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Home Spray Tan Machine

home spray tan machine

Home Spray Tan Machine An Excellent Device

Home Spray Tan Machine is a good device for Everyone who Loves Sun kissed Body without lying down in sunlight because it can be harmful for skin and health. The harmful uv rays of sun will burn your skin. There is a risk of having skin cancer so this idea is outdated and now we have home tan spray machine which we can use anywhere without any kind of side effects.


These machines are a good facility to those men and women who are fan of tanned body but don’t want to take risk of UV rays. They can use home spray tan machine to full fill their dream of having a tan body. With one of these you will get even tone tan skin without any sun burn. You can adjust the concentration of liquid according to your desired color, mostly people loves golden tan color. Home spray tan machine give the same results as the professional spray tan machine gives to the users.

Now a days tan machine manufacturers use latest technology in their machines to increase the efficiency of them. Efficiency is also depend upon the person who is using it and how he/ she is operating it( mode of operation). Ones i have reviewed here are the best and safe machine to use.



  1. Spray Tan Machine give you the even tone skin without any kind of patches or lines on skin surface.
  2. You can repeat Tanning process when ever you want 
  3. Your Tan will hide the scars , wrinkles or stretch marks on the skin with its nice clean golden color
  4. Home Spray Tan Machines let you choose the depth of desired color 
  5. Good for overall health, no more UV rays
  6. Hardly take 20 mints to complete the full process


Tanning is totally safe, there is no side effect of  Tanning liquid Solution. The tanning spray contains  sugar or from plant sugar. It reacts with the amino acid and proteins of your skin and give a nice golden color. Mostly Salons offer organic spray Tan liquid which is pure from of plant extracts. 

Tips For Choosing The Best Spray Tan Machine For Home Use.

Air Brush Spray Gun: Air brush gun are actually made for specific purpose and that is for tattoos but now Salons are also using air spray guns for tanning purpose but the biggest and worst drawback of Air Brush Guns is the wastage of spray liquid. So in my opinion this cannot be a good option.

High Volume Low Pressure: These are also called HVLP machines. Little costly but high efficiency, no wastage like air brush guns. Operates on low pressure with high volume of liquid spray. Takes less time to cover full body.

Low Volume Low Pressure: These machine operate on low pressure and the quantity of spraying liquid is also limited also are cheaper then HVLP. Good for beginners.

Easy to Clean: Always choose those machines which are easy to use and easy to clean.

Portability: Now this very important factor in choosing the home spray tan machine. Like we are looking for spray tan machine for home use only so we need to look for small and portable size. Which we can store easily at home or need less space.

SPRAY SOLUTIONS:  There are many types of spray tan solutions in the market not all of them are good sprayed through spray machine. You should check the check list of machine manufacturer to see which brands they prefer to use with their sprat tan machine. Norvell and St. Tropez are the brands which people normally prefer to use over others.

Now you know every important information about the spray tan machines. Now lets review some of the best tan machines or best spray tan systems.



spray tan machine

 Fascination FX Spray Tan Kit have everything which you need for a good tan skin just open the box and everything is ready to use. The box contains nice and best tan spray gun with hose , popup tent, gun and a set of tanning solutions ,off-course with durable carry bag. This spray is gun is light in weight and has fluid control with different spray patterns which make it possible to use in any direction (vertical or horizontally) with the controlled amount of spraying liquid. 

This machine is made with high quality plastic material for better quality and long terms use without any breakage. The air filter is removable and washable which is a great thing to cool down this machine and make it perfect tool for continuous use of several hours. The solution container holds more tanning liquid then one application at a time. So no need to worry about refilling it in single application.

Black color tent  with the device is to protect your surroundings from tan color. Liquid solutions are made with high grade ingredients which are suitable for human skin and give you the desired results.  Xlatan pre-spray is applied to ensures that the DHA in the sunless tanning solution is doing its job perfectly and you do not need spray gun for Xlatan spray. It is totally paraben free solution.

Given sunless solution contains bronzer which give you the dark golden color and it’s gluten free, nut-allergy free, paraben free.

If you have interest to have a good tan skin at home then this product is a best deal for you. You can use it whenever you want, no need to book appointment at expensive salons. if you can have that salon spray tan at home.

Price $219.00                                       
home spray tan machine



Maxi-Mist Lite Plus HVLP Sunless Spray Tanning Kit For Home Use 

home spray tan machine

Now this is more powerful tanning machine, it can easily do more then 10 application in a day without heating up. Box include tent, a carry bag a hose gun, solution cups and 3 bottles of light, medium and dark shade premium solution of Tempa bay tan. Each and every bottle of solution has enough liquid for more then 3 tans per person. The Tempa bay tan solution is very effective and gets darker and darker after the 10 to 20 hours of application. You have to wait up-to 24 hours to see the full results.

The gun nozzle is designed in such a way so that it does not clog in between the running application it also save your time and save the liquid for getting waste. Easy to use SatinAire spray gun head for vertical as well as horizontal spray patterns. Maxi-mist also takes care of their product that’s why they give some of the spare parts too including nozzle gasket, a spare air turbine filter, solution pickup tube, spray cup gasket. 

Maxi-mist home spray tan machine has one 300 watt air turbine with powerful air flow. Noise levels are same as that of a normal hair dryer. Comes with air turbine motor warranty card. click the link below for more specifications.

Price $259.00                                       
home spray tan machine

 Premium Sunless HVLP Tanning System by Belloccio with Solutions bottles, Tent, Cups, Accessories & DVD with instructions

home spray tan machine

Belloccio simple tan is a excellent tanning solution with all essential ingredients that our skin needs to maintain its health. This home tan machine is simple to operate and light in weight because it has fully plastic body made with quality material. It is shock proof as it as a plastic made.  Box contains everything that is in the picture. In fact they give DVD with all the instructions that are necessary to know before operating the spray gun. 

The solution that comes with it has moisturizing elements that does not dry out the skin after the tan completes. Tanning liquid has bronzer and it comes in two shade one is medium bronzer other one is dark bronzer. The solution is for every skin type and USERS say this sunless tan solution is suitable for all skin types and they get the fantastic results. They believe this has to be in the list of spray tan kits for home.

Belloccio sunless tanning system comes with 2 year warranty on system including the full detailed instruction manual or DVD.

Price $139.96                                       
home spray tan machine


St. Tropez Pro Light Spray Tan for personal or salon use
spray tan machine

Specially design for beginners light weight and easy to use technology. In one shot it can holds up to 100 ml of sunless tanning solution easily. Nice eye catching design ,perfect for home use or personal use. All operating and cleaning  instructions are on manual book  please read those guidelines carefully before using the home spray tan machine. Adjustable nozzle for horizontal and vertical mode of operations. According to most users it works very well but it is louder then other spray guns and heats up a little just after 20 to 25 minutes of continuous run. Best portable spray tan machine

Price $229.00                                       
home spray tan machine




1.Exfoliate before ,Tan remove all dead skin cells

2. Shave hairs from the targeted area before the application.

3. Don’t use any moisturizing lotion 

4. Don’t take shower or wet at least 10 hours after the spray tan

5. after every time you take shower use nice moisturizer for log lasting results with smooth silky skin

6. In first shower you will see some of the color is washing off that is normal in first shower after the whole process.

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