Wash your Hair In Right Way

Washing hair in a wrong way is responsible for hair loss and other hair related issues. Lear the best way to hair wash with natural ingredients and reduce breakage and hair fall.

Dermatologists and many hair experts say don’t wash your hair more than 3 times in a week. The first hair care step is washing your hair in a right way. Especially in winters, you need to give extra care to your hairs in order to prevent dryness and other hair problems. Here are the few steps to improve hair conditions in winters.

Use lukewarm water to wash your hair in winters. Do not make the mistake of using hot water as it is not the best way to hair wash. Not even use tolerable hot water, actually hot water make hair strands weak and they easily come out. In addition, hot water is the main cause of dryness and dandruff. Always use lukewarm water to relax head muscles and to reduce the scalp tightness.

Conditioner wash: In winters we often have dry hairs as the outer environment is dry. So when you have dry hair and wash them with the shampoo you make them drier. This makes conditions worse. Use conditioner wash at least one time in a week. This means just wash your hair with conditioner no more shampoo. But if you have oily scalp you can use sulfate free mild shampoo. Go online and search for mild shampoos for oily scalp.

Oil your hair: Many people think if the scalp produces natural oil itself so why to give extra oiling to it. They do not know oiling the scalp is very important to get beautiful and strong hairs. During winters our scalp cannot produce enough oil, secondly the cold and dry airstrip off the oil in few minutes. So we need to oil the scalp to maintain the moisture level of the scalp. Dry hairs fall more easily and you also develop dandruff.

Comb your hair: Comb your hair daily to detangle them. This is the important part of article ‘the best way to hair wash’. This will improve the blood circulation in scalp. In addition, it also remove the dead skin cells and dead hair. Give nice clean scalp. While combing your hair do not apply pressure otherwise it will result in scars or scalp injury. Hair experts advise not to comb hair after you shampoo. Do it before washing your hair to improve hair health.

Hair mask: Use hair mask at least after every 10 days. You can buy one the market or can make your own hair mask with natural ingredients. Egg white mask is very famous to get shining and strong hair. There is also a yogurt+lemon mask with few drops of honey in it. These natural masks give extra nourishment to hair follicles. Apply hair mask by using finger tips in circular motion and leave it for 10 minutes (any natural hair mask) than rinse with water.

Note: Do not rub wet hair with towel. Wet hair easily come out as the hair roots get weak. Use organic shampoos and conditioners to get healthy and shining hair for entire life. Stay away from chemicals and make it habit to check ingredient list before buying any hair care product. Invest in some quality hair products. Never ever buy cheap products as they only give negative results.