Face Moisturizer Benefits

We all heard about amazing benefits of using face moisturizers but how many of us really know them? In this post we will discuss the some of the best benefits of face moisturizers, in fact, we also talk about different types of moisturizers including body moisturizing lotions.

Let’s start with face moisturizers, skin care experts believe CTM is perfect skincare routine those who are not familiar with this thing, CTM stands for Clean, Tone, Moisturizer. These are the three-step skin care procedure generally follow by 90% of the population. For healthy glowing skin, you have to maintain the skin hydration levels to prevent dryness. The moisturizers help to keep the skin well hydrated as well as they give nourishment to tired or damaged skin cells.

Our Experts recommend use moisturizer twice a day in the morning and the second time when you got to bed, many night creams have good moisturizing ingredients in them, you can also choose one. Moisturizers go deeply into the skin through skin pores and repair the damaged skin cells. As they have best hydrating elements, when they come in contact with dry skin tissues, the skin cells get nourished this reduces the skin dryness. Remember face moisturizers are the essential part of our skin care routine and are mandatory for all skin types.


Steps To Choose Best Moisturizer

NORMAL SKIN TYPE: Normal skin is not very oil and Not dry, So people with this skin type use few skin care products as it does not require any special type of skin care treatment. Water-based face moisturizers are best to use in all seasons.

Oily Skin Type: Using face moisturizer for oily is also beneficial. We know oily skin produce enough oil on its own so there are no chances of dryness but there are many chances of getting acne or pimples. This type of skin is prone to skin many issues. So using a light moisturizer is a good choice in order to feed the skin with good moisturizing ingredients. Remember to clean your face before using face moisturizer of any brand.

Sensitive skin type: This type of skin is normally sensitive to 80 % of skin care products and to sudden changes in the environment. People with this skin type often complaints about skin rashes or redness due to different reasons. They are advised to use Moisturizers that are specially designed for sensitive skin to overcome these problems. Remember to use sunscreen before going out in the direct sunlight. If you get a sunburn, apply moisturizer over the area to get relief from redness. This also helps your skin but it takes time and you have to give extra care to heal it properly.

Dry Skin Type: Dry skin loves moisturizers, especially when your face gets dry, apply a moisturizing cream and see the new hydrated face in the mirror. Dry skin condition is painful cold weather and dry winds make it worse. In winters apply moisturizer daily two times, if possible cover your face to protect skin from dry winds. It prevents the appearance of wrinkles, prevents further breakout, restores the water content in skin cells.