Best Coconut Hair Oil for long,healthy and strong hair

Best Coconut Hair Oil for long,healthy and strong hair

You will agree with me when I say:

It is really hard to find the best hair oil for all hair problems. People mix multiple oils in a single bottle to make a powerful hair but it is totally wrong method.

Hair loss, dandruff, split ends, dry scalp and dull hair are the common hair problems which can be cured by using just single ingredient hair oil. For serve hair loss you should use Ultrax Labs Hair Surge shampoo with coconut hair.

Well, this ancient powerful ingredient can solve all your hair related problems. you will feel the difference in just 14 days of use.

In today’s post, I will show you how to stop hair fall, remove dandruff and regrow hair faster without using chemicals.

How do I know this oil is best for hair growth and stops dandruff?

Actually 2 years ago I went to a dermatologist (father of my friend) for hair check-up. I was suffering from dandruff, hair loss, and dull hair problems.

My blood tests were normal and he handed me a bottle of hair oil. I was so shocked why he is giving me a hair oil, I do not need it to give me some medicine so that my hair fall stops quickly and remove dandruff from my scalp.

The doctor said to use this hair oil for hole life if you want to stop hair fall, nice shining and bouncing hair on the scalp.

It was a bottle of 100% pure COCONUT OIL. From the last two years, I am using this hair oil and now I do not have any hair problem,

all I have is a head full of long and strong hair.

Viva naturals best coconut oil for hair growth

best coconut hair oil

Extra virgin coconut oil to be used for oiling, cooking, baking and moisturizing skin. viva naturals are famous for their organically made extra virgin coconut oil.

Their coconut oil is 100% pure and you can use it for cooking your food if you want to eat healthy which does not contain fats. Virgin coconut oil is best for re-growth of hair.

Whenever you want to use it for scalp massage heat it a little bit in the microwave or put the bottle in hot water for some time. Warm up and cool down again will not damage the nutrients of it.

Philippines (greatest producer of coconut oil in the world) coconuts are used to make each bottle of it. The fresh coconuts are cold pressed to get oil from them this way the manufacturer preserves the all nutritional values of it.

MCTs are the fatty acids which are responsible for fat loss when coconut is added into the diet. They also keep you able to absorb more vitamins and minerals from food every time you eat it. the antibiotic properties wash the bad bacteria from your internal system.

For best results use it to cook your food and apply it onto the scalp.

The oil will stay fresh up to 2 years when stored correctly. The MCTs keep the oil fresh for a longer time period. The manufacturer packs it in BPA-free container. Non-GMO, QAI certified and USDA (oil brand).

Viva naturals recommend 2 tablespoons of it as daily dosage and if you want to apply it on hair take the desired amount of it according to your hair length.

Best Coconut hair oil by Nutiva Organic

coconut oil

If you are a fan of eating organic foods than add this oil into your recipe. Steam refined coconut oil is best to use for cooking pasta and vegetables. the oil is odor free as it is totally organic and only high-quality coconuts are used to take out the oil.

Other manufacturers use chemicals to extract oil from coconuts but Nutiva uses steam to refind it and make it suitable and super healthy for cooking food.

Multipurpose oil

Add two tablespoons of it to make your skin nice and glowing. The fatty acids in it keep your skin glowing like it was in your childhood. The lack of odor makes it easy to add it to your food. It is ideal for frying on high heat. Doctors do not advise to eat frying food but if you really want to eat it then they said to fry it in good cooking oil like coconut cooking oil.

The steam refining process preserves its nutrients and make it healthy for the inside of the body and for skin and hair.

Beauty Grade 100% RAW Coconut Oil for Hair and Body

best coconut hair oil

Special oil for beauty purpose. Where other coconut oils ordinary this one is made for hair and skin. the purest form of oil available in the market. Go to Amazon to read customer reviews (95% recommend this for healthy hair and skin).

It does not contain any harmful chemical. This jar of oil is better than other cold press hair oils. If your hair is damaged and you want your bouncing hair back the only thing which you can do is use this especially made oil and get shining hair back.

Fresh coconuts are used to make oil 100% pure, fresh and safe to use. Some experts do not recommend the use the cooking grade oil onto the skin and hair. Pure coconut oil does not clog your pores. This means no more acne problem, in fact, you can use it to reduce acne. Do not use it on oily skin.

Its unique formula makes it the best oil for body and hair. Use it daily to reduce wrinkles and dryness of the skin. the product is backed by the 100% money back or replacement guarantee. For more information on return policy visit manufacturer website.

Consult your doctor before using it in eczema and psoriasis

Coconut oil capsules for hair growth

coconut oil capsule

A coconut oil capsules that helps hair, skin and brain function. Some times it is not enough to apply oil from outside on the hair to grow them back. People who do not like the taste or smell of coconut oil can consume it in capsule form.

Each bottle contains 120 coconut oil capsules which are enough for 2 months. High-quality coconuts are used in GMP to make them 100% safe and effective to eat.

We add capsules in our hair oil list because some people have more serve hair loss than others. They need some kind of special treatment so this product for them who tried everything but did not get results.

Studies have shown that the regular use of coconut oil in the diet helps to reduce weight and stress. So, if you are trying to reduce your body than add it into your diet plan see get eh results in few days.

Top benefits are the healthy brain, glowing skin, and nails, strong thick hair, no dandruff, etc.

The consumption also cures the dryness of eyes. In fact, it gives nourishment to all internal body parts because nourishment is essential for proper functioning of body.

Organic and Pure, 100% trans-fat free, GMO-Free, Chemical Free, Gluten Free.


extra virgin coconut oil

Kopari coconut melt is a multitasker product it gives more than 8 benefits which are as follows

  1. Use it as a hydrating mask to keep hair long and strong. Regular use grows your hair healthy and long in a few days.
  2. If you are tired of using chemical contain body moisturizers than use this amazing ingredient which give 100% moisture to the body. For best results use it on damp skin to lock the moisture in skin cells.
  3. Good news for women who like to do make up every day use it to remove make up form the face and neck. It will give moisture to the skin. Take a few drops of coconut melt on cotton and remove your make up to reduce the harmful effects of makeup products.
  4. Men can use it while shaving to prevent razor burns and cuts.
  5. Highly effective to avoid stretch marks. Both women and gym guys can use it to heal the skin.
  6. It can be used to remove dark circle only if they are the result of the dehydration.
  7. Best for babies – use it as a baby moisturizing cream
  8. Bath boost to moisture your skin cells.

Coconuts are a great source of fatty acids like lauric acid, capris etc. They also contain Vitamin E, antioxidants and other essential minerals. These mineral and vitamin make your skin glowing and shining from the first week of use.

The vitamin E found in coconuts is equally powerful as in Almonds.

Sulphate free, Paraben free, non-GMO made in the USA.

Users said they like the quality of it and purchase again. For more information on this product please visit the manufacturer website. I am using this product form a long time and believe me the results are excellent. I use it mostly on my hair and feet to prevent dryness. After 1 month of use, it gives me nice and clear scalp.  This product is personally tested by me and my family. We all are using this product to take care of our hair and skin

Carrington Farms Gluten Free Hair Oil

gluten free coconut oil

Choose this oil get skin, hair and health benefits also contribute to feeding 250 kids of the Philippines three times a day. Gluten-free oil for cooking and hair care. All coconuts are not the same and the process of oiling decides the quality of the oil.

Most of the coconut oils in the market are unrefined oil extracted by the cold press but remember all cold press techniques are not the same. Some manufacturer uses chemical while cold press where some use steams this difference change the quality and texture of melted coconuts.

Hexane free totally organic unrefined oil. It is also packed in BPA free container. It does not change its texture and taste when heated up to 350 F.

The manufacturer filters each batch of oil minimum 4 times before packing. 5-star rating product, made in the USA by using pure coconuts. The coconut trees are grown organically so that the fruits(coconuts) do not contain any type of chemical

How does coconut oil solve hair fall, dandruff, and other hair problems?

Coconut oil is an ancient oil for hair related problems. This is the oil which you can use in its 100% purest form. The anti-bacterial, anti-microbial properties of coconut oil make it suitable to fight against dandruff and other scalp problems.

Hair loss can be due to many reasons like excessive stress, lack of nutritional diet, some medications, sudden weight loss and changes in hormones.

Coconut hair oil protects your hair from falling an early age. It gives nutrients to hair follicles make them strong and healthy.

 Benefits of using coconut oil for hair

It acts like sebum which protects your scalp from getting dry and also protect your hair roots from pollutions and sun rays.

Oil your scalp with coconut oil at least twice a week to get healthy hair

Lauric acid in coconut oil make protein bonds in hair stronger and prevent hair breakage.

It also gives nourishment to heat treated hair. Oil your scalp after every heat treatment.

Experts advise, before using heating tools apply a small amount of coconut oil on hair to reduce hair damage.

It forms a protective layer over the hair stands which protect them from the excess of heat.

The antioxidant properties of coconut hair oil make hair healthy and reduce the formation of dead skin cells.

Anti-fungal and anti-bacterial properties protect your hair from skin infections. Also, cure dandruff which is a kind of fungal infection.

It is a natural conditioner, make hair soft and manageable.

Massaging this oil on the scalp will increase the blood flow which is required for healthy hair.

The increased flow of blood transport the essential nutrients to weak, thin hair which make them long and strong.

How to use it for hair loss?

Deep conditioning is the methods which doctors recommend to follow in hair loss condition.


  1. Wash your hair with a mild shampoo and do not apply conditioner.
  2. Once your hair gets air dried apply the desired amount of warm coconut oil onto the scalp and hair. Make sure every hair strand is covered nicely.
  3. Comb your hair with a wide tooth comb to increase the absorption of hair oil into the scalp.
  4. Cover your head for 30 minutes with a shower cap.
  5. Rinse it off with clean water and mild shampoo.


No, not at all, in fact, coconut oil is very beneficial for hair growth. It is a complete food for hair roots and scalp. It is used to treat many hair related issues and is also the main ingredient in many latest hair care products.

According to the survey conducted by the HARVARD SCHOOL OF PUBLIC HEALTH, more than 70% of American rated coconut oil as a healthy oil for skin and hair. They use this oil to cook their food and also massage with it on body and scalp. Further, they said this is the only oil which we can consume and apply on our body without getting any side effect.  Americans are using this oil from decades especially who are living in villages.

The study further showed that there are many types of fatty acids present in coconut oil. The lauric acid (47%) helps to restore the protein in hair shafts. This also repairs the damage caused by the sun rays and pollution.

International Journal of Trichology said coconut oil help to restore back the shine and density of human hair. It is the better than mineral oil the absorption rate of it is much higher than other hair oils.

Further they in their study that more the absorption of water in hair will increase swelling which reduces the hair density. Coconut oil helps to reduce the water absorption and fill the gap between the cuticle cells and prevent the water absorption completely. Results in healthy long and strong hair in a few days.

Benefits of coconut hair oil- Evidence-based

  1. Treat Dry Scalp

Dry scalp is directly linked to dandruff. Drier scalp increases the shedding of flakes which is a very uncomfortable condition.

Itchiness and irritation make the conditions even worst.

The good news is you can control dandruff and remove the dryness of the scalp by using coconut hair oil.

The moisturizing properties nourish the hair roots and skin cells with essential fatty acids. Take a few drops of it gently apply on the hair to manage them.

According to the dermatologists, the main cause of dandruff is Malassezia Globosa a microbe.

The anti-bacterial and anti-microbial properties of it make it better form other oils.

Anti-dandruff shampoos also contain this ingredient to fight dandruff. before using shampoo keep in mind, they also contain other ingredients too which can be harmful to your health.

  1. Smooth and Tangle Free Hair

Tangles can damage your hair and cause breakage while combing. The main cause of tangles is dryness in the root area. The oil penetrates deep into roots and make hair silky soft and tangle free.

Use wide tooth comb with warm coconut oil to de-tangle your hair in winters and summers.

The moisturizing properties of it cover the hair from root to tip with a nice layer of moisture which bring shine to them and reflect their natural color.

  1. Boosts Hair Growth in Males and Females

If you want to grow your hair long and strong with all natural ingredient than the only possible way is to massage your head with best coconut hair oil. Feed your hair with all-natural elements they will grow faster.

Remember it will not re-grow your lost hair. But it will give new life to small fine hairs which are there but never grow long. In simple words use it to grow your small hair on the forehead, make your fine hair strong and shining.

  1. Natural styling gel

Coconut oil is all saturated fats almost more than 85% of it. when we apply it on hair the air cools it down and it makes an invisible thick layer on them. The heat of our skin spread it evenly onto our scalp. Once it gets cool the molecules of it become firmer, this way it can be used as a styling gel.

  1. Prevent Hair Damage

If your hair is damaged by the pollution, styling treatments, gels, shampoos, etc then you should use it to repair them back. We have already mentioned that the oil keeps the protein bonds of hair stronger which make them strong enough. So, they can handle the damaged caused by styling tools.

We advise you when next time you fell need of using heating tools, apply a small amount of oil onto the hair to minimize the damage.

Blow drying is common in the USA. people do not have time to air dry their hair they take a short cut and use blow dryers which is the most common reason for hair damage in men and women.

  1. Natural Conditioner

No need to use synthetic hair conditioners when we have a natural hair conditioner in oil form.  It does not make your hair oily if you use it in limited quantity. Hair salon often recommends their client to use coconut oil at home because they know their styling kits cause damage to hair and coconut massage is the only way to keep hairs healthy.

Long term use of chemically contained conditioners causes protein loss which results in hair loss and hair thinning. Synthetic conditioners also damage the structure of hair follicles.


There are many studies which show the benefits of coconut oil for hair. In fact, most of the people in the USA use it to cook their food. There are 13 official studies which recommend the use of coconut oil in food. Researchers have found that this is the most nutritional oil on the earth which we can consume on a daily basis. There are some oils which are more nutritious than it but we cannot consume them daily.

If we add them in our daily diet after a few days they will put negative effects on our health.


Doctor recommend using coconut oil instead of other refined oil for cooking and hair massage. More than 60% of people in the USA are suffered from dandruff and hair loss. Not all of them have hair loss due to DHT. According to recent studies, the main cause of hair loss among men and women is the lack of nutritional diet and stress.

So please reduce your stress level and save your hair. Coconut oil is the best hair oil which anyone can use for healthy and beautiful hair, skin.

We hope this article helped you to choose the best coconut hair oil for you and your family. For more informative reviews visit us again.

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