Types Of Skincare Products

Our skin protects our lungs, bones, muscle and other internal body parts. It is a protective layer between our organs and outer environment, So we need to take care of it to prevent many diseases. The best way is to make it (our skin) strong as much as possible. For this purpose, we need external help, here come need of skin care products. Natural diet and exercise are not enough to maintain the good healthy level of the skin. There are some nutrients and vitamins which we cannot take them properly form our diet so we need to take them from other sources. Cosmetic products are rich in essential vitamins, mineral, and other important elements. When we apply any cosmetic product over the skin we feed the skin directly through skin pores. They make our skin hydrated and helps to remove dead and dull skin cells easily.

Effects of Dust And Pollution:

It is a good thing that we are living in a highly modern and technical world with so many facilities but this also gives us more pollution as compared to the 100 years ago. This pollution gives us many skin problems like infections, blackheads, sunburns, rashes etc. Effects of pollution are not 100 % reversible so dermatologists recommend using genuine skin care products to prevent the skin damage from the environmental pollution. We know our skin has pores, their purpose is to give fresh oxygen to skin cells but our surroundings have more pollution than fresh oxygen, hence our skin inhales pollution instead of oxygen (few percentages of oxygen, more pollution content). To protect us from the harmful chemicals and gases present in the environment, our skin care industry gives us excellent products like sunscreens with SPF above 15. Pollution gives us wrinkles, premature aging, dryness, dull skin, cuts on the skin and most common acne issues.

Daily Skincare Benefits:

Till now we all understand that our skin needs more care than we thought. There are mainly two types of skin care products on the market one is organic and others are non-organic means chemical based cosmetic products. Both are safe to use on all skin types the difference is Organic products are safe to use for an unlimited time period. They only contain natural and pure ingredients. Ye, they are expensive and give us slow results. While the Non-organic cosmetic products are chemical based products, chemicals are present in limited form and are suitable for instant results in short period of time. Prolonged use of chemical contained products can give side effects but are safe for limited time use. Cosmetic creams and lotions protect our skin from harmful sun rays (UV, UVA). They also cure many common skin problems like excessive oil, dry skin, redness, itchy skin etc.

The Cost of Skin care products

Nowadays there is a huge competition in skin care industry this is due to the globalization, which makes this whole world a small single village. Now you can buy products from all over the world through online shopping. Organic cosmetic products are costly as compare to other ones the reason is they use natural and pure substances to make every single bottle. Organic ingredients are costly than lab-made chemicals. It is totally safe to shift from non-organic to organic.