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Do Not Make These Mistakes In Your Morning Skincare Routine

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Perfect Skin Care In Morning

In the morning our skin feels extremely clear and glowing but we are unable to maintain it throughout the day. This is because our skin is untouched by the outer elements when we just wake up and stay inside a home. However, we make some mistakes in the morning skincare routine which make our skin dull and lifeless for whole day long. Here are few morning time mistakes check how many you make?

No Skin Care Routine: Most of the people do not have morning skincare routine and those who have do not know what exactly to do in morning skin care. Skincare routine doesn’t mean to load your face with tones of cosmetic products. Or just make a layer of makeup and creams. This means the basic cleaning process which we call CTM. Cleaning, Toning, and Moisturizing.

Using Excessive Products: Morning time our skin is fresh and when load it with different types of cosmetic products they clog the pores. Use organic or natural skin care products in the morning skincare routine. Wash your face with cold water, do this as a first step of morning skincare routine.

Excessive cleansing: Excessive cleaning make conditions worse. This can dry your skin and give itchiness to the face. To avoid it do not use harsh chemical contained soap. Also, use astringent or cleanser of your choice in limited quantity.

Lack of Moisture: At night time our skin loses moisture. Apply good moisturizing cream in the morning time gives hydrating skin for the entire day. If you have oily skin this does not mean you do not need moisturizer, you can use water based nonclogging moisturizers.

Using Scrub In Morning: Do you scrub in the morning, if yes stop doing it it is best to use a scrub in the night time so that your remains free from dirt and dust. Your pores stay clean and free of bacteria for the whole night.

No Sunscreen:

Do not skip sunscreen at any cost. Sun emits good and harmful rays towards earth. If you go in direct sunlight without any sun protection, you probably develop aging signs or other skin related problems. Make sunscreen a part of your morning skincare routine. The UVB and UVA rays are very harmful to the skin in some cases they cause skin cancer. Our advice is to use it and stay protected.

There are also other factors which contribute to having good radiant skin. Eat well and think well. Start your day with healthy breakfast, this does not come under morning skincare routine but if you do not eat breakfast you get aged skin in few days. Boost your skin with vitamins and other nutrients through your food. Remember to drink water and take fruit juices to hydrate skin cells.

Do not rub your face with pressure while doing facials. Use high-quality skin care products. We prefer organic cosmetic over the normal range. Organic products are the little bit costly but they have permitted organic ingredients which do not harm your skin in any form.


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