmother uses these techniques and their skin looks fresh and healthy. They never use cosmetic products like me. There are the potato secrets which you will know until the end of this article.

The very first benefit which I like the most is, it has acne fighting power. This means use potatoes extracts on the face to treat acne without drying out your skin. Use it as you use your regular skin toner. Take some potato juice on a cotton ball and apply all over the face in circular motion. It sounds weird, I know but it is the best natural way to get clear skin with the even tone. Cosmetic skin toners have many chemicals in them but in this care no chemicals, just the natural juice of a vegetable. If we can eat potatoes so why we cannot apply it if we know they are beneficial in order to get the healthy glowing skin.

Next thing in skin benefits of potatoes is related to eyes. Nobody wants puffy eyes, they make you look old. You look ugly with puffy eyes and need to de-puff them to get younger looks back. For this purpose, there are thousands of chemically contained eye serums available in the market. My choice is to use natural way to make eye beautiful. What will happen if eye serum goes inside the eye? Do you know? Here is the solution use cool potato slices. Place them on your eyes for 5 to 10 minutes. Repeat this process for 10 days and get rid of dark circles, puffy eyes, tired eye and wrinkles eyes( wrinkles eye also need some extra care).

Using potatoes to fight dark circle is a smart way to skin care. To remove dark circles use cool slices for at least 20 minutes. After this simply wash your face with normal water and apply nice moisturizer. Dry eyes are also responsible for dark circles. Always make sure to keep your body and skin hydrated by drinking enough water per day. Doctors and other skin specialists recommend drinking 8 to 10 glasses of water in every 24 hours.

This tip relates to your sunscreen habit. If you don’t apply sunscreen or often forgot to use it. Then this tip is your best solution to sunburns. Potatoes have skin healing properties which can also heal your sunburns. Just take the small potato slices and rub them on the face for 2 minutes, leave the skin as it is for 10 minutes then rinse with water. For burning skin place cool slices of potatoes on the area and get immediate relief from burning skin.

Many people use this vegetable as a skin lightener. I am one of them and believe me this trick helps me a lot to get a bright and glowing face. This technique brings nice brightness on my face. Keep in mind this not a skin whitening agent but it gives even skin tone with reduced pore size. Use potato mask for skin lightening. Take some potatoes shred them into small pieces or make a paste then apply this mixture on the entire face of at least half an hour. You will satisfactory results in few days.

Now you know the skin benefits of potatoes. my suggestion is to take some of them and start using right now.