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Best Organic Body Washes

best organic body washes

Best Organic Body Washes for men and women with all skin types

Nowadays more and more people prefer organic substances over the synthetic ones. For example, an organic body wash contains all natural plant-derived ingredients. Which improves your skin texture and cure many skin problems. While on the other hand, the synthetic ones contain chemical only mainly sulfates and parabens, dyes, color and detergents are the main ingredients in them. Chemically contained body washes put a negative effect on the body for long terms. They invite many skin problems.

While choosing best organic body wash, you need to check the ingredient list. Because there is a wide variety of organic ingredients with different skin benefits.

Do you know which product is pure and real organic? If the answer is no then read on to know how to choose rel organic elements.

How to tell if a body wash has real pure organic elements?

Purchasing an organic body wash with USDA organic seal means it has 95 % of organic ingredients. But the problem with USDA is they don’t prosecute the manufacturers that use false labels. And neither the FDA.

Some skin care companies do greenwash their products. This means they use false labels to show themselves as a natural and organic product. They copy the packaging of real organic brands to fool the users.

Before you worry too much about it, we have the ways to avoid such fake products. Check the full ingredient list very carefully. Compare with the EWG skin database or the safe organic sites. You can also cross check with the UADS’s list of certified organic ingredients.

some of the smaller manufacturers also sell real organic substances but they do not spend money on certified their product. An excellent way is to see the reviews about the product you wish to buy. Check what other users say about that product.

Now let’s take a look at The best organic body washes available in the market.


Kiss My Face Organic Body Wash

best organic body wash

kiss my face natural shower gel and body wash is made with pure organic elements. It contains plant based ingredients, olive oil, Aloe Vera and Vitamin E. Hydrating elements work together to moisturize entire body and face without any greasy effect.

SLS free, paraben free formula for all skin types. It cleans well while deeply moisturizing the skin. This formula is designed to soothe body sore muscles. Users say they get very nice results within the first week.

All natural ingredients with no side effects.

Price $27.36                                        
best organic bodywash


Intelligent Nutrients Harmonic Body Wash

best organic body washes

This brand is listed on the USDA certified list. Harmonic body wash is best organic body washes as they do not contain harmful elements like parabens, dyes, detergents, sulfates, artificial fragrances. Instead of formula only contains plant based ingredients red raspberry, cinnamon, rosemary, black cumin and many more.

Horst Rechelbacher is the founder of Aveda brand as well the Intelligent Nutrients. Many herbal elements are organically certified.

It does not lather well but cleans your skin very well. Users say this product leaves their skin fell soft and clean. This body wash is designed to help you to relieve stress while you shower. Make you active and fresh for the full day.

It got 3 ratings from EWG. No preservatives

Price $28.50                                        
best organic bodywash


Trillium Organics Body Polisher Salt Scrub

best organic body washes

Trillium Organics is a USDA certified brand. An organic brand which uses pure herbal ingredients. The multi-purpose product also uses to exfoliate legs and shave face. A body polish with many benefits.

No petroleum and parabens. Only organic components like sunflower oil vitamin E and lavender etc.

Users say this product moisturize their skin without any greasy or oily effect. Cleans well leave no residue behind. Skin feels soft and silky best to use in a winter season.

They say it can be also used as a face and hand wash. Nice sweet scent with natural benefits from plant-derived ingredients.

Price $30.00                                        
best organic bodywash


3 In 1 Liquid Organic Soap

best organic liquid soap

3 in 1 soaps are formulated to be used as a body wash liquid or a shave gel and also as a shampoo. Plant extracts of Aloe Vera, white tea are present in sufficient quantity. Vitamin E and B make your skin soft and hydrated all the day long. Free of synthetic elements made for men and women as well for kids.

The company claims that they use only pure and real organic and natural oils but they do not have USDA seal on their product. All products are manufactured in the certified organic facility. Users give a lot of positive feedback about the product.

Price $19.94                                        
best organic bodywash


Pangea Organics Body Wash For Men And Women

best organic body wash for men and women

Our skin tells many things about us. Always use high-quality organic products on it to take care of it. Pangea organic company make best organic body washes for men and women. Their every product is made in small batches so as to maintain the product quality.

This is the highly concentrated formula that lasts more than 60 showers. You can use it as a shaving gel. It gives nice active and fresh feeling with a neat and clean body.

The company stands behind their products 100%. users give excellent positive feedback about the product. It has multiple uses. Free of harmful chemicals and artificial scents. No sulfates, no detergents only contains certified organic and natural elements.

Price $21.00                                        
best organic bodywash




Using best organic body washes instead of synthetic ones is a right choice to take care of skin perfectly. We hope that we helped you to choose the right organic body wash for yourself. visit us soon to read more reviews on excellent products.

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