Best Rose gold nail polish that suits every women

Best Rose gold nail polish that suits every women

It is best to have a rose gold nail polish for parties and other special occasions. If you want to look fabulous on all parties then update your nail polish collection and add some high quality rose gold nail polishes in it. Face and Hands are the first things that people notice when you talk to them.

You will surely get compliments for your warm metallic nail polish.

Today I will introduce you to some of the top quality, easy to use rose gold nail polishes

ILNP Juliette Holographic Nail Polish – 5 Star rating

rose gold nail polish

If you want a strong nail polish with an excellent metallic look then this product should be your first choice. A single coat is enough to make your hands beautiful. A single coat of this rose gold nail polish will stay there for more than 1 week even if you need to wash your hands a thousand times a day.

Perfect nail polish for those whose profession required them to wash their hands several times a day.

Once you apply, it will dry quickly and give the smooth, shining results. Most of the nail polishes that stay for a longer time are hard to remove or create a mess while removing. But this unique formula is easy to remove, just use any nail polish remover and wipe it from your nails.

If we talk about the color, it is so neutral that it will go good with every color dress and makeup.

The brand gives satisfaction guarantee, in case you do not like the ILNP holographic nail polish. You can return or exchange it with other products offered by the manufacturer.

It is a non-toxic, 100% vegan formula and is not tested on animals.

Chip-resistant nail polish for everybody. Try it once you will love the results even if you do not like glitters. This is not like other glitter nail polishes its quick dry properties make it better than others.

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OPI Nail Polish – No.1 Salon Brand

rose gold nail polish

If you like to update your nail color every week then choose this OPI rose gold nail polish. It is best for weekly applications because the limited quantity is required to coat fingernails. This way the bottle will last longer than normal nail polishes.

Moreover, OPI is an international brand mostly picked by professional manicure salons. If you go to the salon and ask them for OPI gold nail polish they will charge you a high amount for this nail polish.

So, it is best to use it at home, applying nail polish is not hard and every woman should know the best way to apply it.

OPI has its manufacturing plant in the USA. They made their product here and then export to the rest of the word.

More than 200 shades are available to choose from. Chip-resistant nail polish that lasts longer than its competitor products.

All you need to do is follow the manual book (follow each step) and get the best results in a few minutes. It dries very quickly and you also not need to worry about the mess because it does not have a watery consistency.

Nina Ultra pro rose gold Salon Formula

rose gold nail polish by nina

Simple and easy to use nail polish with brilliant results. Just use it as you apply your regular nail polish and you will get shining nails in just 2 minutes. No need to wait for hours like you do when applying gel nail polish

Nina Ultra Pro is a professional product and is mostly used in salons. But this time the manufacturer is selling this product on Amazon. Do not let this product go it is there for a limited time.

Soft rose gold color with ultra-shine will go with every type of dress.

With this Nina rose gold nail polish you will get 30 days of satisfaction guarantee. If you do not like this product you can request a refund. If they find the product is used by the customer, they may ask for the restocking fee which is 50% of the total product cost (only product cost).

Icing Metallic Nail polish

icing nail polish

Transform your looks by painting your nails with this metallic rose gold nail polish. The color will go great with all outfits and you will look like a celebrity. Your nail polish should complement your style and dress. This will enhance your looks.

Mostly people use the same color nail polish matching with the dress color. But nowadays the trend is shifted towards warm color nail polishes that suit every skin tone.

I am personally a big fan of this product it is quite affordable and results are mind blowing. You will not regret it if you wear this nail paint at the party.

The bottle looks small in the picture but in actual you will get a good amount of nail paint. A single bottle will last for more than 50 days if you apply it every week.

A single coat is enough for me on regular days and a double coat on parties.

Chip resistant, line resistant, stick strong like glue and is easy to remove just take few drops of nail polish remover on a cotton pad and clean your nails.

For best results always apply moisturizer on cuticles and nails 12 hours before applying nail polish.

Dark rose gold nail polish – China Glaze

china glaze rose gold nail polish

This will be your all-time favorite nail polish this is a dark rose gold color. It does not chip, long last for more than 10 days if you do not wash dishes or use hard soaps on your hands.

Give velvety, shining nails in just a single coat. You will surely receive tones of complements when you apply this particular nail polish on your nails.

Natural ingredients like jojoba oil, Argan and Olive oil make it the top choice for every woman out there. Where most of the nail polish only contain chemicals, it has natural moisturizing oils. In short it is less toxic to nails and cuticles as compared to the others.

Regular use also removes the yellowish tone of your nails, nourish cuticles.  You will get the dark gold rose color, in the picture due to the lightning effect it looks pinkish but it is not pinkish nails polish. Cheap and best product for regular use.

Use it with any color dress.

10-free rose gold – Nail Paint

gold nail polishes

Coat your nails with long-lasting nail polish. It is a natural product and free from toxic ingredients. The formula does not contain formaldehyde which is a highly toxic chemical and is found in almost every cheap nail polish.

Vegan and cruelty-free formula for regular and party use.

If you are an office employee you will get compliments from your colleagues. The product is not popular because the manufacturer does not spend thousands of dollars on advertisements.

Instead, they spend money on inventing a natural nail polish formula that has no harmful chemicals.

The results are amazing, smooth, velvety texture with great shine which lasts for a long time.

FINAL WORDS: All the above-listed nail polishes are top quality products. Some of them are well-known brands whereas others are not famous but equally effective.  If you know any other best brand which is not mentioned here please mail us with details, we will test that and add it in an out list with your name. Hope to see you again.

How to apply nail polish perfectly?

Follow the below steps to apply nail polish like professional. Follow each of them every time and get great results.

File and Buff

First of all, use the file and buff to shape your nails. Remove the dead part of the nail and give them the desired shape. Always use the file in forwarding direction means in one direction only.

Base Coat

Always wear a base coat under the final coat of the nail polish. This will help to nourish the cuticles and make nails long and strong. No breaking and peeling of nails once you use a base coat first and then apply nail polish on it. This also helps to keep the nail polish in its place for a longer time.

Apply Nail Polish

In the last step apply the nail polish over the base coat when it gets completely dry. I don’t think you need advice on how to use nail polish brush and apply it on nails.

How to store nail polish for a longer time?

Most of the nail polishes have a shelf life of two years. Once you open your nail paint it will get finish in 6 months if you do not use the same nail paint every week.

Always store your nails polish in a cool and dry place. People often store it in refrigerators, but this is not a good idea. From a cool and dry place, we mean store it in the temperature range from 10 to 26 degrees Celsius.

NOTE: Screw the cap of the bottle tightly so that the air does not go inside the bottle. Also, keep it away from the direct sunlight.

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