Common Causes of Hair Loss in Men & Women – Identify your

Common Causes of Hair Loss in Men & Women – Identify your


A few years ago, I was suffering from hair loss problem and I know You too have a hair fall but do you know why you have a hair fall, what is the reason behind hair fall. Ask yourself, I know you do not have the answer.

All you know is that you are losing your hair every day.

Today you will know the exact reason of your hair fall problem.

According to a survey report conducted by the international society of hair restoration surgery, 35 million men and 21 million women in the USA are suffering from some type of hair loss.

Do all of them have hair loss due to higher DHT levels? Everybody is talking about DHT, people are taking oral medicine to kill DHT, to reduce DHT, to prevent DHT.

This is half TRUE.

Remember anything can be bad for your health if it goes higher than the recommended limit. For example, water is also bad for your health if you drink in an excess quantity which you do not need or you drink when you do not feel thirsty.

35 million do not have high DHT levels and if due to some reason it goes high your body adjust it in few days automatically.

If you have a certain medical condition or taking some prescribed drugs for a long time the situation will be different.

Why healthy men and women have hair loss?

There is no straight answer, not even your doctor can tell you the exact reason because the needs to sell his medicines. He/she is there to make money form his profession. A doctor is prescribing you medicine because he is making money by doing so and everybody like money.

There are some doctors in the USA who are helping the community in real. They give advice not medicine on each visit.

We also have our healing system which is present in us at the time of birth. This system is called the immune system. Make your immunity strong your body will deal with everything (even so-called DHT).

The first reason for hair fall is the lack of nutrients. I know you will say you are eating three times a day but pay attention to what you are eating not how many times you are eating.

Make it a rule if you want to live long a healthy life changes your diet plan right now. Never ever do dieting to reduce body weight by doing so you are putting your body in big trouble and this is the second reason responsible for hair fall in young men and women.

Does vitamin and mineral deficiency cause hair loss?

In 90% of hair, fall is due to the deficiency of some essential vitamins and minerals. There are some important vitamins which are responsible for our hair growth. Their deficiency in our body leads to the hair fall. You need to go for a blood test to check any vitamin deficiency.

To prevent hair fall or to reduce hair fall include following vitamins and minerals in your daily diet.

1.COPPER DEFICIENCY: Copper plays an important role in our hair growth and nail growth. It is essential for our body but the bad news is it is not easy to consume good copper. Moreover, many people cannot digest copper.

Our body needs it to perform many brain and blood level functions. It is present in very small quantity.

If you are taking zinc supplement than you are surely a copper deficient because both these metals compete to get absorbed in a body when they reach our intestine.

The low copper level also leads to grey hairs because copper is required for Melanin formation which is responsible for our hair color and growth.


BIOTIN: This vitamin is a family member of vitamin B. it is highly found in eggs, milk (a balanced diet), bananas (we do not recommend to eat bananas daily they increase the mucus production in our body).

Biotin deficiency is rarely found in healthy people but it can affect people of any age. Some people are biotin deficient by birth or others have a family history of deficiency.

It is simple to maintain a good level of biotin eat following thins you do not need any supplement if you are a healthy person and never undergoes any stomach surgery.

(A)Salmon (B)Eggs (C)Nuts and Seeds (D)Milk, Cheese and Yogurt (E)Sweet Potatoes (F)Avocadoes

IMPROPER DIGESTION: This is the main reason which is responsible for almost every health problem especially skin and hair related.

Better digestion is the key to a healthy life.

Try to improve your digestion by doing some exercise. Change your diet start eating green leafy vegetables avoid every type of meat. Do not eat eggs, spicy foods, junk foods, colas etc.

Try to eat in 10 to 15 minutes, do not rush while eating. Chew properly take one bit and chew it for 32 times this will for sure make your digestion better.

Improper digestion is responsible for many vitamin and mineral deficiencies. Their problem is in the intestine make it strong by doing some exercises. 

Do not take medicines to improve digestion it will make it worse when you stop taking medicines.

Contact your doctor if digestion does not improve in 20 days. Eat juicy food avoid pizza, burgers and other fast foods including canned food.

POOR BLOOD CIRCULATION: According to a survey conducted in 2015 it is found that people with sedentary lifestyle experience more hair fall problems than others.

When researches go deep in this problem they find that their lifestyle causes poor blood flow. We all know our body and organs inside it takes nutrients from our blood. Same as in the case when it comes to the hair food. Our scalp and hair take all essential vitamins and minerals from our blood.

So you need to make your blood rich of vitamins and minerals but how you do this? The answer is simple to try to eat healthy vitamin-rich diet. Include everything in your daily diet like protein, carbs, fiber, iron, calcium, biotin etc.

Do not take multivitamins this will give temporary results. We all have different bodies and our immune systems are also different. If one person is getting benefits from multivitamins it is not mandatory that every other person will experience the same benefits.

But a healthy diet is mandatory for everyone and it affects positively on everybody.

To improve your blood flow, do some exercise on daily basis.

PROPER SLEEP: Lack of sleep makes your body ill and it is the main reason for many health problems. Today we all have a busy life there are many works to do at eh daytime. There is no problem in it but when people start working at night this leads to hair fall problems as well as many brain-related problems.

Doctors recommend 6 to 8 hours of an excellent quality of sleep per day. Remember the quality of sleep is more important than hours.

Change your sleeping habits, make some changes in the bedroom, have some milk before sleep all this will help you to sleep better.

STRESS: The biggest reason for hair loss is STRESS. When our body goes under any types of stress ti releases Cortisol. This is kind of stress hormone which reduces the number of testosterone level in males and estragon level in females.

Stress reduces the blood flow to our brain and scalp. This leads to sudden hair fall.

Nowadays everybody is under some kind of stress whether it is related to work, relationship or other. TRY to MANAGE your Stress level if you want to live a healthy life.

Reduce your stress your hair fall problem will go away in 30 days.

Do an experiment with your body, Start feeling happy and avoid stress for 21 days than notice any change in your hair loss problem. If your problem gets better then you know the root cause of it.

There are any over the counter products available in the market. Which cure and prevent the hair fall if the reason is external means hair fall due to pollution, dandruff, heat treatments, dryness etc.

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