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body wash for dry skin

                  Body Washes For Dry Skin

If your regular soap is not doing its job specially in winters means if it dry out your skin. You have itchy feeling after the shower, you need to switch to body washes for dry skin. Soaps contains harsh chemicals but on the other side body washes are made with moisturizing ingredients.

Pick right moisturizing cleaners according to your skin type. You don’t need detergents with extra lather to clean your sensitive skin.

We choose some of the best body washes for dry skin and also give you the complete details with benefits. If you directly wants to read the products review, please skip right down and choose your favorite one.

What makes a body wash better choice for dry skin?

Go to your supermarket, walk through the skin care section you’ll see tones of body washes. All of them from different brands in stylish packages with nice smell, rich foam etc. But what about the moisturizing ingredients, don’t fall for nice-stylish package, check the ingredient list.

Following are the ingredients you need to check while buying body washes for dry skin.

  • Aloe Vera, super moisturizer
  • Glycerin and Sorbitol
  • Glycolic and lactic acid
  • Jojoba oil, Coconut oil, Vitamin E
  • Olive oil, Almond oil, Argan oil, Vitamin A and C
  • Shea butter

Harmful elements which should not be a body wash for dry skin

  1. Alcohols, Super drying agent
  2. Sulfates, parabens, Sodium lauryl and laureth

Excellent Body Washes For Dry Skin:

Cetaphil Gentle Cleanser-non-irritating Formula for all skin types( set of 2)

body washes for dry skinHighly recommended by dermatologists to all skin types. People gets good results in psoriasis and eczema. if you are on holiday tour and don’t have water near you till then you can use this cleanser as it does not need to be rinsed. Gentle formula washes the dirt and excessive oil while moisturizing the body. VERY SUITABLE FOR WHOLE BODY(FACE,LEGS,ARMS,FULL-BODY). Hypo-allergic and no any kind of scent in it. So buy this in large quantity, so that whole family can use it for good skin and health.

Price $15.18                                       
body wahses for dry skin



Kiss My Face Anti-Stress Body Wash.

best body washes for dry skin

Kiss My Face is very well known brand all over the world and famous for its organic products. This body wash stimulate the skin, has great smell with all organic elements. Ginseng, lavender, Rosemary,Aloe Vera are the main active elements which give nice smooth hydrated skin. Also helps to reduce the wrinkles with moisturizing properties.  The best part is it is SLS Free, Paraben Free, No any harmful chemical. Pure and Gentle body wash for whole family.

Price $8.64                                       
body wahses for dry skin


Puracy Natural Sulfate-Free body wash with Sea Salt, Citrus (set of 2)

best body washes for dry skin

This body wash is totally safe for everyone( Adults, Childern). Coconut base which gives nice foam and sea salt purifier to Exfoliate dead skin cells. Specially design for daily use for both men and women of all age groups with any skin type. 99.95% natural product with natural components. Reduces irritation, redness, give relief from dry itchy skin. Made in USA. Pink Himalayan Sea Salt remove dead cells and promote the growth of new fresh skin cells.

Price $20.29                                       
body wahses for dry skin


Dove Body Wash For Dry Skin with Cucumber and Green Tea


best body washes for dry skin

Hydrating body wash nourish and clean your skin at the same time and you will have smooth and clear skin.Dove Go fresh body wash fro dry skin makes your skin feel super soft right after the first use. we all know the moisturizing and cooling effects of Cucumber and Green tea. if you do not like this one then choose the below one with pear and Aloe Vera.

Price $8.47                                       
body wahses for dry skin


Dove go fresh body wash with Pear and Aloe Vera.

body wash

Price $5.49                                       
body wahses for dry skin

Dr. Bronner’s Pure-Castile Liquid Soap with Lavender, Nice smell

body washes for dry skin

Anyone who is deeply interested in pure organic products go for doctor bronner’s organic products. It comes in different types with excellent scents. only contains water , hemp, coconut oil no any type of chemical is added in any form. You only required in little quantity for full body wash. Customers says they get good results with body wash, it gives relief from redness and itchy skin.

Price $13.99                                       
body wahses for dry skin




best body washes fro dry skin

This product has two main moisturizing ingredients those are the worlds best elements to get rid of dry skin. Aloe Vera and Glycerin are the main base and active ingredients in Jason’s apricot body wash. It also contains some amount of sulfates and petroleum products.

If you do not like the apricot, you can try the Aloe,Mango or Lavender.

Price $199.86                                        
body washes for dry skin




body washes for dry skin

This has very light scent which will not disturb your senses and also makes your body smooth and clean. Excellent base elements, coconut and coffee extracts. This is made for everyone for all skin types, all family members can use it. Users experience smooth and clean body after the very first wash.

Price$ 14.99                                    
body washes for dry skin



body wash

Company says this is specially made for those who have delicate and dry skin. It balance the ph level of skin. HIBISCUS extracts give extra hydration to the body and lock the water content in it. Anti-bacterial wash, Israeli brand, famous world wide.

Allergy tested, paraben free, Approved for Sensitive skin.

Price $14.00                                        
body washes for dry skin



body wash

No-rinse formula, cleanses very well safe for children and adults. It has Amino acids and lots of antioxidants. Non- allergic formula for very sensitive skin. Use it regularly for smooth, neat and clean skin.

Price $9.50                                        
body washes for dry skin



Get ready to give some extra care to your skin at home. Follow the given steps and see sudden improvements in your skin condition.

in winters heating system of our room dries the skin quickly at compare to the outside temperature. So if you have humidifier turn it on and let it run in your room for some time or you can take bath at this time.

take a warm bath, Relax your self and make sure the water is not hot , you need warm water. use bath oil for dry skin or use any of the home remedy like handful of cornstarch in water.

Now use soft cloth or loofah to exfoliate the body, yes you can also use body scrub here but make sure scrub does not contain alcohol. Put special efforts to clean elbows, knees, feet, back of your arm.

When you finish with all steps, Rinse in the warm water and enjoy the warmth. Pat your skin dry and apply nice herbal body lotion to lock the moisture. Apply good branded night cream on your face.

Go to bed and when you will wake up you’ll have new healthy and happy skin.

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