Home remedies for body acne

Home remedies for body acne

Having body acne is a common condition especially in winters. You cannot wear a backless dress while having acne on your back and other parts of the body.

The problem is you cannot wash your body with salicylic acid body wash. Because it is not suitable for sensitive areas. Mostly body acne treatment products are costly that are not affordable for everyone.

So how to get rid of body acne?

In this post, you will see the best home remedies for body acne. They are so simple and easy to follow steps. You just need to use a few things that may already have in your kitchen.

Let’s start:

Cucumber Wash: Yes, cucumber wash is a topmost home remedy for body acne. Actually, cucumber has anti-inflammatory properties means cucumber soothe the irritated skin and reduce the redness. As it is rich in water means, it has high hydrating values. This is the reason today we see cucumber in most of the skin moisturizers.

cucumber mask

Cucumbers are antibacterial and loaded with antioxidants. Therefore, eating this salad item is beneficial to get clear, bright skin. Those having wrinkles on face are highly advised to eat hydrating fruits and vegetables.

Cucumber is the commonly found and affordable solution to other costly skin hydrating items.

How to use it as a body wash?

Take a fresh cucumber and blend it to obtain a thick paste-like consistency. I suggest you blend it with the peel. Once you make a paste of it apply it to the problematic area and leave for 20 minutes. After that wash your body with normal tap water. Repeat this process every day for a minimum of 20 days to get excellent results.

Once your body acne goes away then use this remedy once a week to maintain the brightness of the skin. This natural body acne removal remedy is also beneficial for dry skin buddies. This adds moisture to the skin cells and makes them fresher and improve skin elasticity.

Oatmeal Scrub: For sensitive skin buddies oatmeal scrub is the best option. This is the mild scrub that has no chemicals in it. When you use it to remove the dead skin cells it also removes the many types of impurities from the skin pores and gives clean skin.

Do it once in every 15 days and you will be surprised with the results. It gives good results like over the counter body scrub.

Take a cup of cooked oatmeal, add the juice of half lemon, add some rose water (do not add honey). Apply it on the acne area and rub it for 2 to 3 minutes with little pressure. Leave it over the area for about 15 minutes and wash the skin with normal water.

Use Aloe Vera: Apply aloe Vera on the acne area and get rid of body acne easily. This ingredient has astringent properties means it controls the oil production in skin cells. Excessive oil production is also a cause of body acne. By applying aloe vera gel on your body you get shining skin for the whole life. It also treats sunburn and uneven skin tone.

Anti-Bacterial Paste: You can use an anti-bacterial product made from loreal or other skincare product manufacturers. or you can make your own anti-bacterial paste at home by using two most popular skincare ingredients one is turmeric and other is honey.

Take two tablespoons of turmeric and add one tablespoon of pure honey in it. Stir well and make a paste then apply it over the affected area. leave it there for 20 minutes then wash with water repeat the process for 10 days and you will see excellent results.

Because of turmeric, you may get little yellowish this indicates that the paste is doing its job well.

I hope now you understand better the power of natural ingredients. To read more home remedies like this visit again.

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