Healthy skin without any kind of makeup

Today we will give you the excellent skin care routine so that you get beautiful skin without makeup. Read complete steps and learn new things about skincare routine.

Choose skin care routine according to your skin type

The very first thing in skin care routine in identifying your skin type. First of all, know your skin type and then choose best skin care products. There are lots of cosmetic products out there but all of them are not suitable for everybody. We all have different skin types. You should know it first to choose best for your skin. There are 4 types of skins oily, normal, sensitive and dry. If you do not know your skin type or have confusion in deciding which type of skin you have to ask yourself below written questions.

How your skin looks like when you first get up in the morning? Normal, oily, dry or sensitive( redness)

How your skin react 30 minutes after cleansing? Oily, normal, dry

What is your biggest skin concern? Dryness, oiliness, sensitivity.

Advanced skin care routine

We all have a basic skincare regime. In this, we have cleanser, moisturizer, and sunscreen, right? But if you want skin like movie actors, you have to give special treatment to your skin. Upgrade your old basic skin care regime to get beautiful skin without makeup. Add a good serum and best exfoliator in daily care. This change will change the way you look and give new improved looks.

Start using face serums now, they are costly than regular moisturizer but give visible results in few days. They are so beneficial for every skin type, choose the best ingredients. Serums have smaller molecules than moisturizers, so they go deep inside the skin and deliver active ingredients to skin cells. The serum also called intense moisturizers as they give instant hydration when your skin gets dry. There are the variety of face serums which heal inflammation, redness and prevent further breakouts.

It is important to know the right technique of exfoliation. There are many methods on the internet but all of them will not help you to achieve beautiful skin without makeup. But if you have a dry and sensitive skin you should use them gently on skin. Remember, do not do over exfoliation as this can cause skin issues like redness, temporary scars. In fact, in some cases, it increases the sensitivity of the skin. Salicylic acid is the good product in order to remove dead skin cells but this is for normal skin people and oily skins can also use this ingredient.

Healthy diet for beautiful skin without makeup

Eat healthy food for healthy skin. A great way of having a good skin for whole life is from inside out. Add some antioxidants into your daily diet and see the difference in skin appearance in few weeks. Add some vitamin C, as it helps to remove free radicals from the body and give younger looking face. Green tea is a good source of antioxidants and it also put your body weight in control. Carrot juice, orange juice, kiwi, avocado all these are beneficial for skin. Eat at least one of them each day.

Drink sufficient amount of water to keep your body hydrated from inside. Studies have shown that daily exercise improves the overall blood circulation in the body. Proper blood circulation is required to maintain good health and radiant skin. Cardio exercises are recommended by the skin specialists to achieve healthy and fresh skin.