Best Skin lightening creams for every skin type

Best Skin lightening creams for every skin type

If you want to lighten your skin complexion at an affordable price then you are at right place.

We will tell you the secrets of best skin lightening cream and serums.

The best safe way of lightening the skin color is using the best skin whitening creams. Do not use any random lightening product.

Read this post and know what will work for your skin type, which ingredients are safe to use and works like a miracle.

Let’s dive in: 

How does skin lightening creams work?

First of all, you need to know why you have dark or dull skin. there is pigment in our skin called Melanin pigment which decides our skin color.

More melanin = darker skin color

Lessor controlled melanin pigments = bright glowing skin

If your skin gets dull and dark by-passing time then this means your melanin is high. Exposure to sun rays and pollution also increases the production of melanin.

It is a protective pigment that makes our skin dark when we completely forgot our skincare routine.

To protect our skin, our body increases the production of melanin and make the expose skin thicker and dark.

Mostly we have dark arms, neck, and face because these body parts are mostly exposed to sun rays and environmental pollutants all the time.

This why skin specialists recommend the use of sunscreen to everyone.

Skin lightening creams, skin whitening creams, bleaching creams, skin fading creams, and other skin whitening products (serums and lotions) all work on the same principle. While using these creams you should also use a good moisturizer like water based gel moisturizer to keep the skin hydrate for brilliant results.

They reduce the production of melanin and your skin naturally gets lighten.

Yes, many other ingredients in them that improve skin elasticity, give smooth skin, hydrate skin cells. Everything is discussed below.

Let’s Discuss someof the best Skin lightening, Brightening Products.

Best skin lightening cream by Tonique

best skin lightening cream

This face whitening cream is formulated with top ingredients that give visible results in just 5 days of regular use.

It contains Aloe so it is perfect for even sensitive skin.

The new improved formula won’t clog skin pores, is lightweight and non-greasy.

This skin whitener removes all facial discoloration in a few days. Long term use did not give any side effect because all permitted ingredients are used.

Moreover, the product is tested in the laboratory and is certified safe to use on human skin for skin whitening purposes.

The regular use of this lightening cream for face gives even skin tone with white glowing skin. it comes in two types of concentration. One is this one which we are reviewing now makes skin fairer 2 to 3 shades guaranteed.

For more powerful cream use their 5 shades fairer skin whitening cream.

Very simple to use apply it two times a day morning and evening on clean face. Do not forget to apply sun protection before going out in the sun rays.


Lighten 2 to 3 shades

Faster results


Natural ingredients

No side effects

Trusted by millions of users

Reputed Brand

Dermatologist recommended


Neutriderm skin whitening cream

face whitening cream

Now, this not an ordinary face whitening cream. It is the most trusted cream in Australia. They made a simple formula by using safe ingredients which is for all skin types.

Neutriderm not only whitens the facial skin even also removes all dark spots, hyperpigmentation, acne spots, age spots, dark circles, and melasma.

This is a multipurpose cream that you can use to treat many skin issues. With regular use, 98% of users get a clean, bright, spotless face.

Strong anti-oxidants and anti-aging elements eliminate fine lines, wrinkles and other signs of aging.

Another benefit is, it gives good moisture to dry cracked lifeless skin cells and improves the overall skin texture.

Always Remember Hydration is the main key to the healthy glowing face.

If you are a sensitive skin person do not worry you will not get any side effects. The product is equally effective in all skin types.


Can be applied by both women and men

Whiten skin color


Deep nourishing formula

Fight all aging signs

Give spotless bright face

Takes 1 month to show noticeable results

Meladerm skin lightening whitening cream

best skin lightening cream

Meladerm is different from other Face whitening creams in the market. It gives 100% results and is top-rated skin whitening cream from 20 years.

 High-quality ingredients are the secret of Meladerm success.

No doubt other face whitening creams in the market contain similar ingredients but meladerm only takes fine quality substances from the forest.

Substances like Kojic acid easily deteriorate when comes to the direct contact of air. So, they decide to give Product in an air-free dispenser.

The best part is:

They filter the plant extracts and other substances to remove the micro impurities and make them super effective.

Low-quality manufacturers neither test their products nor filter the ingredients before adding in the formula.

Meladerm facial cream also has the highest tolerable concentration of active ingredients in it. This means it is highly concentrative cream but gentle on skin.


Has more than 10 advanced elements

Remove skin discoloration

Reduce hyperpigmentation

Vanish acne scars

Heal sun tan

Clear age spots

Make skin brighter

Suitable to all skin types

No side effects


Tulip Face brightening & lightening cream

best face brightening cream

Whether your skin is oily, dry or super sensitive it works on all types.

Multi-action cream for men and women of all age groups. It takes almost 3 weeks to show visible results.

The active elements like retinol, aloe vera, glycolic acid, and kojic acid make it perfect skin whitening and brightening cream.

No harmful chemicals like hydroquinone, parabens, sulfates, etc.

It works in three phases, first the glycolic acid exfoliates the skin then retinol renew dull cells and AHAs give nourishment to the skin tissues and moisturize them.

FDA approved natural whitening cream

It will surely remove all imperfection form your face and give spotless brighten skin. If it does not work on your skin do not worry your purchase comes with 100% money-back promise.

95% of users are happy with the results and recommend this to others.

To read more positive reviews visit Amazon and read user’s feedbacks. After the Meladerm it is the second-best skin lightening cream in our list.



Kojic acid


All-natural elements

Money-back guarantee

Trusted brand Used by millions of users

Available on many online shopping sites

95% of users achieve great results

All skin types


Skin brightening for women

skin brightening cream

Use this skin brightening cream and say goodbye to dark spots and dark, dull skin.

It is good to have a single product for all skin issues like Suntan, acne scars, sunburn, dull skin, dry skin, etc.

This Advanced whitening Formula show results in just 6 weeks of continuous use. For best results, you have to use it twice a day first in the morning and second in the evening followed by good sunscreen.

Every day the environment pollution put a negative effect on our skin. So, we have to fight with dark spots, brown spots, dull skin daily.

The simple and best way to protect your skin from all these issues is by using the best skincare routine. Add this advanced cream to your skincare routine to lighten your skin color.

Get glowing white and bright face at home.

It is hard to heal skin discoloration, once we lose our natural skin color it takes dedication and patience to get the things to fix.

Always wear sun protection before going out. Nowadays sun rays are the main cause of skin problems. Try to protect yourself rather healing it later.


Affordable face whitening cream

Miracle results

Visible results in 30 days

Vitamin C is the main element

No harmful substances

No parabens

For all age groups

Anyone can use it

Freckle treatment

Not for oily skin

Face whitening cream – freckle removal cream

brightening cream

28 days of skin transformation treatment.

First, it removes dark spots from the face and gives clear celebrity-like skin. The main focus of the product is removing spots and blemishes.

Once dark spots get corrected your skin automatically gets fair. Spots on our skin making it look dull and dark. So treat them first.

For fast results use it twice a day. Do not use any other skin bleaching product while using this cream.

You can apply it on face, neck, elbows to get fair skin.

All-natural plant ingredients are used, it has no preservatives and no any kind of poison like parabens, etc.

The main elements are Arbutin and Glycyrrhiza glabra extracts both are naturally found powerful anti-oxidants.

Clean your face and neck then apply it and gently massage with fingertips until it gets fully absorbed.


Suitable for face and body

Counter aging effects

Radiant skin complexion

Anybody can use

No more spots

Reduce suntan


Glutathione Face cream by GlutaMAX

glutathione face cream

We all know Glutathione is the element that gives white skin in a few days. Some people take Glutathione pills so that it goes directly into the bloodstream and transform the entire body color.

We do not suggest you take it in pill form first try it in a lotion form and if you want to take it orally, consult your doctor first.

Glutathione pills do not have any side effect if consume not more then 2 months regularly.

It is best to take these pills under doctor’s observation.

Coming back to this amazing skin lightening lotion. It has Glutathione as a first and main element in the formula. Others are supporting substances to make them more stable.

The cream has SPF 15 to protect your face from the harmful sun rays. SPF 15 is nothing you need a minimum of 25 to 30.

So, apply sunscreen separately to protect yourself.

This is the no.1 selling beauty cream in the Philippines and now in the USA.


No. 1 selling cream

Guaranteed results

Glutathione main ingredient

Contains SPF 15

For men and women

Works on all skin types

Running consistency

Vitamin C and Carrot body lotion- Double whiteness

vitamin C and carrot body cream

Why just whiten the facial skin when you can whiten the entire body at the same price.

Now, this is the instant whitening product for face and body parts. You can apply it alone or mixed with your favorite foundation.

Non- greasy texture, safe to use on face and body.

Take the desired amount of it and then massage it gently on the targeted area. Easily absorbed advanced formula. Use it 10 times and get 1 shade fair skin.

The combination of Vitamin C and Carrot is an excellent mixture that together forms a strong skin whitening and brightening formula.

Mild enough to use daily on normal to sensitive skin.

Skin whitening body cream for men, women, and youngsters.

Make your skin soft and silky like babies.


Excellent product For face and body

High quality product

Make face and body white and bright

Moisturizing properties

No more dry patches

Can be used in all weather conditions

Not a famous product

Best Skin Lightening Serum for Face, Neck & Body

best skin lightening serum

Have you ever tried a kojic acid serum on the face? If not, then this is the right kojic acid face brightening serum.

With no negative side effects, it gives safe, gentle and long-lasting results.

Gentle on all skin types

Give even skin tone with brightening looks.

This lightening serum can be used as an armpit whitening serum and body whitening serum.

This is a costly product so we do not advise to use it for body whitening there are many other affordable products which are best for body whitening purpose.

The company claims that users will get 3 times lighter skin if they use it regularly but for how many days, they did not mention anything.

Normally users get brilliant results in a month. Remember serums are always slow to show visible results than creams.

The serum is backed by a 100% money-back guarantee.

It achieves 4.8-star ratings out of 5 on Amazon.

Read the customer feedbacks before buying it.


Kojic acid lightening serum

Safe for every skin type

Affordable whitening serum

Easily absorbed technology

For face and body

Suitable for age groups

Recommended by professional skin experts


Tetyana dark spot corrector brightening serum

best skin lightening cream

This is the 5star rating product. It has a 100% success rate with all safe ingredients.

The excellent combination of salicylic acid, lactic acid, and butyl resorcinol is unbeatable.

All medical grade ingredients in a bottle of face whitening serum.

It works wonder on dark spots, age spots, blemishes, wrinkles, and dark skin. Regular use blocks the excess production of Melanin and gives a bright and white skin tone. Fade freckles form the first use.

First of all, clean your face and apply toner (your favorite) then apply the appropriate amount of serum on dark skin. Gently massage in a circular motion, pat skin a few times to get it to absorb easily.

NOTE: If you want long-lasting results then use sunscreen daily before going out in the pollution.


5-star rating face serum

Safe to use

Instant results

Medical grade ingredients

Transform your skin in few days

Give neat spotless bright face

Not for children under 12 years of age

Dermlogic Clinically Proven Face serum

best skin whitening serum

Hyperpigmentation, sun spots, age spots all these make skin dark and dull. Once you corrected all these the skin ultimately became light and bright.

They hide the inner beauty of our skin.

This the top-rated product on Amazon which people like the most for its skin lightening properties.

The Skin Lighten serum comes with 30 days of no question money-back guarantee.

No harsh chemicals, effective for sensitive skin women and men. Sulfate-free, parabens free advanced skin lightening formula.

99% of the users are satisfied with the results.


High star ratings

99% effective in all skin problems

Unisex serum for skin lightening

Remove dark spot, age spots

Reduce hyperpigmentation

Top-class quality

No harmful substances


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