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Antioxidants To Fight Against Free Radicals


 Antioxidants and Free Radicals.

We all hear about antioxidants. They are the best selling ingredient in cosmetic products like anti-aging creams, skin care creams. Products that help us to live better often say they contain good antioxidants in them.

Many people believe what they hear from marketers. They assume that whatever they are telling about the product is granted.

In this instance, almost everybody is aware of antioxidants and their use. but we often ignore to research about antioxidants more deeply. Today we going to help you to know everything about the antioxidants.

Please continue reading to know more about these antioxidants.

What are antioxidants?

Antioxidants are linked to the exposure to oxygen.

Human body cells are exposed to oxygen all the time on daily basis. This is a natural process and is very important to stay alive and fit. We all know there is always a downside to everything and the same thing happen in this case.

Regular exposure to oxygen will lead to oxidization. This oxidization reacts with the body chemicals and produces free radicals. The higher levels of these free radicals are not beneficial for humans. They put a negative effect on us, especially on our outermost skin layer. They also disturbed the many of the human body processes.

There are other factors too which trigger the free radicals and they attack the human body. Those include consumption of alcohol, cigarette smoking, pollution and regular exposure to sun rays. Oxidization is not the only process which is responsible for the formation of free radicals.

 As time goes by, these free radicals start chain reactions within our body. These chain reactions have the capability to change the human body chemicals. In fact, in some cases, these reactions alter the human DNA as well as body cells or other parts of cells. One should avoid the free radical chain reactions to take place within the body.

As we know we have our body’s internal healing system that heals most of our minor cuts and wounds automatically. This capability of human body repairs the some cell damage caused by free radicals. While reaming cell damage is still there and is permanent that cannot be reversed.

Scientists also confirmed that these free radical speed up our natural aging process. Hence we look old at a younger age very quickly. Too much of exposure to above-mentioned things will make usage quicker. Doctors say higher levels free radicals are also responsible for various heart disease, cancer and diseases like diabetes.

The good news is, we can defend ourselves from the attack of free radicals. The substances named Antioxidants which also occur naturally have the ability to reduces the level of free radicals. They stop the chain formation of them and protect us from aggressive radical attack.

Our body uses antioxidants as a protective shield against free radicals. This shield protects us as well as it also repairs the damaged cells and slows down the aging process of our body to its normal speed.

Where can we find these amazing substance called Antioxidants?

Since antioxidants are great substances that protect us and our skin. So we need to find them and use them.

Firstly I want to add something and that is our body makes some of the antioxidants on its own and it is true. But not all bodies produce enough antioxidants. So we need to add them to our daily life through a diet plan.

Eating foods rich in antioxidants is a good idea to flood your body with this substance. This can clean your body and give nice glowing skin. The best food that contains the higher amount of antioxidants are fruits and vegetables. These foods are an excellent source of beta-carotene, lycopene, leucine, and vitamins.

Reasons why you have to prefer fruits and vegetables over synthetic supplements?

The downside of supplements is they do not properly balance the enzymes, vitamins, and minerals. When it happens it puts a negative effect on human body. Since we all want to stay healthy and active so we suggest you to stay away from supplements. Consuming food that is rich in antioxidants are the best choice to make in order to stay healthy.

Although fruits and vegetables are wounder full foods. They not only have antioxidants, they also contain several other minerals and vitamins which are our body’s daily need.

below is the list of foods that are the wonderful source of antioxidants.

List of food that are excellent source of antioxidants

In order to get sufficient amount of antioxidants, one must include following foods.

  • Eggs, butter, liver
  • Milk, fruits like kiwi, orange, papaya vegetables like broccoli papers, tomatoes etc
  • Do not forget to include green leafy vegetables.
  • Kale, spinach, peas, oranges, broccoli, and papayas are the best source of antioxidants
  • Rice, wheat, nuts, chicken, bread, fish and beef
  • To get the good amount of beta-carotene, eat peaches, apricots, squash, peas, and carrots.

Use this list to ensure that you are consuming right things and slow down your aging process. There are also other vegetables and fruits available which can be a nice source of antioxidants. But we cover the best foods for you.



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