Best Lip Primers: Get wrinkle free lips in minutes

Best Lip Primers: Get wrinkle free lips in minutes

The best lip primers keep your lipstick on its place for the entire day. Lip primer is a must-have thing and is easy to use. It prevents lipstick from feathering and enhances the color. If you wear lip primer under your lip color than you do not have to re-apply the lip color after having coffee, snacks or talking all day. The primer will take care of your looks and hold the lipstick in its actual place.

But you have to re-apply your lip color after eating meals because lip primer is not magic. You should remove your lip makeup first and then eat your meal. This way you can save your digestive system from chemicals that your lipstick or primers have.

In this post, I will introduce you to all-time best lip primers that contain chemical ingredients but are not harmful if used properly.

Let’s start:

NYX Professional Lip Primer

nyx lip primer

NYX lip primer is the top-selling product on Amazon and other online e-commerce platforms. The reason is NYX products deliver what they promise. This product promise that it enhances and improves your lips when you apply lipstick, lip-pencil or gloss after it.

It did not make your lips dry, prevent lipstick feathering and give smooth finish without lines. You can eat snacks or drink your favorite drink without worrying about your lip color.

It does not have moisturizing ingredients but also not make lips dry. You can save your money by applying this before lip makeup because it will hold the color and you do not have to use the lip color frequently.

Users said before using lip primers their high-end lipsticks last for 15 days if applied daily. But now their same lipstick lats for more than a month because they are wearing NYX lip primer under their lipstick.

Branded product

Does not dry out lips

Enhance lip makeup

Prevent lipstick feathering

Hide lip lines

No need to re-apply lip makeup

Much better than foundation or concealer

Suitable for all age groups


Golden Rose Lip Primer with Vitamin E

golden rose best lip primers

If you like to use dermatologically tested products without harmful chemicals like paraben than this should be chosen. A dermatologically tested formula with vitamin E (nourishing agent).

Every female uses different types of lip products like crayon, liquid lipstick, gloss lipstick, matte lipstick, etc. This product works wonders under every type of lip make up.

Moreover, the hydrating agents in it prevent dryness and maintain the health of lips even if you use low-quality lip products.

The product does not have its color so you get colorless primers which are good when you use matte finish lip colors.

A single coat of primer is enough for even dry lips for 24 hours.

Hydrate your lips

Long lasting formula

Doe not make your lips dark

Colourless lip primer

Perfect for dry lips

Vitamin E

Paraben free

Cruelty free

Fill lip cracks and give even color

Make lips soft


Anastasia Beverly Hills Made in Korea Primer for Lips

best lip primers

It is hard to keep lipstick on its place in summers and lipstick bleeding is most common in those hot days. Anastasia Beverly Hills has the solution in the form of lipstick like a primer. Yes, use this primer like you use your lipstick and let it dry for a few seconds and then apply your lip products.

You will be surprised like other users to see excellent results. It will add moisture to your lips when you apply it but doe not make your lips greasy. Moreover, the primer gets dry quickly and you can apply your lip stick right way.

Some lip products also come with long-lasting effects, actually, they contain some amount of primer in them. The best way is to use lip primers separately and then wear lip makeup. Because the long-lasting lipsticks only have a limited amount of lip primer which is not sufficient for long-lasting results.


Stop lipstick bleeding

Hydrating properties

Limited quantity is enough

Affordable price

99% positive feedbacks


Maybelline Best Lip Primers

maybelline lip primer

Maybelline is a huge name in the field of cosmetic products. They have a wide range of makeup and skincare products. No doubt many other brands have decent products but when it comes to top calls cosmetic manufacturer Maybelline is in the top 5 numbers.

This lip makeup primer is the number 1 choice of many women over the globe. This is a professional product and you have to follow the instruction for the best results.

Maybelline also has a complete lip care regime. It starts with exfoliating and ends on moisturization.

98% of the users are happy with the quality and results of the makeup lip primer.


Fasting acting primer

Do not dry lips

Super stay 24 hr Lip color

Low price

Branded lip makeup primer

Best quality

Less Quantity

Anti-Feathering Lip Base

best lipstick primers

If you want a reasonably priced product with extraordinary qualities than choose this one. This particular product is developed under the supervision of skin experts. Use it first and then apply your lipstick on it, your lipstick color will stay for a longer time.

It has extra moisturizing properties so this product is best for dry lips. People with wrinkles lips can also use this lip base to hide wrinkles on lips.

It does not make lips black and dry. It is best to use this product in winters because in the summer season its extra moisturizing properties make it difficult to use in hot weather.


Good product

Extra moisturization

Reasonable price

Perfect for wrinkles lips

Best to use winter season


Not suitable in summer

Ulta Beauty Lipstick Primer

lipstick primers

Your lipstick will stay in place all day and look smooth. You find yourself relaxed and enjoy more without worrying about your lip makeup.

The best part is it has brilliant color enhancing properties that means the primer makes your lipstick look more beautiful and smoother without lines.

Use it like you use your lip balm. Twist the bottom and the product comes out the same as your lipstick does. Apply it on your both lips and let it dry up to 80%. It has moisturizing ingredients so the primer will not dry completely. But this will not cause any problem at all.


Color enhancer

Moisturize lips

24 hours long lasting holding

Does not change your lipstick color



L.A Girl Primer for Lip Makeup

la girl lip primer

L.A Girl is a leading cosmetic manufacturer in the skincare industry. They make solid quality products at a reasonable cost. If you want to use quality makeup products then you have to pay for the best quality.

Best quality ingredients are always costly and products formed by using them also became costly. This particular lip makeup primer is a little costlier because the manufacturer sells it in small quantities.

Otherwise, it has amazing results. If you do not want to use lipstick you can still use it alone. It will enhance the natural color of your lips without any side effects.


Best quality

Trusted brand

Give smooth lips

Prevents feathering



Guerlain Lip lift Lipstick Primer

best lip primers

This is a costly product because it is different from other low-price primers. It has extraordinary properties like it moisturizes lips in balance level. It fills the lip wrinkles, line and gives a smooth matte finish.

You can use it under the glossy lipstick it will not change the nature of lipstick color. It does not have artificial fragrance. Apply it on lips like you apply lipstick.

The primer dries just after applying it so, you do not have to wait and delay your lip make up until it gets dry.

Most people do not like these types of products because they think this is a costly product. But they forgot one thing which is, the best quality does not comes at a low price.


Fill lip lines and wrinkles

Give even color on lips

Heal chapped lips

Used by many professional makeup artists

Best product for beginner makeup artists

Professional results at home



What is lip primer?

A Primer for lips is used to hold the lip makeup for a long time. in simple words, it is a lip foundation on which you can use any product and it will stay there for the whole day. This also helps to protect your lips from the harmful chemicals in lip makeup products.

Benefits of using Best Lip Primers

  1. The foundation in the lip primer makes lips smooth and ready for the lip makeup. You can use any lipstick or lip gloss after using primer on lips.
  2. Primer helps to reduce the darkness of lips
  3. Prevent the feathering of lip color and enhances the color you’re your lipstick
  4. Fill the lip line, wrinkles and give a smooth flawless base for further use of lip products.
  5. Increasing the longevity of your lip color. They will stay in the place for more than 20 to 24 hours.
  6. Hide the lip imperfections and help even out the lips
  7. Avoid smudging

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