Kojic Acid Soap

Kojic Acid Soap

what is kojic acid soap?

It is a skin lightening soap firstly used and developed in Japan. Nowadays it became very popular all over the world as a natural skin lightening product. You can also use Best skin lightening creams if don’t like to use soap.

Whereas kojic soap is an inexpensive and safe way to get fair looking skin in a few days.

Other skin whitening ingredients like Hydroquinone are also very effective but they come with tones of side effects. Do not use any skin lightening product which contains hydroquinone. This ingredient is banned in the USA due to its harmful skin side effects. It makes your skin highly sensitive to sun rays and causes skin cancer.

Kojic acid is gentler and safe to use on adult skin. It is not suitable for babies or any under the age of 15 years.

Kojic acid is a powerful ingredient excess use of it makes your dry and patchy so it is best to use it in less concentrated form. Kojic acid skin lightening soaps have a little amount of kojic acid which is permitted by the authorities to be used without a doctor’s prescription.

The benefits are not limited to skin whitening. It also removes blemishes and dark spots from the face very gently. Kojic acid is a natural antioxidant and we all know antioxidants are very useful for our skin. it also repairs our skin cells which are damaged by the oxidative process. The antibacterial properties protect our skin from any bacterial attack.

Itself gets oxidized quickly when it comes to the direct contact of air, heat and bright light. to reduce this problem, some manufacturers mix other ingredients to make it stable but these types of kojic soaps are not very effective.

Dermatologists advise: Use the pure form of kojic acid to get results but be careful while using it do not use on sensitive body parts. It can cause irritation or dryness. Suitable for use on legs, arms, face, and neck.

In this post, you’ll find some high-quality kojic acid skin lightening soaps. Which are used by the millions, have a 100% success rate.

Before using it on your face you have to know the benefits and negative effects of kojic acid use. Read the below information to know everything about this amazing ingredient. Excess of anything is bad for us.

We will tell you which brand has a high concentration of kojic acid and is useful or not. Today’s market is full of fake products that is the reason people read reviews before buying any product.


Following are the benefits which make it so popular in the world.

  1. Treat Melasma: Kojic acid products help to reduce the production he melanin which gives skin whitening results.
  2. Remove Scars: It also removes the scars completely but with only regular use for a long time.
  3. Anti-fungal: It cures and prevents certain skin infections. If you have a yeast infection on any part of the body use this soap to get rid of fungal skin infections.
  4. Antibacterial: It cures and prevents many types of bacterial skin infections.

How to use it on skin?

It is very simple to use. Use it like you use your ordinary soap on your body while taking shower. Do not leave it on skin more than 10 seconds this can cause skin damage. Kojic acid is a quick reacting naturally formed chemical so use it with caution.

If you want to use it on your face, arms and feet only then do not wash these body parts more than once with the soap per day. After using it you can apply moisturizer do not apply any skin whitening cream. The ingredient of cream may react to kojic acid and give bad results. Wait 30 minutes before applying sunscreen on your skin after washing skin with the soap.

Papaya kojic acid soap

papaya soap

Many people like to use papaya soap for beauty purpose. We advise you to choose papaya+ kojic acid soap. The combination of both ingredients makes an excellent skin whitening agent.

Benefits of papaya

Papain is the enzyme found in papayas which acts as a gentle but very effective exfoliating agent. It exfoliates the dead skin cells and gives new fresh look instantly.

The ingredient also removes dark spots form the upper layer of the skin. many people try papaya soaps to fade their scars. It is best to apply papaya on your face, use papaya face pack for better results. But if you want white spotless skin then use papaya and kojic acid together.

Papaya kojic acid beauty soap is the best way to use them together. The manufacturer put both the ingredients int eh formula in balanced form. Where kojic acid gives a white skin color with little dryness. The papaya in it makes your skin shining and glowing by adding moisture in it.

The soap is for normal to dry skin people. Sensitive skin people can use this soap as it has two ingredients which are known to safe for all skin types.

Use soap on any part of the body and get spotless skin in a few days. Do not waste your time by making homemade papaya soaps or face packs use papaya kojic acid soap to get brilliant results.

Microexfoliation is required to open the skin pores in order to remove oil and dirt out of them. This soap opens up your pores and cleans them properly. It only acts on the upper surface of the skin. Does not affect the inner skin layers which are sensitive.

Papaya+kojic acid = brilliant skin whitening soap.

Kojie san skin lightening soap

kojie san soap

This is the second well-known kojic soap in the market. The soap has a single ingredient which is obviously kojie acid. It is gentle on every skin type but causes mild dryness and you know how to deal with dryness (use moisturizer).

You will get 65 grams of soap bar if want to get more then buy a carton of 3 or more soap at once. You will also get discounts. Do not leave it more than 30 seconds on your skin. use it once per day, if you can tolerate more then try to use it twice in 24 hours. There should be a gap of 12 hours between first and second use.

The manufacturer claims it is made for normal to sensitive skin type. 90 % of cases it does not make skin dry because it has coconut in it which is known for the moisturizing agent. world know the benefits of using coconut oil on the skin and it has a pure form of coconut oil which is added in the formula to give promised results.

Best way to lighten your skin by using less expensive but proved products. it also cleans your skin well. If you have acne marks on your back it an erase them quickly (in a week).

Usually, people get results in 2 to 4 weeks but again it depends upon the skin type and skincare routine. If you do not use sunscreen it will not give results because it makes skin little sensitive to sun rays and going outside without sun protection makes conditions worst.

MARE FRANCE Kojic Acid Skin Lightening Soap

marie france skin care soap

The manufacturer claims their Marie France skin lightening soap is different from other soap. They said it has high-quality kojic acid which they produce in small batches. The benefits of making it in small batches are this increase the potency or effectiveness of it.

To be honest with you I did not find it different from other soaps. This gives the same results as other brands. The only difference I feel is it does not make my skin dry (combination skin).

Users said they like this soap over others because this suits their skin type. We do not encourage you to use it more than a single time per day. For the first week use it twice a day after that use it once per day. It has more concentration of kojic acid which can create a skin problem if use overly.

All instructions are printed on the carton read them before use. Do not use according to your wish, always follow the instruction and get amazing results without any

Why Dermatologists recommend kojic acid for skin whitening ?

Dermatologists know people want a powerful product which delivers results and also safe to use on human skin. Prolonged use of any skin whitening agent is harmful including kojic acid based soaps and lotions.

Scientific studies have shown that the use of kojic acid for skin whitening purpose is safe. Doctors say do not use kojic acid soap continuously for than 3 months.

Other skin lightening agents have so many side effects which are irreversible and those who are safe to use do not give promised results. Kojic is a type of natural chemical which is effective for all skin types and any skin type person can use it.

But if you have sensitive skin then it is best to test it on legs before using it on the face.

Common problems with kojic acid soap

Kojic acid penetrated deep into the epidermis which is the upper skin layer. There it interferes with the melanin production. This process sometimes causes some common skin problems which are as follows.

  1. It may irritate the highly sensitive skin
  2. It can make your skin dry and itchy. Therefore, experts suggest use good moisturizer cream after using soap on your face and body.
  3. If you left the soap on the skin for long time to get fast and better results. This will cause redness or in some cases give burn marks on the skin. Do not leave the soap leather on your skin more than 10 seconds. Do quick wash.
  4. Tingling sensation may feel in first few days of use. This normal and to reduce it limit the use of soap per week.
  5. May not suitable for acne prone skin, can cause dry patches, test it on your before applying onto the entire body.

Does this soap make skin dry?

Yes, it does give dryness and to prevent it please use a good quality moisturizer. As it reduces the melanin production it also affects the collagen in the skin which results in little dryness. Which can be treated by the use of a moisturizer.

You have to use a moisturizer after each application of soap.

When it shows visible results?

This is fast action soap but results vary according to the methods of use and skin types. Some people get results in just 2 weeks while for others it takes 30 days minimum.

For normal skin (no blemishes, dark spots, etc) it shows noticeable results in 14 days.

When you use skin lightening soap it is mandatory for you to apply sunscreen before going out in the sun and pollution.

How much it costs?

The cost of the soap depends upon the quality of it but kojic acid soaps are not expensive at all. According to our research, you will find the best deal at Amazon. Many manufacturers sell their kojic soap on Amazon with exciting price and offers.

What are the side effects of it?

It has no serious side effects. It can make your skin dry and itchy if you are sensitive to the ingredient. Or overuse can surely give some redness and itching on the treated area.

What if it irritates my skin?

Normally it does not irritate skin or cause any issue. But if you are highly sensitive to beauty ingredients then you might get some side effects. In such conditions, we advise you to stop using it on your skin and consult your doctor for further guidance. 

What if I discontinue it after 30 days?

You can discontinue using at any time or when you fell you get eh desired results. It will not cause any problem but maintain those results (your new white skin) you have to take care of it. Use good sun protection, hydrating lotion or cream. Use it once in a week to maintain the good skin for a long time.


Transformation of skin from black to white is not possible. Right now, we do not have such technology but if you really want to completely transform your look then cosmetic surgery is the only possible solution. Which is very costly and have a very low success rate

Good news is you can make your skin color little fair (2 to 3 shades fair) with regular cosmetic products. All cosmetic products contain several chemicals which make skin appearance worst when you stop using them.

Below are a few tips using which you can maintain the results for a long period of time.

  1. Always apply moisturizer and sunscreen to exposed body parts.
  2. Wash your face with organic face wash
  3. Do not apply harsh chemical products on your skin which claim to give instant results.
  4. Choose organic products
  5. Drink plenty of water to keep the skin cells moisturized and hydrated
  6. Do not take a hot shower this makes your skin dry and itchy. Warm water is OK for face wash and shower in winters only.

How does it work?

Many of our readers ask us about the working process of kojic acid means what it does to the skin that it looks beautiful and spotless in few days. Here is the explained answer

Melanin is a pigment which is responsible for our hair and skin color. More the production of melanin means you will have dark skin color. Kojic acid reduces the production of melanin and give us fair looking skin.

It is a chemical which is formed from many types of fungus through a natural occurring process. The regular use of it block the over production of enzymes which triggers the production of melanin in skin. There are particular skin enzymes which decides the level of melanin in the skin. This process will take several weeks to show visible results. Skin experts recommend the regular use of it on skin to make it brighter and lighter than before.

NOTE: Use of kojic is safe, results are reversible, once you stop using it your skin will look as it looks before.

Regular use removes the dark spots form skin, reduces the appearance of wrinkles and blemishes.  Anti-fungal and anti-bacterial properties make it suitable for acne prone skin.

Where can I buy kojic acid skin lightening soap at best price?

Most of the retail store does not store kojic acid soap. So, if you want a good deal then buy it online. You can get discount coupons on the purchase on 2 or more soaps.

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