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Puriya Cream

puriya cream


puriya cream

It is an Eczema cream, Psoriasis cream, Dermatitis cream, Rosacea cream all in one single jar that’s why we call it the mother of all creams. You don’t need separate cream or lotion for all above given skin conditions. This mother of all creams contains 13-in1 natural ingredients which make it very effective than other competitors

Excellent satisfaction rate, it provides instant relief form dry, itchy and red skin. Quick absorbed by the skin and spread evenly on the whole surface. Safe to use on face, feet hands and scalp. Proven results, this cream stimulates the cell repair by increasing body’s ability of cell regeneration.

The product is backed by 100% lifetime money back guarantee. Users say they see excellent results and get instant relief from dry and itchy skin and scalp.

More effective then the other available creams on the market.

Price $29.97                                        
puriya cream


   WONDER BALM……Fights Common And Stubborn Skin Conditions…


Puriya wonder balm contains anti-fungal and anti-microbial ingredients to cure foot and body conditions. It is really necessary for every household. Amazing product for those who are highly physically active. Natural and best solution for ringworm and rashes. Get instant relief from pain and sore skin.

It kills the infection causing bacteria and prevents further infection. Its anti-fungal properties give relief from various skin related problems safe to use on face and other body parts.

180 days satisfaction guaranteeing or get your money back.

Lifetime satisfaction guaranteed by the manufacturer.

Made in the USA. All natural elements, no fillers or other synthetic chemicals, colors, detergents.

Price $34.97                                        
puriya cream


 Puriya Scalp Therapy Shampoo, Tea Tree, Vitamins.

puriya cream

Puriya scalp therapy is totally natural shampoo to cure your several scalp and hair problems. The ingredients list includes tea tree oil, rosemary, and other natural elements to fight all scalp related conditions. It reverses the hair loss due to the weakness of scalp. Promote the blood circulation in the scalp and make hairs strong and shining.


If you are suffering from stubborn dandruff and fed-up to use various products then you should try this. I am sure you will love this scalp therapy. It solves your all hair problem. It gives total nourishment to the dry and damaged hairs. Make hair shafts long and strong enough.

Reduce the excess of oil and prevent build up. Clear scalp very effectively, remove dust and dirt in just one wash. Stimulate hair follicles to grow hair faster and reduces hair fall.

No parabens, no chemicals all natural and safe ingredients. Puriya scalp therapy like puriya cream is the best option for scalp related problems. Best to use for all hair types, balance the pH level of the skin.

Price $23.97                                        
puriya cream


  Puriya Ultra Relief Cream for Arthritis Joint Back ,Knee, Neck , Shoulder Pain Reliever.

puriya cream mother of all cream

Puriya cream is specially designed to get relief from joint pain or nerve pain. If you have muscle tension or torn muscles then this is for you to use. Use it and start enjoying life again. This puriya cream is different from other over the counter creams as it is formulated to act fast on the root cause.

It reduces the tension in cells and give relief from nerve pain and also reduces redness. No parabens, no artificial colors, no preservatives. 100% natural with all natural ingredients.

It penetrates deeply and quickly into the muscles and joints. Safe to use at any age also reduces the swelling in muscles and inflammation and redness.

Price $24.97                                        
puriya cream


Breathe-Ease Balm by Puriya creams Natural Chest and Nasal Congestion

mother of all cream

Like many puriya creams, it does not contain any harmful preservatives and additives. This balm has anti-fungal and anti-bacterial properties. Give instant relief from chest and nasal congestion. Perfectly prevent all respiratory infections, cough or allergies. Goes directly to the respiratory system and clear the airways, reduces the pressure on the chest by relaxing the muscles tension.

No side effects as it contains all natural and permitted components.

Get instant relief from discomfort caused by cold and flu other seasonal allergies. You will feel better and sleep well after using this puriya cream balm.

Price $21.97                                        
puriya cream

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