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Dead Sea Mud Mask for Face

dead sea mud mask for face

Mud Mask Form The Dead Sea

Face masks are used to bring a glow to the face. Everyone should use a face mask according to skin types or need. Many types of face masks are available today for different purposes with specific ingredients. Clay mask, Mud mask, Gel mask, Creamy Mask are the main type of face masks. Today we will discuss the Mud mask And try to find out every answer.

What is Dead Sea Mud Mask?

The dead sea is a SALTY lake, the water, and mud of this lake have many skin healing, anti-aging properties. The mineral-rich mud contains Potash, mud, and salt with other minerals in small quantity. Manufacturers use the mineral-rich mud to make dead sea mud mask for a face. This is not an ordinary mud it has antibacterial properties and only finds on the borders of Jordan. For centuries the native people use this mud to heal cut, wounds, wrinkles and other skin conditions. A study is published in 2007 according to which water of dead sea lake helps to make extraordinary mouthwashes. It helps to prevent bad breath by killing the mucus causing bacteria.

 Why choose dead sea mud mask?

The main ingredient in dead sea face mask is mud of dead sea which is a natural element. This means you are choosing natural ingredients with no side effects, moreover this face mask is suitable for every skin type. No Any type of harmful chemical is added in any form. When you open the jar you will notice the pure smell of mud which is an indication of its purity. On the other hand, other available face masks use tones of chemicals, applying chemicals to the skin is not a good idea in order to get fairer skin. For over the counter products our advice is to choose natural ingredients as much as possible. While purchasing this dead sea mud mask make sure the main ingredient in the list should be water or mud of dead sea.

Benefits of using a mud mask

It removes all aging signs with its anti-aging properties

Give instant glow on the face

Controls excessive oil

Improves skin elasticity, gives soft, radiant skin

Removes all the impurities and toxins

Restore the skin pH level and lock moisture

Make skin hydrated all the day

Remove dead skin cells, blackheads

Reduces the pore size and tighten the skin

Improve blood circulation

Provide all nutrients to the skin

Tips to use mud mask for instant results

The first step is to clean your face to remove dirt and excess oil, use cleanser or face wash.

Use the desired amount of mud mask and apply to the face, make a uniform layer all over the face and neck.

Leave as it is to dry completely, Remember it should dry itself (air dry) do not use cooler or fan.

It will take 15 to 20 minutes to get dry

Now use plenty of fresh water to wash off the mud mask. Gently rub the face with fingertips in the circular motion, now dry your face with clean towel.

Using a face mask is not hard but yes it takes time to dry. You have to take out at least 30 minutes for your skin every day. !5 minutes in the morning and second half at the night time before going to bed. Stick to this routine and drink enough water you will see nice improvements in your skin color in few days.


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