Get Rid Of Skin Problems Like Irritation

For always younger looking skin do what dermatologists advise to do for skin care. People suffering from irritated skin knows the how painful is this skin condition. They do not wear makeup, even some cosmetic products increase their problem. If you also have irritated skin and want dermatologists solution to soothe it you are at right place. We spoke to some top skin care experts in order to find out the best way to soothe irritated skin. They tell us the different care methods which are written below.

What Is the Cause?

There are few things responsible for irritating your skin.

David Lortscher a skin expert said ingredients like alpha hydroxy, beta hydroxy acid and benzoyl peroxide are excellent elements to treat breakouts. But these are not good for people with sensitive skin. These can easily irritate the sensitive skin. So always check the ingredient list before buying any cosmetic product.

Another reason for irritating skin is excessive use of face scrubs. Facial scrubs with sharp particles or the rough use of scrubs can cause microscopic tears in the skin. Over exfoliation results in itchy and redness on face.

Anti-aging products are fin to use but in limited quantity. If you use more than one anti-aging cream on a skin you are inviting many skin related problems because they contain different ingredients. You do not know how they react when using together on delicate skin.

Ingredients you should look for to soothe your irritated skin

There are tones of elements best for an irritating skin. It is advised to use organic products. Aloe Vera is best skin soothing agent, it has many healing properties. Dermatologists recommend using Aloe Vera in daily skin care routine. Colloidal oatmeal, Olive oil, Jojoba Oil are another soothing ingredients. There are also some other ingredients which you can get only after the prescription. These are suitable for specific skin types not good for all skin types. You should consult with your dermatologist to know more about them.

What are the precautions if you have irritating skin?

If you have the product you believe is good to give relief from the irritating skin, use that with care. We will tell you some of the precautions, do not use baking soda to wash your face. The pH level of baking soda is very high, it has pH 9 while our skin pH level is 4.5. this can disturb the skin cells and destroy the natural skin protecting layer.

Avoid over washing your face, do not wash your face with soap more than twice a day this will wipe off the natural oils. If you need to wash your face more than twice you can but only if it really needs. People with delicate skin should avoid the use lemon juice. Lemon juice makes your skin even drier.

If you have Red, itchy- inflamed skin, you might think using peel-off face products are good to remove the upper layer of skin. There is nothing wrong in this but dermatologist said to start with one ingredient like retinoids. If your skin tolerates this then it’s a good idea to move to other elements.

They also said drink plenty of water every day to keep your skin healthy for entire life. Eat fresh fruits and use sunscreen while going out in direct sunlight.