Best Korean eye Cream is a special eye care treatment

Best Korean eye Cream is a special eye care treatment

Korean skincare products are the best cosmetics for all skin types. South Korea is a country where men and women spend most of their life earnings on skincare products. For your eyes choose Best Korean eye cream.

Under-eye is a very delicate area, this sensitive skin shows the first sign of premature aging. A face with dark circles look ugly and aged. The cosmetic industry is making skincare creams for almost every part of the body (face, nose, neck, hand cream, etc).

Eyes are the most beautiful and attractive part of the face. Even a glowing face does not attract others if have dark circles under eyes. Today’s post is about the permanent solutions of the dark circles, patchy eyes and tired eyes.

We will explain:

Reasons for dark circles and how to avoid them

Dark circles- Permanent solutions

Best Korean eye creams for dark circle and puffy eye, eye bags

Some advanced tips and tricks for eye care.

Is there any permanent solution to dark circles?

As long as you maintain good lifestyles and skincare routine with good nutrition you will never face such problems. Darkening of under-eye skin and hands starts when you forget about your eyes (no care, no nutrition, no moisture, do not wear sunglasses, etc). To remove dark skin from your hands use Hand whitening cream with SpF.

The Best Korean Eye Cream For Dark Circles, Puffiness And Wrinkles

ETUDE HOUSE Moistfull Korean Eye Cream

korean eye cream

The cream is not only for eyes you can use it on the entire face. This is the best deal if you want a multi-action cream for the whole face. Boost your collagen production from the very first use. Only a pea-size amount is required for improving the skin condition.

Do not use it at the night, it is not an ordinary moisturizing cream. This Korean eye cream is best for normal to little oily skin (oily T zone). No more breakouts with the regular use of it. This deep cream is perfect for sensitive skin types. It goes easily into the skin and makes skin tissues healthy and strong.

Super collagen water helps your skin to get back on a normal track. At a young age, our body produces enough collagen and we do not need any additional collagen cosmetic products. As we cross 25 the production of collagen gets low due to stress and an imbalanced diet (age is also a factor).

Once you apply it on cracked skin you see the instant results. Remember do not use it as a regular moisturizer. The only small amount of it is enough for the entire face. Rub it with gentle pressure on cheeks, forehead, neck and around the eyes. You will get a clean and bright face with even skin tone.

Baobab Oil is a tree that is found in deserts and it has the highest water content in it. It is the second main ingredient in the list to hydrate your skin even in extremely hot weather and winter conditions. Experts said skin having high moisture content in its skin cells looks young and stay young for a long time.


best korean eye cream

Suxxess is a brand that combines the latest technology with all-natural ingredients. Natural ingredients and organic extracts make it safe eye cream for everyone. Your skin type is not a problem you will surely get the results. The supernatural formula for sensitive and normal skin types.

The presence of antioxidants, organic material, peptides, and super moisturizing abilities make it the best eye cream in the market. But this product is not for the entire face and neck use it only for eyes. It has thick texture but does not give a greasy look, goes deep into the skin.

Shea butter, Grape extracts, Chestnut shell, Lemon, Orange oil, Lavender Oil are the main 6 elements in the formula. Their combination gives instant results you will feel the difference in your skin color and texture from the first week of use.

Users said they get beautiful eyes within the 15 days of regular use (twice a day). Dark under-eye circles will fade in a few days and you will get a young face with no more dark patches under eyes.

USE: Apply it in the morning before going out. Clean your face with your face wash, pat dry. Take a small drop and rub lightly around the eyes. Do not rub it like we rub creams in our cheeks (use little pressure).

Best eye cream – Eye Wrinkle

eye wrinkle cream

Fonce is the best Korean cosmetic brand they offer a wide range of products at an affordable cost. The best part is they give 30 days money-back guarantee. If in the first 30 days of use you will not get the results, you can request for refund they will give your full amount without asking any question. They are so confident that this formula will surely give results to everybody. There are only a handful of creams in the market which come with a money-back guarantee.

It has two main ingredients that are there to transform your looks. SAMBUCUS NIGRA FLOWER Extracts are used to give the fastest results. This flower has antiseptic properties, therefore, you will not get any skin disease from pollution if you are wearing this cream.

Sambucus Nigra flower is also called Acne fighter but here we are not reviewing Acne face cream (extra ingredient). It also has Flavonoids they are the powerful antioxidants that fight free radicals and give wrinkle-free skin. They keep the skin healthy and reduces the aging effect up to a great level. It beats the berries and vitamin C when it comes to the antioxidant level.

This has a high level of quality Vitamin A which gives wrinkle-free eyes. PUNICA GRANATUM Fruit Extract gives smooth and bright skin permanently. Where other creams give temporary results, it gives 100% lifelong results. Whenever you get the results do not stop the cream to maintain the results, use it once in a day.

The non-greasy formula is suitable for all skin types. It does not give any side effects because it is having natural and organic ingredients.


best korean eye cream, eye wrinkle cream

Sulwhasoo made amazing eye cream before they sell it as an extra refining eye cream but now they change the name for marketing purpose. The formula is the same with the same effectiveness. If you already have it with extra refining mentioned on it then that is an older version of it. Time treasure is the latest version of it with advanced packaging. The cream is safe to use for dark circles, eye bags, and tired eyes. Reduce the wrinkles safely with the use of this brilliant formula.

Consistency is thick and is so concentrated that you only need to dab your under-eye area with it. It is water-free cream they use Bamboo sap instead of water. Bamboo sap has extra hydrating power than water and it is skin-friendly. Our skin easily absorbs the moisture from this base.

Premium ingredients like herbal ginseng improve the blood flow under the eye area. Dark circles underneath the eyes make your looks ugly and you look aged. A single jar will last long for 10 months because it is a concentrated formula. Rather it is concentrated you will not get the side effects if accidentally used in high amounts. Your skin will absorb only a small amount of it remain will stay in the upper skin layer.


eye brightening cream

No parabens, no sulfates, synthetic color, and fragrance. Get a beautiful eye with its unique hydration particles. Saturday skin is a big brand in the cosmetic industry. They made top quality products by using high-end material. It minimizes your dark circles, calm puffiness and gives bright eyes. The skin around the eyes is very delicate so it needs high protection. Do not use chemical contained products they will damage your under-eye skin permanently.

Use it twice a day to get the desired results. Those who work till late night get dark eyes easily. This product is especially mad for dark eyes. It has unique skin brightening agents which are mild enough but give extraordinary results on under eye area.

Saturday skin-brightening eye cream is used all over the globe by millions of users. We have read the feedback about the results. It has got a 98 % success rate with positive feedback. Made for highly sensitive skin with pure elements.

We hope you like this article, leave a comment below if have any question.

How to use the best dark circle eye cream?

Every dark circle eye cream has different ingredients and different way of applying it on the skin. Always read the applying instruction on the jar or outer carton or package of the cream to know how to apply for best and faster results.

We do not recommend any methods for all types of eye creams. It is better to stick to the manufacturer’s instructions because they test their product in the LAB and know better about them than others.

What causes under eye dark circles?

Mainly there are 7 reasons for having dark circles under eyes. Read carefully to know what causes your undereye skin dark.

  1. SUN EXPOSURE: Sun exposure is the main reason for getting dark circles around the eyes. The UV rays of sun attack sensitive skin and in return our immune systems trigger the body to produce more melanin at the targeted area. This causes skin discoloration.

Safashion advice to use the best eye cream which gives protection from harmful sun rays.

  1. LONG HOURS ON SCREEN: Today almost everybody has a laptop and a smartphone. We are highly depending upon these gadgets. They are very useful if used only for the purpose they made for. When we see movies on a mobile screen or do chatting with for a long time this badly affects our eye and vision.

Office employees have to work on computers for a minimum of 7 to 8 hours this put a strain on their eyes. The blue light emitted by these gadgets badly affects our eyes. This is the reason people working in the computer field have dark and puffy eyes.

Do not use mobile phones for watching movies they are not made for this purpose. Their small size screen makes it difficult for our eyes to see the screen continuously. Mobiles also do not have an Anti-glare screen.

Office employees should use computer glasses while working by maintaining sufficient distance from the computer screen. Also, take a break for 10mins after every 2hours of work if you want to save your eyes and vision for life long.

  1. DEHYDRATION: Drink plenty of water in summer and winter. If you only drink 3 to 4 glasses of water, increase your water intake. You should drink 5 to 6 glasses of water in winter and 8 glasses of water minimum in summer. In both seasons do not count the water that you drink with food (breakfast, lunch, and dinner).

When our body gets out of water or has only limited or insufficient water level you will feel dizziness. If you do not drink water when feeling thirsty but have a glass of water after feeling dizzy then you will surely get dark circles under eyes and your face looks dull and skin lifeless.

It is in your hands to take care of your body. Have a glass of neat and clean water whenever you feel thirsty. No need to drink a big glass of water every time you need to drink water. You can drink it in a small amount. Drink a half glass first and second half after some time.

  1. LACK OF MOISTURE: We equally need to moisturize the skin under eyes in summers and winters. By applying moisturizing cream on your skin, you are nourishing the upper layer of the skin which is already lifeless and is damaged by pollution and sun rays.
  2. LACK OF SLEEP: Now this is the big reason for having dark eyes in the Entire world. Lack of sleep not only causes under-eye skin dark it also causes other chronic diseases like high blood pressure, Memory loss (temporary), Weak Heart, etc. As our today’s topic is to find out the reasons and permanent solution of dark, patchy eyes we will not discuss other side effects of lack of sleep.

Our skin is the largest living organ in our body. It also needs rest to repair itself. The human body does most of the repairing and skin rejuvenating work while we sleep. When we take a sleep of a few hours, we do not give proper time to our body to repair damaged skin cells and make new cells.

Those who took sleep of fewer than 6 hours get dull and lifeless skin with wrinkles, dark spots and dark circles under eyes. 6 hours of sleep is ok for those who do not do any physical or mental work. For hard workers, 8 hours of deep sleep or quality sleep is required to stay fit or to prevent many physical and mental conditions.

  1. MAKE-UP: In many cases, dermatologists found that make-up women use does not suit their sensitive skin parts. Excessive use of mascaras and foundation near eyes give ugly skin. All these beauty creams do not have natural ingredients. They are filled with chemicals only. Some handful of them use medical-grade ingredients but those are costly which people do not like to buy.

Nobody wants to buy a foundation for $ 50 to $150 when they are getting low-quality famous products at the cheapest price ($5 to $20).

We know mascara, eyeshadow like products are made to hide dark circles, dark spots just think for a second you are spending money to hide them not to remove them permanent treatment.

NOTE: Remove your dark circles by using Best Korean eye cream and then maintain the results by taking care of your eyes without using all chemical-filled makeups.

  1. STRESS AND OVERTHINKING: Stress and overthinking have strong relationships with each other. When people are in stress, they start thinking all the time to get out of the situation. We agree today everybody has a little stress (work, house, family, friends, relationships). Make some changes in your lifestyle to avoid stress as much as you can or possible for you.

We all have different situations and it is very easy to advise not to take the stress. But in reality, stress is not a solution. Try to stay happy and enjoy every second of your life. The life never comes back, leave the past behind and do not worry about the future because nobody knows what’s gonna happen in the next minute.

The best way to live a life is being in the present.

When we are thinking under stress it reduces the eye blinking frequency. A Normal person blinks his/her eyes 15 to 20 times in a minute but the same person under stress blink 4 to5 times a min. This makes the eyes dry and also reduces the blood flow which in turn gives dark circles, eye wrinkles and many other problems.

NOTE: Stay happy and read good quality knowledgeable articles to avoid stress.

Why only Korean eye cream, not any other famous eye cream brand?

 Below are the factors which make Korean eye creams safe eye creams in the world. Korean eye creams are available in most parts of the world.

  1. REPUTATION & INGREDIENTS: Korean products are famous for their good reputation. The manufacturers in Korea are allowed to use only safe and effective ingredients in their formulas. They have to get approval from the authority before selling or launching a product. The various authorities check the effects and side effects of the product and then they permit to make skincare products. Most of the Korean skincare product manufacturers ranks Top in the world.
  2. STRICT RULES: Korean manufacturers are allowed to manufacture products using fresh ingredients which only lasts for 6 months. Their products have a life span of 6 months only this means you are getting recently made fresh and safe eye creams. Less shelf life means no or minimal use of preservatives which is good news for users.

Preservatives are added to increase the shelf life of eye creams but this also reduces the effectiveness and freshness of the dark circle cream and eye serums.

  1. THE FEEDBACK: 99% of the users give positive feedback on Korean creams. Users from different parts of the world give excellent feedback, this automatically makes a product world famous in one night.


They have top ingredients in the formula which are explained below.

  1. ANTIOXIDANTS: Their safe eye creams contain many types of natural and permitted antioxidants mainly vitamin C. They reduce the production of free radicals which accelerate the aging process in men and women. This is the reason that Korean people add at least one citrus fruit in their daily life. For faster results, you can start drinking Antioxidant tea twice a day. This will not only make your eye area bright also give overall healthy glowing skin. Try antioxidant tea for 30 days, you will be surprised by the results.
  2. VITAMIN E: The combination of vitamin C and E makes a good protective barrier against free radicals and pollution. The pollution put a negative effect on our skin it triggers premature aging. Vitamin E nourishes the skin cells, help our body to repair damaged and dry skin tissues. Do not take vitamin E supplements without the prescription of a qualified Doctor.
  3. RETINOL: It is mainly a Vitamin A that is found naturally in many foods that we eat daily. Dark circle creams that are rich in vitamin A give a smooth and clear skin. This helps to produce extra college which reduces the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines. Mango, Carrot, Papaya, Apricot are some foods that are rich in vitamin A. Add some of them in your diet to get provitamin A internally. (we do not add non-veg food because some people are vegetarian both veg and non- veg people can eat mentioned items).
  4. CERAMIDE: This is naturally found in the human body in skin tissues. This gives smooth and youthful skin. It prevents dryness and cracked skin especially due to dehydration and in winter seasons due to extreme cold weather.
  5. COLLAGE BOOSTERS: Neuropeptides are present to produce a good number of collagens which reduces the fine lines and prevents the reoccurrence of wrinkles and dark spots.
  6. HYALURONIC ACID: This locks the moisture in skin tissues. It is equally important as other ingredients in the list. Moisture locking ingredient is an essential part of a dark circle eye cream.


  1. INGREDIENTS: This is the first step to choosing eye cream. Take a close look at the ingredient list and find if it contains any substance which is not suitable for your skin type. Make sure it contains only permitted ingredients and do not contain any banned or harmful compound in it. For a dark circle removal cream, it is best to have a Retinol and antioxidants in it, look for these two main ingredients.
  2. PERFUME: Do not buy eye cream which contains beautiful fragrances. Natural products do not have a smell. Companies add some artificial fragrances in the formula to make it attractive to users but these added perfumes put a negative effect on the skin. Perfumes are made to be used on clothes, not in skincare creams.
  3. PRESERVATIVES: Avoid such creams that contain a high amount of preservatives like Alcohol, Parabens, Paraffins, etc. Some contain sulfates to increase the shelf life of a product. There are some natural preservatives like Aloe Vera etc which will not be a problem for any skin type.
  4. PACKAGING: Check the packaging before choosing your best eye cream for dark circles. Those who travel a lot need to buy travel-friendly tubes packs whereas jars are suitable for home use.

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