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Natural Skin Care Alternatives

natural skin care alternatives

Natural Skin Care Alternatives To Synthetic Products

Lots of people are starting transfer themselves from traditional skin care products to natural skincare alternatives. Some people try this because of their own belief. While others shift themselves because these natural skin care alternatives come at a very affordable cost.

People do things according to their own personal reasons. First of all, you need to know that natural skin care alternatives do exist. People are taking actions daily to accept them in daily life. They practice natural skin care instead of using chemically made products. While conventional products are manufactured in big factories, it does not mean they work better than others.

Today I’m going to share most important natural skin care alternatives to traditional products. You can try and test them anytime.

what are natural skin care alternatives or natural products?

These are the natural products that you can use instead of using chemical contained cosmetic products. There are some herbal brands which manufacture such products which are similar to the natural product that we are talking about. You cannot find these ones in dermatologist office or on the supermarket.

Switching to natural products is not much harder process. You just need to make a right and powerful decision and take actions. This is that simple.

It is better to take a natural approach to skin care products. These are equally effective for men and women. But women try these techniques more often than men. Men should also try these natural skin care alternatives, these are totally safe to use. No side effect as this process only contains natural ingredients which we can eat and also apply on skin.

Natural Moisturizers and Lotion

natural skin care alternatives
I am going to start with the very important daily skin care routine step and that is the moisturizer. When it comes to moisturizing the skin many people turn to the coconut oil. Honestly, coconut oil is the topmost moisturizing ingredient and it is scientifically proven that use of coconut oil hydrate the skin from deep inside.

It helps to improve the collagen levels. The Lauric acid named element in coconut oil improves the skin elasticity. In fact use of coconut oil is very beneficial for those having oily as well as acne skin. This natural oil has antibacterial properties and it kills the bacteria on the skin which causes acne.

You can use coconut oil either as a moisturizer or as a lotion(moisturizing lotion). to keep your skin healthy and young.

Scrub, used to remove dead skin cells.

You don’t need to buy exfoliating scrub again from the market as you can make your own at home. You can find most of the natural alternatives to traditional skin care products in your kitchen. The basic formula for scrub is combined oil and sugar. Oil is to hydrate and sugar to remove dead skin cells. Here is the procedure, take coconut oil or olive oil mix them with brown sugar or white sugar and your scrub is ready to use. This way you can make own natural scrub without any chemicals. This only contains two things from your kitchen, this does not mean it is not effective, I must say these natural exfoliators are much more effective than synthetic ones.

You can use this scrub also as a body scrub to remove dead skin cells from the entire body. If your skin is too oily, then use baking soda. It will remove your blackheads while removing dead cells.

Natural face wash

I personally don’t recommend this natural face wash for those having oily skin. It is the best suitable formula for people with dry skin. To make a homemade face wash you need almond oil and castor oil. Try to use pure and organic almond oil. It requires mixing 3 parts of almond oil with one part of castor oil. Apply this mixture to the face leave it for 3 minutes and then rinse with Luke warm water or normal tap water. Your skin feels very soft and shining but remembers this is not for those having very oily skin.

Anti Aging

Some people prefer to use natural skincare products when it comes to anti-aging products. They say nature already give us top anti-aging ingredients. What we need is to identify them and use them. Firstly the anti-aging process starts with your stomach. Yes, it is true your diet play most effective role in your anti-aging process. It is advised to consume more of coconut oil, vitamin c, cod liver oil, grapes, pomegranate and many other antioxidant fruits and vegetables. All the mentioned things improve your internal health which results in glowing and clear skin outside.

Always remember one thing Aging process starts from inside the body then showed up on the outer skin layer. So to delay the aging one should need to work on the inside of the body. Whatever you eat that appears on your skin in some way. If you consume things that are right for your body, you will see healthy, smooth and brighter skin.

If you have allergy to above-mentioned ingredients

If you are allergic to certain elements you can find an alternative to them. Finding Alternatives to natural skin care alternatives is not difficult. Try to find another ingredient which has similar qualities.

For example, if you have allergy from coconut oil then you can use argan oil instead of using coconut oil. There are plenty of options out there choose which is suitable for you because you know your skin better than others.

Does It Have To Be 100% Natural and In Pure Form?

If you decide to go the natural route then I suggest you use all natural elements. For my skin I always use natural and organic products, they give a piece of mind, as they are safe to use. We cannot eat sulfates and parabens so how can we apply to our skin. Do you know whatever we apply to our skin, the 30 % of that goes into our bloodstream. I’m sure after knowing this you do not want to use synthetic products.

Certified 100% natural products improve your skin condition to the great level of goodness.

One final note that I want to mention in the last is that if you want to look good you have to do appropriate efforts. If you are not willing to put forth effort in order to look good then please do not expect many positive results. In long terms, we all know natural way is a better option over the commercial routes. Natural skin care alternatives get popularity in all age groups as they reward our skin with the goodness of nature.


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