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Neck Wrinkles And Possible Solution

neck wrinkles

Neck Wrinkles

Neck wrinkles are more common in these days. These are directly linked to the sagging neck. If you have neck wrinkles and want to remove them but did not find any permanent solution. No need to worry anymore in this article we will tell you the best treatments for neck wrinkles including oral and surgery. There are so many creams, serums, lotion on the market to cure this problem. Let’s talk about them and find your best suitable treatment.

How neck wrinkles develop and their treatments.

Environmental conditions are also responsible for necklines. Frequently touching or rubbing your neck with hands also another reason. At the young age, nobody gives care to neck area they put full focus on face care. As we age our skin naturally needs some more care. Whenever one develop neck wrinkles it is not possible to remove them all with creams and lotions. There are other special treatments available which we talk later in this post.

If you do not want sagging neck than you should try your best to avoid this condition. Your neck skin is more tough and stretchable than your face. As you move your head and make facial gestures like a smile, swallow and anything, you are stretching your neck area. These movements when combined with external factors make your skin old and wrinkles.

Types of neck wrinkles

The common wrinkles are two types one verticle wrinkles and horizontal wrinkles. The first talk about verticle wrinkles, these are the deep type of wrinkles and worst then horizontal well both are worst. The reason for having these wrinkles on the neck is keeping the head in the same position for a long time. Computer users normally develop neck wrinkles in early age. This happens due to continuous staring at computer screen for long times. Excessive exposure to the sunlight without any protection like sunscreen also develop them. Always try to move your neck while working on computers or watching your favorite movies on a TV screen.

Horizontal wrinkles mainly formed due to the reduced collagen levels. Collagen gives us firm and tight skin with smooth looking skin. As we age our collagen level decreases but if you have horizontal wrinkles at a young age this means something is going wrong. Which disturb your production of collagen.


When you know the type of neck wrinkle you have, the next step is to choose the best treatment. The first recommended step to is to use the best moisturizer with SPF. This helps to prevent spots on the neck. Regular excessive exposure to sun disturb the production of collagen and make skin dehydrated. Dehydrated skin is prone to many skin problems. So keep your skin hydrated by using good quality moisturizers according to your skin types.

Cosmetic Surgery For Wrinkles.

Some people choose cosmetic surgery over the other methods. This treatment is very effective but the recovery time is quite long. Platysmaplasty is the neck lifting surgery normally people go for. In this treatment, doctors remove the upper layer of skin to reduce the appearance of wrinkles.

Topical Treatment

The third treatment is the use of topical creams like moisturizing creams. They put a positive impact on neck skin. These creams and serums improve the level of collagen production. It can also improve the skin elasticity. You can use vitamin c serum with retinol for better results.

For having younger and tight neck regulate your collage production. Without proper collagen level, you will never get firm neck. Retinol and alpha hydroxy acid boost the collagen.

My advice is to use topical treatments first before going to professional treatment like surgery.


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