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The Scientific Reasons For Having dry Skin.

dry skin

Dryness In A Scientific Way

Having a dry, itchy, tight skin is very uncomfortable skin condition you cannot even apply to this type of skin. Applying makeup over dry skin make conditions worst. Today we will tell you everything on scientific bases about dry skin conditions.

What exactly is dry skin?

According to doctors, dry skin is a skin which cannot retain moisture itself because of many changes in the skin structure. This can be due to many sudden changes like change in a diet plan, the sudden change in weather, genetics etc. Once skin begins to get dry and if not cured properly this triggers the skin itchy cycle which makes conditions worst.

Main Cause of dry facial skin?

Doctors say the big factor responsible for dry facial skin is excessive exposure to the harsh environment. Which destroy our natural protective skin components like sebum and natural oil. This condition results in the dry face. To prevent this condition always use sunscreen when going outside and never forget nighttime skincare routine.

Dry skin on nose

The role of environment in causing dryness very big. You can’t even assume the harmful effects of UVB rays on the human skin. The combination of sun rays and hot, cold winds tear the upper layer of skin. They also make skin dehydrated which is another cause of having dryness. Use best facial moisturizers to fight dry and damaged skin. It is recommended by the doctors to use SPF containing creams before going out.

Dry Lips

We do not have hair on lips. The lips have different tissues than other skin on the body. Lips do have a protecting layer called emollients on their surface which protect our lips from getting damaged and dry. If this layer gets damaged by using poor quality products like lipstick, lip balms etc. The skin became in contact with the environment and start getting dry and rough. This also gives dark color lips and swallow lips.

Dry skin around eyes

Nature give us very elastic skin around this is due to the several mechanical simulations throughout the day. We have blood vessels and capillaries in this place around eyes. Poor cleansing habits and low-quality products strongly impact the under eye area. These combining factors tear the delicate thin layer of skin under eyes.

The best way to treat dry skin

The best way is to practice good skin care routine on daily basis I mean every day. You have to use moisturizer every day twice. For oily skin, people can use water-based moisturizers also called oil-free moisturizers. It is also advised to use high quality products. Do not go for cheap products as they only put negative effects on your skin. Stay away from certain ingredients like alcohol, sulfates, parabens etc. They also contribute to the dry skin rather than curing it.

Eat a balanced diet, do not skip any meal, take sufficient sleep every night. Always wear sunscreen before going into the direct sunlight. Drink plenty of water to make skin hydrated from inside. Only a well-hydrated skin looks healthy and fresh. Also, avoid the soaps that increase the pH level of the skin. These soaps and cleansers can damage our skin protecting layer.



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