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Hydrate your skin for younger look

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Importance of Hydration

Normally we do not pay much attention to keep our body hydrated. We believe that applying a costly branded facial cream can do everything if you think this way, this post will change your way of thinking. Cosmetic surgeon and dermatologists recommend drinking 8 glass of water every day to keep skin hydrated. They say when your skin looks dull and tire this means it is probably dehydrated. Hydration means how much fluid and water content is present in the skin cells. Hydrated skin is youthful, healthy and fresh. Stay hydrated to look young without aging signs on the face.

When our body gets dehydrated some parts of it gets affected more than remaining. Lips, face, neck, and back of hands affect more badly due to dehydration. Hydrate your skin to keep collagen level up and improve elastin in the skin.

Benefits of hydrating skin

As the hydration level starts to decline it affect the production of collagen, which makes wrinkles and blemishes more visible. Good level of fluid and water in the body make skin beautiful and glowing. Dehydration is a big factor responsible for dry skin. If the skin tissues are well hydrated, they never get dry and you never get dry skin issues. When we smile with dry skin our skin becomes creased and more lined. If you hydrate your skin it will never become creased due to better elasticity. Try to hydrate your skin as much as possible, you will see the reduction in dark circle and blemishes.

Dos and don’ts when it comes to hydrate your skin

Avoid smoking, smoking is the biggest enemy of our skin. It reduces the hydration level. Too much smoking gives premature aging skin. So avoid it to stay healthy for long life.

Drinking alcohol makes it more worst when we want a hydrating skin. It suddenly reduces the water levels in the body make our organs and skin dry. Keep yourself away from these two things and have a healthy and fresh body, skin.

Other anti-aging strategies to fight aging signs

You can use hyaluronic acid to replace the loss of natural hyaluronic acid. This fills the folds and reduces the appearance of wrinkles. Use this acid to hydrate your skin in a single step. It also has anti-aging properties, it increases the production of collagen in the skin which gives radiant skin in few days.

Choose the product which contains both hyaluronic acid and vitamin C in a single bottle.

Following are some best ingredients to keep your skin hydrated

Hyaluronic acid moisturizer

Vitamin C

Vitamin E


 For hydrated skin, you need to change your eating habits and skincare routine. Eat juicy vegetables and replace soft drinks with fresh fruit juices or vegetable juices. Green leafy vegetables are best to increase water content skin cells.

For those having dry skin, we advise using best moisturizers. Go for natural or organic brands to minimize the long-term side effects. Organic brands are little more expensive but they are safe to use on all skin types. Choose what is best for your skin. There are plenty of cosmetic products available on the market, keep in mind that all of them are not made for your skin. Identify your skin type and then choose skin care product of your choice.


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