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Best Indoor Tanning Lotion

best indoor tanning lotion



If you want to tan yourself indoors then you need to apply the best indoor tanning lotions in right way to get the desired results. Perfect tanning lotion fast the process of body tanning while keeping your skin healthy and smooth.

best indoor tanning lotions

There are hundreds of brands out there who claim to make best indoor tanning lotions. Every other tanning lotion is different from another so it is really a big confusion ,which one to chose according to skin type and product concentration. We have chosen the top 10 indoor tanning lotions with all detailed review for you.


How indoor tanning lotions are different from Sunblocks and self tanning lotions?

Indoor tanning lotions are used to tan the skin faster then laying out in the sunlight. It does not dry out the skin and are safe to use all over the body. On the other hand self tanners color your skin like you color your hairs and your body look tan for few days. Self tanners contains harsh chemicals which put negative impact on your healthy and beautiful skin.So there is no idea to use these tanners to color our body it has so many after use side effects. 

Sunblock only block the UV rays they do not tan in actual and it make sense to wear a sunblock to protect our-self from harmful UV rays. It is not recommended to use sunblock in the tanning bed as it will damage working system of bed by blocking the light to entering skin.

It is highly suggested by the professional tanning centers not to use self tanners on any part of body. They are harmful to skin and the tanning effect goes wash off in the shower.

What are the Benefits Of Using Indoor Tanning Lotions?

Tanning is a process which dry out the skin very fast and badly. Ask those people who use tanning bed without using tanning lotion they will tell you the truth and will also recommend you to use indoor tanning lotion in bed.

  • This will moisturize your skin and protect it from getting dry
  • Protection against the skin burn
  •  Prevent the wrinkle from tanning
  • Your tanning will continue even after your sessions end.
  • Smells nice  after tanning.

Types Of Lotions For Tanning:

There are mainly few type of tanning lotions called






BASIC ACCELERATOR: These are the best for beginners or first time users. Made for sensitive or pale skin. If you have dry skin the look for the Aloe Vera based formula to stop dehydration of skin. There are many well known brands who sells basic accelerators fro beginners.

BRONZERS: As the name suggests these have bronzing effects on human skin. At present there are only 3 types of bronzers DHA, Cosmetic and Natural. Natural bronzers have all natural ingredients like plant extracts they mainly use green tea as a main ingredient and effect lasts longer for 4-5 days.

DHA (dihydroxyacetone) is a strong type of bronzer its tanning effect last longs up to 6-7 days. Actually is a kind of sugar that turns dead skin cells and amino acids in your epidermis to look dark.

TINGLE: These have tingle effect after applying on the human skin. This stimulate the skin and increase the blood flow which in turn make the look tan or dark. Always wash your hands before touching the babies or others otherwise they will also get the tingling sensation or even burning the skin.

FACE TANNERS: The skin of your face is different from the other parts of the body it is more sensitive and most of the indoor tanning lotions are not made to use on face but we choose some of the best tanners for face and body.

MOISTURIZERS: It is strictly recommended to use after tan moisturizer within in the time limit of 7 mints from getting out the tanning bed. Moisturizer protects your skin tissues from getting dehydrated after tanning.

ADVICE: If you are new to tanning then go slow on your body. Firstly use the light tanners and always follow the salon instructions. Drink plenty of water before and after the process. Don’t forget to use moisturizer use tanning bed for few minutes only. Ask those people about their experiences  who have already tanned their skin in a tanning salon and get the important points.

Now Let’s Find Out best Indoor Tanning Lotions For You

Ed Hardy Coconut Kisses Golden Tanning Lotion, 13.5 oz- Protect Body Graphics.

best indoor tanning lotions

This Lotion by the Ed Hardy does its job very well without disturbing the colors of your beautiful tattoos. It contains the special formula of melanin to darken the human skin more faster then others and it does not contains dyes like self tanners. This has coconut oil and coca butter in it which gives you the smooth and silky skin after the completion of tanning process. Affordable price and easily available, one of the best indoor tanning lotions. Mostly used in salons for better results with skin protection. The unique formula of melanin does not interfere with the color of you tattoos. If you want to protect your tattoos in tanning bed then this one is the right choice for you.

Price $16.34                                       
best indoor tanning lotions



Supre Smoke Black Bronzer, Tanning Lotion, 10.5 oz. for Men and Women

tanning lotions

Smoke O2 Tan Maximizer is for both men and women. Suitable for all skin types. No bleach or any other harmful chemical. Get desired results in fast and easily. gives you the smooth and radiant skin. Best for beginners always try small test on body before applying on whole body. Nice fragrance which does not disturb your senses. Oxygen regenerating formula for long lasting results.

Price $21.99                                       
best indoor tanning lotions



Millenium Tanning New Solid Black Bronzer Tanning… Lotion For Men and Women


tanning lotion

This one is silicone based formula to get nice tanning body. It actually increase the production of melanin that darken your skin in few minutes. This product has highest rate of customer satisfaction on amazon. Accelerator+ bronzer  so this one is suitable for beginners as well as for advanced tanning. Auto dark tanning technology means it starts doing its job just after the application and tan the skin evenly.
It also has best moisturizing ingredients like walnut oil and vitamin E many others are also present so no need to use extra moisturizer after the completion of tanning process. It has parabens and DHA but they are in just minimum and controlled percentage. Top selling product in the market 

Price $13.45                                       
best indoor tanning lotions



Australian Gold, CHEEKY BROWN Accelerator Dark Natural- Very Effective

indoor tanning lotions

One bottle of tanning lotion from Australia for indoor and outdoor use with all essential Australian oils and other moisturizing elements. Vitamin A and E hydrate the skin from inside and outside and lock the moisturizer in skin tissues to prevent dryness. Gives you the shining and smooth skin with moisturizing effect. The caramel and henna gives the cooling effect with the nice smell. User comments that they get the desired results with soft and shining skin. Tea tree oil and aloe vera gel and olive oil make it excellent product with natural essential oils.

Price $13.95                                       
best indoor tanning lotion



Brown Sugar BLACK CHOCOLATE COCONUT CREAM 200X Bronzer for Perfect tan body and face

indoor tanning lotion with coconut

This product is Paraben free and DHA free which make it best indoor tanning lotions in the market without harmful substances. It contains coconut cream and argon which are world class moisturizers and famous for healing the dry and cracked skin. Deeply tan your skin and results are long lasting then the other competitors. Brown sugar is the main component for tanning with the dark chocolate. Fast action with silky and smooth effect. Bring new shine to your skin cells with its hydrating properties. Natural oils to maintain the healthy and glowing skin for longer time periods. Good for beginners. Users say there are no any side effects on skin and they are happy with the results.

Price $21.95                                       
best indoor tanning lotions

Australian Gold Jwoww Black Bronzer Dark Tanning Lotion, for best results

tanning lotion

This Australian black bronzer give you the sexy dark color that longer then other competitors. Superior moisturizer for possible dark color. No side effect on skin . Users say they gain dark tan body in first use with silky smooth looks. Advanced technology with natural moisturizing ingredients for glowing skin. Best indoor tanning lotions with Australian ingredients.

Price $34.90                                       
best indoor tanning lotion



Ed Hardy Elixir Silicone Bronzer Tattoo Fade Protection Tanning.Lotion with natural extracts


ed hardy indoor tanning lotion

If you love your tattoos and also want tanning then this product is made for you. Because It has micro technology that protect your tattoos color infact it put new life to tattoos in the from of glowing color.It gives extra glow to skin while doing its job very well. We all know that ed-hardy is a trusted brand in the market so there is no need to worry about anything while using this product.

Price $22.98                                       
best indoor tanning lotion



Natural Tanning Indoor Lotion | by Just Nutritive 
natural tanning lotion

Avocado oils combined with other natural elements like aloe vera , papaya , guava extracts give the nice dark color tan with silky smooth skin. It contains all natural elements which are good for human skin and health. This product has long lasting results then other natural tanning lotions. Best in the market as compare to the others ingredient list. 

A tanning lotion without bronzers. This lotion comes with quick absorb particles therefore you have  dramatic and deep tan. 24 hours skin hydrating formula , made in USA. Naturally made best indoor tanning lotions for everyone.

Price $27.99                                       
 indoor tanning lotion

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