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Liver Function and Your Skin

liver function and skin

Does Your Liver Hold The Answer To Perfect Skin?

Now a days almost everybody is focusing on good healthy foods and better digestion for good health.What ever we eat last night shows on our face next morning. So eat which is healthy and nutritive, beneficial for skin and internal body parts.

Healthy Liver is direct connection with the healthy and glowing skin.

Assume that you are eating unhealthy food and drinking alcohol, treating your body with less respect. Then you are inviting the skin problems as well as many of other health problems. Some for the long term , some for short period of time.

Liver problems can lead to various skin problems such as Acne, Sagging skin, Dull and Lifeless skin, Dry patches, Itchy and redness. If you want to keep your live healthy and strong enough but don’t know how. DON’T Worry I’m going to give you some excellent points to keep liver and mind healthy and active.




Here is what you need to do and know to make progress towards the healthy Liver and Skin.

My first suggestion is cut back on the booze for the sake of your skin. If you regularly or weekly drink alcohol then you need to make some smart changes in your life. Alcohol consumption is terrible for your liver and other parts of body(Kidney). The toxins you consume flowing through your gut and eventually you develop liver problems which lead to various skin issues. The Liver is like a Filter in human body and filters every harmful material that your consume in any form. Just imagine how hard it is for your liver to filter too much booze.

If you are feeding drugs,shady substance to your body then be prepared for several serious skin issues. These are the pollutants which are polluting your internal systems. When the liver gets congested with the toxins, it does not fully breakdown the toxin material. Instead, the toxins push towards your pores and this results in Acne, Inflammation, Infections and many other issues.

Your Liver also plays an important role in breaking down the fat content. Assuming that your liver is doing over work and at this stage the liver needs help to break down fat. The skin steps in and help the liver.

When skin starts working over time, this becomes a big problem in the production of sebum. At this stage the toxins carrying sebum spreads all over the skin through skin pores. This is the reason for inflamed skin or redness.

Now, if you need some ideas to help your Liver, then I have some important suggestions. Start with the first step that is Diet, Eat raw Nuts and Veggies. Add organic foods to your diet, organic juices, salads. If you like fats to eat then switch to healthy fats like flax seed oil, coconut oil.

Also do some physical activities such as ,Cardio, Weightlifting, to regulate the blood flow. Do something that reduces the stress levels.

The most important step in order to get problem free skin and body is putting down the booze.


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