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Microcurrent Machines

microcurrent machines

                  FACE LIFT MACHINES

Like other muscles in the body our facial muscles also need exercise but how many of us do facial exercise. In fact 80 % of population don’t care about facial muscles or they don’t feel they are important for them. Who care they don’t have any idea how to do facial muscle exercise. Today I am going to tell you the best facial exercises with microcurrent machines. I have got excellent results in days use and i will tell you the everything about Face lift machine and also help to choose best microcurrent machine for home use.

microcurrent machines

In today’s world technology improves after every 6 months and we found better and latest devices in the market at same old prices. Face lift device is a new and best technology in the cosmetic world with proven results without any side effects. This is a non-surgical formula for better face lift without any cut or internal stitch. Microcurrent facial machines are very famous all over the world for natural face lifting technique. There are some special kind of microcurrent device made for home use.


What are the Microcurrent Machines 

A Microcurrent machine or Microcurrent face lift machine is face lifting device that is operated electronically to get wrinkle free skin with natural glow, to tight the sagging skin, To improve the skin tone, to get better blood circulation in face. Microcurrent devices send low level electric vibration to the skin muscles to stimulate them. You can get nice facial massage with the electric pulses.

Benefits of using microcurrent facial machine

There are countless benefits of these devices but few main benefits are as follows.

1. Rejuvenate the skin , put new life in skin cells

2. Remove wrinkles and other aging signs

3. Remove dead skin cells and stable the cell regeneration process

4. Treat scars and acne

5. Improve skin tone and minimize pores

6. Complete Facial at home + muscle exercise (facial)

7. Nice face and neck lift appearance 



Microcurrent machines send micro-ampere current to the internal layer of the skin to stimulate the facial muscles to improve texture of skin , to improve the blood flow. This microcurrent stimulate the body’s internal bio-current frequencies to regulate the skin function without any trouble. These are the best tools to exercise the facial muscles like cheeks, around nose and chin. It also give you the nice firming neck. These are totally safe to use at home or in salons. Microcurrent therapy machines strengthen your nerves under the skin, regulate the production of collagen which is very important to get fair and blemishes free skin.



You will get nice looking face with no any sign of aging. These devices regulate the skin’s collagen production hence gives us the more  toned and smooth skin with natural glow. You will have lifted face with brighter color. These machines used to treat stretch marks and scars. Most of the machines comes with conductive gel and this gel acts as a moisturizer and lock the moisture content into the skin cells. Fade all types of scars or wrinkles or fine lines from the face and neck.



Salons have medical grade microcurrent devices they are bigger in size in other words not portable for clinic use only or also need special training to use them on patients but the mechanism is same in both. Professional and personal both machines are available in the market the only difference is the power level that is wattage and frequency of device. 

Now you know everything about microcurrent machine from various uses to benefits to results. Let’s review some of the best microcurrent facial devices.




best microcurrent face lift machine

This is the best microcurrent device and kit comes with two machines one for face muscles other is specially for crow’s feet or eyebrows like hard to reach places. This amazing kit is completely FDA approved so this makes it totally safe to use without worrying about side effects. A Multi-solution kit that lifts the face by stimulate the facial muscles and nerves.

According to one study 86% of users get significant improvements in over all facial appearance. Better way to use this machine is first of all spread gel all over the face evenly the hold the machine on the targeted area for 10 seconds then move to the other side of the face. It comes with multiple attachments which allows you to solve various skin problems. You can complete the full process in just 7 minutes. It has very strong and long lasting re-chargeable battery. Auto shut down feature save battery power.

Price $429.00                                       
microcurrent machines




microcurrent machines

High frequency microcurrent machines for home use are the best options to treat wrinkles and fine lines. This frequency increases the blood flow to the skin and our skin gets all the nutrients and vitamins from our blood and starts glowing. It also helps to regulate the cell metabolism so that the daily damage  by pollution gets reduced and its own healing ability gets strong and fast.

This microcurrent device comes with four different instruments all have different uses. Use comb to increase the blood flow into the scalp and you will notice only in fewer uses your hair loss reduces to great extent and no more problem dandruff at all. For cheeks or other large area like forehead use mushroom probe. Specially designed tongue for wrinkle and blemishes. To cure dark spots they give one more extra tool that is bend.

Price $35.99                                       
microcurrent machines




microcurrent machines

This device comes with two probes to cover every possible spot on face. These probes helps to remove scars and wrinkles and fine lines and dark spots. Cordless devices like this one are easy to use and also easy to carry in your bag , travel friendly system. It actually fills the wrinkle pit with new growing cells under the upper layer of skin. This removes the root cause of wrinkles and fine lines. Also boost the blood flow which is very essential to from new cells.

Simple to use with large facial probes which make your microcurrent therapy very comfortable. prep gel is not included in the box you need to buy it separately

Price $88.20                                       
microcurrent machines





microcurrent therapy machines

This device is specially designed For Sensitive area like eyes. Almost every women have some skin of dark circles , eye patches, puffy eyes to remove all of these signs of aging use bio lift microcurrent device for eyes. Probes are gentle enough to use freely around eye area. Strongly recommended by the many USERS to those who have problems in eye area. or have small wrinkles around eyes.

Machine comes with conductive lotion , use this lotion , apply it all over the targeted area and then use the machine to its high power settings.

Price $43.00                                       
microcurrent machines




microcurrent machines

This is a true professional device, medically clear FDA approved. 400 microamps high power frequency machine with adjustable frequency length. It treats all kind of wrinkles and dark spots.Boosts ATP and regulate the collagen production, complete facial exercise , you will feel the difference just after the 3 days from the treatment. Machine has two installed programs. Large wand are easy to use and cover every problematic area.

Box contains charged batteries and a recharge adapter, a conductive gel and an applicator set.

Company give many educational seminars about their product so if you want you can learn more about this product directly from the 7E. They also give the beauty training to individuals.

Price $269.00                                       
microcurrent machines




Through electric current of micro-ampere these machine are clinically approved to effectively remove all signs of aging. Microcurrent machines are the perfect option for those who do not want surgical face lift instead of that they prefer to use non-surgical method. With the most of the devices we recommended you will get better skin tone, better looks.

Thee are lots of devices available in the market for home use from portable devices to medical grade ones. Most of our recommended devices comes with prep gel which is best to fight against all skin problems and speed up the skin’s healing power. You should also use night cream after the microcurrent process at time of sleep.

We hope that we cover all the important points that will helps you to choose suitable device for yourself.


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