Best Microneedling Pen for Home use

Best Microneedling Pen for Home use

Many of us know about the microneedling which is also called collagen therapy. This is cosmetic produce which uses tiny needles to puncture your top skin layer. These microneedles do not put any harm to the skin, some side effects are temporary which are discussed below.

Few years ago, only professionals do this procedure in their clinics but nowadays people want to do this at home. so, the skin doctors make dermapens which you can use for microneedling at home.

The micropuncture encourages your skin to produce some extra collagen. Which make your skin more elastic and youthful in a few days. Collagen is one of the most important things which is required for healthy and glowing skin.

Read to know how to use it properly and carefully at home, side effects, how it works, benefits, etc.

What is a dermapen or microneedling pen?

Microneedling pen or dermapen is a pen-like device which has microneedles and used for rejuvenating skin. It helps us to reduce wrinkles, stretch marks, dark spots and improve skin elasticity.

This is cosmetic therapy which you can do at home very easily.

Also helps to reduce acne scars

Do not effective in eliminating birthmarks

In this therapy, people use dermapens to do microneedling at home. The tiny needles go into the Top layer of skin and puncture it in a controlled pattern. Microneedling is costly if you choose a professional clinic to do it for you.

Dermatologists make it easy for everyone to transform their skin at home by using dermapen. This procedure is suitable for all types of skin. Remember one thing it is a temporary procedure you have to take care of your skin after getting the desired results.

It has no side effects but of course, it gives some kind of discomfort and pain which is temporary. Read our micro needling pen reviews to choose best for your skin.

How does it work?

A micro-needling pen is a device that has needles on it. This treatment gives very fast results than other skin treatments. You have to take care of your skin while getting dermapen treatment. Needling process increases the collagen production which automatically cures many skin problems.

Once your skin gets injured then it sends the signal to the brain about the injury on the skin, then brain orders our internal system to go to the injured area and make new skin cells. This way your dead skin cells get removed without any side effect and you will get new and fresh skin cells.

What are the main benefits of dermapen therapy?

Below are the top benefits of using dermapen microneedling.

  • Reduce wrinkles, blemishes and dark spots
  • Give young looking skin
  • Tightening the loose and saggy skin
  • Improve the skin elasticity
  • Remove acne scars
  • Reduce stretch marks of all types
  • Improve skin texture, skin tone
  • You can use on your neck to get rid of saggy skin
  • Get instant glow which remains for days
  • No serious side effects
  • Affordable therapy, easy to do at home
  • Travel-friendly design
  • Proven technology for improving skin complexion
  • Anti-aging treatment

Are the all (dermapen) Approved by FDA?

Technically speaking they are not approved by the FDA. In fact, if you find any dermapen manufacturer claiming that their device is FDA approved then that is the false statement. When they apply for FDA registration, the FDA department registers the name of the company along with their product.

The good news is all dermapens are considered number 1 medical grade microneedling pens so they do not require FDA clearance or approval to be sold in the United States of America.

We advise you to choose high-quality micro needling pens only. FDA also warned the manufacturers not to give false advertisements by calming their product is FDA approved. Many of them remove this line form their description but there are some manufacturers of dermapen which are stubborn and did not remove the false claim yet.

Best way to use dermapen at home?

The first step in the process is cleaning your face properly. Use any good face wash to remove dirt, oil, and dust from your skin pores. Do not use soap it makes your dry which is not good for the therapy.

Pat dry your skin and apply any good face numbing cream. Wait for numbing cream to numb the area which you will be going to treat with dermapen. Some people do not use numbing cream, for sure they will have high tolerance power.  Now wash your face again with the quality cleanser to wash off the numbing cream completely.

Now apply the micro needling serum which makes the process smooth and less painful. Do not forget to read the instruction before using the dermapen directly on your skin.

Now take the dermapen in your hand and start gliding it on your face with very light pressure. Slowly move it all over the place where you applied a numbing cream.  Do not put stress on one part of the skin do it evenly. Some redness is normal which will go away automatically. This also increases the blood flow to the treated area so you might feel hot in treated part of the skin.

Can I use Anaesthetics at the time of microneedling?

Only use numbing creams which you get over the counter. Do not use medical grade anesthetics this can be dangerous for your health.

What should I use after the microneedling?

It is advised by the dermatologists to use the serum after every session of microneedling. Do not use skin care creams, serums are very beneficial after dermapen treatment. Do not use ordinary skin care products after the treatment this can damage your skin or you will get limited results.

This treatment makes your skin so sensitive and you have to take care of it. Do not go into the direct sunlight after microneedling this can burn your skin. Always apply good sunscreen while going out in the sun.

You can get the after use serum with your device but if your device does not comes with a serum you can buy it from the local pharmacy.

While buying any serum check its compatibility with the microneedling therapy.

How to choose best microneedling pen for home use?

Everybody wants a spotless and beautiful skin. It is not hard to transform your looks, today we have so many devices and skin treatments in the market which are proven to enhance beauty and looks. Dermapen is one of the most popular treatments for body beautification. Therefore, selecting the best microneedling pen is very important.

Read our guide before purchasing dermapen.

USE:  Decide it before buying any microneedling device. Where you want to use it like for face and neck or for other parts of the body. You can also buy it for your family members. Or you want it for any particular skin issue. Decide its use and then buy it.

QUALITY: Always check the quality of the products which you want to buy. Check the plastic quality and shape of dermapen. Some manufacturers do not use high-class material for their device in order to make them cheap for users. If you are ordering it online then read the reviews before placing an order.

PORTABILITY: Normally all of them are user-friendly and portable. You can put them in your bag and take with you everywhere. Pay special attention to its design some of them are too thick which make users unable to hold them for a long time in hand.

Weight is another thing to be considered while buying. Light weight devices are easy to use on the skin. because you have to use them on different angles to cover the entire skin on face and neck.

OPERATION: Read the instruction manual if given online or read the complete description to know how it works. Some user’s complaint that the dermapen they use is complex to use. All have different modes of operation and button.

What are the side effects of using a dermapen at home?

Normally it has no side effects, if you increase the size of a needle then you will get some side effect. Which are temporary and go on their own. If you don’t want any microneedling side effect then use the recommended size of the needle which is 0.5 or less.

Below are some temporary side effects of doing microneedling at home.

REDNESS: Redness is normal in microneedling because this procedure involves microfine needles. When these needles puncture your skin, this gives little redness over the treated area. There are many other treatments which give redness like using a scrub, facial bleach, etc.

If you use a microneedling pen more than the recommended time then minimal bleeding is possible. Therefore, we advise you to read the instructions carefully before using it on your skin. Do not press it too hard against your skin while treating the face or neck area.

A great thing about this redness is, it is the sign that your skin is responding to the treatment and you will get amazing results in shorter time. Once you use it waits for a couple of hours, redness will go away without any treatment.

This procedure also increases the blood flow in the skin tissue which became normal within 2 to 4 hours.

ITCHY FEELING: As it gives micro injuries to your skin little itchy feeling is normal. When your skin starts healing itself there is a possibility that you feel itchy sensation on the area.

Some experts say use this microneedling every day to get better results which is a totally false statement and bad advice. Do not use it daily always follow the instruction given on the pack. Once our skin gets injured with the microneedles it takes 48 hours to heal so use it once in a week or as directed by the dermatologist.

DRYNESS: If you have dry skin then there is a strong possibility that your skin became drier after the microneedling treatment. This is common in people with highly sensitive skin. This is the reason that manufacturers give additional skin care serum with their devices. We know some of them do not give any skin serum but you can it form the market. This gives you the freedom to choose the serum of your choice.

Apply the serum after every session because serum helps your skin to heal completely at faster rate. It also reduces the dryness and make your skin soft and silky.

SENSITIVE TO SUN: If you go deep into, the microneedling you will see this is the treatment which remove older skin cells and promote the formation of new skin cells. New skin cells are always sensitive to sun rays.

Apply good quality sunscreen to your skin before going out. This reduces the harmful effects of sun rays (UV).

How do I know which dermapen is better for me?

First of all, know your skin type and then choose the dermapen for yourself. Moreover, if you do not have any acne mark or wrinkles on your skin then you do not have to use it.

This treatment is suitable for those who tried everything and did not get results. Teenagers do not need to use it on their skin. Our skin shows many changes until the age of 24. If you are above the age of 24 and your skin does not look good then go for this treatment. But before buying it go to a skin specialist to get professional advice.

We are here to help you to get the best device for your skin but only a professional can give great advice by examining your skin.

What to do if I get bleeding during the microneedling?

If this bleeding is minimal then no need to worry you have pressed it hard against your skin. Clean the area and start the procedure gently. On the other hand, if it is continuous bleeding and does not stop in 60 seconds then call the doctor right away and never ever use this product on your skin by yourself.

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