Water based Foundation for Oily, acne-prone skin

If you have oily skin then you should be careful when choosing a foundation for yourself. Water based foundation is best to use on the skin that produces enough oil naturally. Water based oil-free foundation does not clog pores and does not cause acne. Lightweight foundations are often recommended for acne-prone skin. Today we will[...]

Best Rose gold nail polish that suits every women

It is best to have a rose gold nail polish for parties and other special occasions. If you want to look fabulous on all parties then update your nail polish collection and add some high quality rose gold nail polishes in it. Face and Hands are the first things that people notice when you talk[...]

Best Lip Primers: Get wrinkle free lips in minutes

The best lip primers keep your lipstick on its place for the entire day. Lip primer is a must-have thing and is easy to use. It prevents lipstick from feathering and enhances the color. If you wear lip primer under your lip color than you do not have to re-apply the lip color after having[...]

Make your nails Strong with Best Nail Hardener

Weak, brittle nails are not a problem anymore because today we will tell you the perfect solution. Use best nail hardeners that are formulated from the best nutrients that make nail strong and beautiful. Nail straighteners help the weak nail to grow fast and strong Many factors are responsible for having fragile and ugly nails[...]