Now a days we are living in a highly technical world, where time is very important. It is not wrong to say that today’s time is money. If you are wasting time ,you are wasting money.For a successful life in any field it is important to keeping track of time and to keep tracks of time we use watches.There are several reasons to wear a watch from professionals  to daily life needs.
Below are some of them.


As we know that there are only limited accessories of men as compare to women. Women have a huge list of accessories to wear on different times but men’s don`t have that much long list . There are only few items in the accessory list of men’s.
A watch is not a time piece that only use to read time. It is a piece of jewelry for men to wear. It shows the sense of style, if you are wearing nice watch with branded suit you look stylish and off course  handsome. Watches tells about your wealth. A business person like to wear a Rolex watch to show their status. Therefore watches also became a symbol of status.


Watches are more convenient than smart phones in terms of keeping time tracks. It is much easy to read time on watch than on cell phone. As like cell phones you don`t need to take out your watch from your pocket every time to see time.Because you just need to give look on your wrist and that’s it. Suppose if you are sitting in a meeting and stand up alone after every few minutes to see time, this is not professional and make you dumb in front of others.


Most of the men wear watches because they know that watches are more reliable than cell phones. Youngsters disagree to wear a watch because they give the reason that they have smart phones to read time. But they don’t know that cells phone have 8 hours battery cycle after that they get shutdown until charging is available. On the other hand watches do not need any charging facility because now a days they come with self power technology. In which they use the movement of your arm to charge them ,they never let you down, but cell phones do (when battery goes out of power).Watches are more accurate because the time is not set by the Service Operator like cell phones. Watches uses QUARTZ technology which is most accurate in the world. When you buy a watch you own a technology.


If you wear a watch means you are keeping track of time. Which makes you punctual to keep you on time on every time.  when ever you need to read time you just need to look at your wrist without any efforts and without wasting time.Watches make your relationship strong with time. Keeps you updated,


Watches are not limited to just tells about time they have several other useful functions too. Firstly watches are used by military only and we all know military only uses functional things. You can use watch to do calculations (eg: smart watches do), they tell you about date and direction with the help of in built compass function.They comes with the luminous hands , Led lights .you can put many alarms in there.


The watches available at this time are much more technologically advanced then their  peers. As the technology shifts watches change their shape and style also. Modern watches are more functional they do more complex calculations for you, they gives you right directions with compass. They have luminous pointers to read time even in dark. On the other hand digital watches have in built Led light to make digital time screen clearly visible .The smart watches start a new age of wrist watches they also called mini computers on your wrist.

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