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Honey Is The Perfect Face Wash Substitute

honey for face and skin

Honey face Wash And Benefits

Honey is used in skin care products for centuries. Honey is a very powerful ingredient when it comes to clear the skin. Lots of people refer to this as an ancient remedy for types of skin problems. The honey face wash is very popular these days.Use it once and love it forever.

Use honey as a natural cleanser for your skin.

If you are planning to add honey to your skincare routine, I promise you’ll be surprised with the results. the best way to use this miracle remedy is as a face wash, yes, honey face wash.

Why Honey On Your face Is The Answer for all skin problems

Like I said, you will for sure switch to the honey face wash after knowing the skin benefits of honey. Honey can be used for medicinal reasons as well as for skin care routine.

Antibacterial powers of honey make people use it in face washes. Everybody knows honey is anti-inflammatory but they don’t know that honey has extremely low pH level. This means the harmful bacteria cannot survive on the honey-treated skin.

Most bacteria need pH level of 5 or greater to survive but the pH level of honey is 3.5 on pH scale. This means honey kill the bacteria on your face which causes various skin problems like pimples and acne, redness.

Another big reason why using honey is great for skin is it has moisturizing properties. It gives relax to skin tissues by hydrating them deeply. Honey is not able to absorb water content from the air so it gets transferred directly from air to skin pores or skin cells.

Which Type Of Honey You Buy For Healthy Skin

Don’t buy cheap honey go for high-quality brands. The best choice is to buy pure organic honey direct from the farm. If you cannot buy from the farm directly, buy from the supermarket but before buying read the label carefully. Manuka honey has good medicinal properties as compared to the other types of available honey.

What To Expect From Honey

When you apply on your skin first time you will find it very sticky on the skin surface. Yes, the stickiness is not a good feeling and you find this application very messy and dirty. But your acne spots or pimples start to disappear from the skin surface. The redness on the skin goes away very quickly with the regular use of honey in the infected area.

Over counter face washes are too costly as compared to honey, this is another reason people incorporate honey into their skin care.

You can easily find best organic honey at very reasonable price on Amazon. You can also read customers reviews about the product and check the popularity of it.


Replace your face wash which only has chemicals in it and switches to natural face wash that is a honey face wash. Remember to use natural and organic honey for skin care routine.



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