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Best Outdoor Tanning Lotion

best outdoor tanning lotions


Tanning outdoors is an excellent idea and its free. Another smart idea is to use tanning accelerator lotion. It helps to darken faster without drying out your skin. Today we’ll review best outdoor tanning lotions and body bronzers that give you dark fast and perfectly.

Tanning lotions and tanning oils come in many packages with different brand names. We choose best outdoor tanning lotions and oils out of many brands and review here.

Tanning oils and lotions work by focusing the UV rays on your skin. Sunny climate is the best weather to practice outdoor tanning. UV rays accelerate the ability to produce more melanin. Melanin is the pigment of skin which decided your skin color. The higher level of melanin means the darker color of skin.

As the technology gets advanced tanning lotions also change their working pattern and now they are all safe to use.

The top 10 best outdoor lotion and oils

Use the best on your body, this is right way of tanning

Browning Lotion by Maui Babe

best outdoor tanning lotion

Maui Babe is a very popular formula for the tanning community. It can be easily used with the combination of sunblock.

It is not a self-tanner, it contains Aloe vera and Kukui oil to nourish your skin in the whole tanning process. Antioxidants and vitamin A, C, and E make it the better choice over others.

It is recommended if you have sensitive skin please do not try to use it on your face. The best option is to use it with Maui babe SPF 30 sunscreen and enjoy longer time in the sun.

Price $10.77                                        
best outdoor tanning lotion




Price $12.89                                       
best outdoor tanning lotion


Australian Gold Black 15x tanning lotion, deep dark results

tanning lotion

Australian products are best selling products for tanning lovers. They have great products but the downside is they contain parabens, not all but some of them. This sinfully black includes some of the best oils like hempseed oil, caramel, walnut shell extracts and sunflower oil to moisturize your skin.

It has a nice smell. Its hydrating formula leaves your skin silky and soft. Users with fair skin all over the world say this Australian outdoor tanning lotion give them golden brown tan in few days.The best option for fair skinned people. best outdoor tanning lotion for everyone with all skin types and conditions.

Price $14.28                                   
best outdoor tanning lotion


Australian Gold Natural Bronzers (accelerator) tanning bed lotion

outdoor tanning lotion

Here is the deal no1 tanning lotion now with bronzers. For indoor and outdoor use. It contains Australian oil and best vitamin for skin like A and E. maximum tanning formula that also hydrate your skin.

Get dark and fast results with this amazing product from Australia. Tea tree oil gives you the cooling effect while the tanning process continues. Sunflower oil prevents skin breakouts.

Price $13.49                                        
best outdoor tanning lotion


Made in USA fractionated coconut oil by Sky Organics

coocnut oil for tanning

A powerful moisturizing agent and a natural oil. It is best to use natural oil to bronze your beautiful skin. It is safe to use for all skin types. Many tanning lotion brands use this as a base for outdoor tanning lotions and oils.

No any fragrances and no chemicals which put direct or indirect harm to the human skin. Coconut oil acts as a protective layer between your skin and out atmosphere. The main benefit of using coconut oil for tannin is it increases the vitamin d production. Its antiseptic properties are world known.

Price $14.20                                        
best outdoor tanning lotion


best outdoor tanning lotion(shea you love me) by the Swedish beauty

tanning lotion

Hypoallergenic without any smell tannin lotion. Also contains an ingredient which protects your skin from all signs of aging. The working principle is enhancing the melanin production and giving you the dark bronze color.

This product is very suitable for those having eczema or have very sensitive skin. They say their product contains only natural melanin enhancers.

Shea butter and oatmeal make skin younger and glowing.

Price $29.86                                        
best outdoor tanning lotion


moisturizing sunscreen lotion by sun bum

tanning lotion

This sun bum moisturizing sunscreen protects your skin from harmful sun rays but it does not mean it affects the tanning process. Free of harmful chemicals and parabens which is another good reason to use it on the skin.

It also has the approval fro the Skin cancer Foundation said but he Sun Bum the manufacturer.

Price $13.05                                        
best outdoor tanning lotion

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